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Nov 26, 2018 @ 2:11pm
Jan 22 @ 1:41pm
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DayZ-Sa-Tomato is an administrative tool for in-game usage in DayZ Standalone.

It uses an intuitive, and easy-to-use UI and is user friendly once installed.

A few tools included are:
  • Spawning items.
  • Deletion of spawned items.
  • Teleportation.
  • Spawning vehicles.
  • And more to come.

We offer official support in our Discord Server, which you can join here[].
This Discord will also allow you to request features and report bugs more visibly.

You can visit our GitHub Source[] for updates that aren't published here yet.

Arkensor - DayZCommunityOfflineMode - For providing a base menu that was converted for online use.
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The Lion
17 hours ago
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The Lion
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Irkutsk86 48 minutes ago 
Все отлично работает после обновления.
[BFLP]Ghost  [author] 50 minutes ago 
One shot it sounds like your client is not loading the mod if you even set Admin = 1 in this file profilesfolder/Tomato_Profiles/Config/Players/youradminsream64id.Player also u could check your server script.log if tomato loads
SoaringOwl 1 hour ago 
@One Shot inside profiles folder where tomato_profiles folder is go inside config folder go inside players folder edit your player file the one that is your steam 64is change admin value to 1. If all this is done and still isnt working try copying DayZ-SA-Tomato.pbo and bisign file and paste into root directory add-ons folder
One Shot 1 hour ago 
how did you guys get the menu to show? ive set admin id's in the admim file, moved the tomato folder into profiles folder in root directory and even logged in as admin then done /opme but stil lcant get it to work, also set the launch params
lee62495 2 hours ago 
it definitely needs another update everything works fine but after a few times of pressing M thats when it crash the game.
MC.XramoFF 3 hours ago 
помойка а не обновление
[GaBu] Forrester 4 hours ago 
the last update made the problem even worse. I tried a clean server without mods. it is only Tomato installed. the game continues to crash.

[BFLP] Ghost and The Lion here you can test this.

[ENG] | PvP | Classic DayZ | No Mods | Highloot

I have created admin files for you.
RuskyD 4 hours ago 
I'm useing a third party server and everything was great, now this sodding update has ruined everthing. I've tried and tried to get the mod to work with no luck. I've followed the instructions word for word, but no joy. Just revert the mod back to what worked, why change what worked fine.
One Shot 5 hours ago 
when i press m i stil ldont get the menu, ive moved the tomato profile folder in a profile folder in the root directory, ive gone throuhg the github readme and followed that but still cant get to work.

dont know if it effects it but im using the vanaillaplusplus map as before i was using the bt_map
[BFLP]Ghost  [author] 6 hours ago 
So since the update yesterday worked for some ppl and for some its still crashin i got report of the Trader mod is Incompatible with Tomato also just removing Trader and/or Wiping the data dosent seem to help everytime u may have to reinstall the server i will lokk into it and try to fid out why that is