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ME Turn-Time Destroyer
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Nov 25, 2018 @ 6:34am
Mar 8 @ 6:46am
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ME Turn-Time Destroyer

**Should be compatible with every mod including overhauls like SFO/Crynsos/Mixu. It's only for the ME single player campaigns, and requires a new game to take effect. The new game will take around 10 seconds extra to load, don't worry it hasn't crashed it's just running the script**

What Does It Do
Reduces turn times by around 45%

This was tested on my PC and from an average turn time of 1 min 42 sec it went down to 55 secs (Yes my PC is a potato). Tell me how much time it saves you in the comments (Test from turn 5 onwards please as this is when vanilla turn times get long and normalize.)

How Does It Work
It draws a radius of 240 pixels around the players home settlement (As shown in the above picture) everything within this radius is unchanged. Outside this radius any non-unique minor factions are removed from the game using the following steps;
  • Step One - Is it a major faction? (No - move onto step two)
  • Step Two - Is the race unique to that area? E.g. Bowmen of Oreon in Araby, New World Colonies/Blue Vipers/Skeggi in Lustria (No - move onto step three)
  • Step Three - Is it a memorable faction? E.g. Kislev\TEB (No - move onto step four)
  • Step Four - Faction Removed
(This isn’t how the script works, this is just my criteria)

That means all major factions remain in-game and a hefty dose of unique factions outside your starting games radius as well (All factions remain the same within your radius). Full list of exempt minor factions can be found here.

How Will This Affect Gameplay
Early to Mid-game should remain the same, late game should be very similar to your vanilla experience there should be major faction empires and a few unique minor factions should have survived too. Vanilla AI gets confederation\battle bonuses against minor factions so they usually swallow them all up by the time you arrive anyway, so this mod replicates that mantra but reduces the turn times for you.

I've also included a manual interventions part to ensure natural progression for the campaign. For example let’s say Old World factions are removed when you’re playing as the Lizardmen. Kislev is exempt as it is a memorable faction but in vanilla they start with 9 settlements so would steam roll the area so five settlements are removed leaving them with four, ensuring they don't steamroll but isn’t wiped out either (If Kislev or any faction are within your starting radius they are unchanged so Kislev would keep all of its 9 settlements).

Once again if Old world factions are removed the Empire (Reikland) is exempt as a major faction but it needs a little help to make sure it has something resembling the "Empire" when you arrive. So it receives several settlements around it's furthest borders e.g. Bechafen & Castle Von Rauken. (This is an improvement over vanilla where the Empire is usually pathetic)

How Can I Mod It
If you want to add/remove factions or even create a custom campaign such as removing Bretonnian Crusader States while playing Tomb Kings I've made it really easy for you!

Load the mod named "meturntimedestroyer" using a pack file manager (I use RPFM) and navigate to the script of the same name and click on it, see that long list of factions, I've put them all in there so you don't have to manually add them.
Want to make sure a faction is never removed delete the " -- " in front of it. Want to remove any faction including major factions enter " -- " in front of it, save changes, done! (Do not include the quotations marks)

You want to change the distance the mod uses look for the below line or Ctrl + F "240" and change the number.
  • if distance > 240 then
Increase it to keep more vanilla factions in game and reduce it to remove more, all which will affect the turn times. Let’s say you want to keep everything vanilla but want to remove the Bretonnia crusaders as tomb kings. Reduce distance to 10 ensure all the other factions you want are kept in game by removing the " -- " in front of their name and make sure the Brettonian crusader factions have " -- " in front of their name, save changes, done.

Shout Outs
This mod wouldn’t have been possible without Drunk Flamingo who wrote the hard part of the script for me, check out his Patreon page here. []

Also thanks to redditor - u/sandflaxe, I used their awesome map for testing, reference and the above pic, check their map out here.

To Do
  • Tweaks and Balances - Please provide feedback in the comments
My Mod
Works great with my Compilation Mod which increases interaction between Old and New world factions and includes other features to spice up your campaign.
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Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:23am
Exempt Minor Factions
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shaky_rivers  [author] Mar 18 @ 2:54pm 
Eldilabs - Yeah this won't be compatible with that mod due to the way both scripts work.
eldiabs Mar 18 @ 1:13pm 
Enjoyable mod, but I think I found an incompatible mod.

In particular, the high elf confederation. When choosing Teclis as the faction leader, most of the settlements in lustria get wiped. Not the worst thing, but trying to save the game causes a crash. Since the high elf factions are so far apart it's causing issues with the script? No idea...

Not sure if that's related to the script continuing to run or what, but thought I'd post it in case others are troubleshooting conflicts.

Didn't have issues with using this with the empire and confederation mod, however. Haven't tried others yet.
Lvl One Mage Mar 15 @ 10:18pm 
This mod is amazing, thank you so much and great job! Turn times are so much faster and I can't even tell a difference in factions from the vanilla game.

Only complaint I have is I had to rather specific to find the mod in the workshop. Curse you, steam!
I'm not sure why, but when I have this mod activated whilst also using either Cataph's TEB mod or Kraka Drak mod the game crashes when I save the game. Not sure if it is Cataph's mods or CFU though, but using only CFU and TEB/ Kraka Drak it is pretty clear that there is some kind of incompatibility.
daniel.a.35806 Mar 9 @ 7:26am 
Found it, thanks!
shaky_rivers  [author] Mar 9 @ 7:22am 
@daniel - mods are saved somewhere like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\
daniel.a.35806 Mar 9 @ 7:20am 
Turn time without: 55 seconds.
Turn time with: 34 seconds

It works great, I can't find the pack file in the data directory though. What am I missing?
shaky_rivers  [author] Mar 8 @ 6:48am 
@all - Updated to work for Chaos and Beastmen as well :steamhappy: all thanks and credit to DrunkFlamingo.
DSUMADH Mar 3 @ 5:31pm 
It doesnt work for me too
shaky_rivers  [author] Mar 2 @ 2:50pm 
@tomek - Works for me and seemingly everyone else.