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[WOTC+TLP] Halo Covenant Weapon Pack
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Nov 25, 2018 @ 6:20pm
Mar 20 @ 12:50am
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[WOTC+TLP] Halo Covenant Weapon Pack

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[WOTC] Halo Covenant Weapon Pack

Please Read Desc for more info!

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VANILLA XCOM 2 (No I will not port to Vanilla, sorry)



Noting the lack of Covenant weapons to supplement the UNSC arsenal, I have ported over 3 of the most iconic Covenant weapons from Halo for use with your Elites and Spartans!

This mod adds:
  • Plasma Rifle, with custom sounds and animations, as an Assault Rifle variant
  • Plasma Pistol, with custom sound, as a pistol variant
  • Energy Swords (2 variants, 1 ranger sword and 1 Spec Ops Knife) with custom sounds and animations

Hope you enjoy! Remember ratings are always super helpful, and comments help me know I'm making content y'all enjoy!


Q) Sometimes my soldier holds the Plasma Rifle weirdly, like they're holding midair.

Just a blending issue between the modified Ballistic Shield animations the rifle uses. Nothing to be done really

Q) How do I change the stats on the weapons?

Can't change the stats on the swords cuz I haven't set up the config for it but the other weapons can be modified in the mod config folder.

Q) Why aren't the weapons showing up?

You've usually gotta start a new game or upgrade to a new tier for the weapons to populate in your armory.

Q) Can you port to Vanilla?

No, the process for doing so is really annoying and tedious and I do not intend to return to playing vanilla X2 or LW2 (not to mention the Vanilla SDK is super big)

Q) Can you do [Insert Request Here]?

Depends, but probably not, unless it's a small task of simply messing with some text files (even then, a maybe at best). I make my mods for my own personal enjoyment, so unless your idea is something that I'd actually enjoy that I just hadn't thought of, I'll prob not be too interested in doing it. $5 patrons get to suggest ideas for my regular polls tho.

Q) What if I pay you tho?

Send me a Steam Friend Request and comment on my steam page or on a mod page that you'd like to commission me and we can talk.

Feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments.


Initial Release


+ DimDim and Claus for letting me use their animations for the Plasma Rifle

+ E3245 for letting me use their projectiles

+ Scout Trooper for letting me use their Omni-Blade as a base for the Sword

+ Soul on SFMLab for porting the models!

+ OverEnglishMan. for getting me WOTC and allowing me to keep making cool mods. Check him out on youtube!

+ CreativeXenos (CX) team for inviting me in and helping give me advice and help in allowing my skills to grow and my work to improve!


+ Ko-Fi (One time donations): Click Here![ko-fi.com]

+ Patreon: Click Here[www.patreon.com]

Halo 4 was the best one. You can't change my mind.
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ПΛПО Dragoon 18 hours ago 
Do you mean to research or use? It auto upgrades alongside assault rifles.
-L1ch.wad 22 hours ago 
For some reason these arent showing up with later tiers of weapons, I only have Tier 1 Plasma Rifles.
darkdill Apr 17 @ 1:17pm 
Oh well. But I'd still like an Autopistol version of the Plasma Rifle for my Arbiter (who is classed as a Templar). Having him use a Plasma Pistol as a sidearm feels... underwhelming.
HotChocletyLez  [author] Apr 16 @ 2:57pm 
The swords won't play nice with any mods that override melee animations, like Primary Secondaries' primary swords and Dual Swords
darkdill Apr 16 @ 2:56pm 
It'd be kinda nice if the Plasma Rifle could come in an Autopistol variant so my Templar could equip it as a secondary.

Also, the swords don't play nice with Dual Wield Melee animations.
HotChocletyLez  [author] Apr 12 @ 7:41pm 
The textures are blue, yes, but the way that the material is set up (that is to say, the set of rendering instructions on how to interpret the textures) does not allow for color customization. It doesn't have a space for a tint mask, and it would be very complicated to set it up that way (for me, who isn't very good at custom materials)
Mr.Moon (Gman) Apr 12 @ 6:17pm 
Is it because it's already blue
HotChocletyLez  [author] Apr 12 @ 4:52pm 
The material the energy sword uses doesn't allow for color customization, I'm afraid
Mr.Moon (Gman) Apr 12 @ 4:43pm 
Would a version of the Energy Sword that's color changeable be possible. (sorry for another irritating request comment)
Rikimaru Mar 20 @ 9:38am 
That's a shame. You did a great job on these nonetheless and if you get around to adding more, we'd appreciate the updates! And thanks for replying to that question, I subbed to the thread to see if you would answer :xcom2sharpshooter: