The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The Wormplified Collection
An infant prodigy among blithering idiots, lunatics, observers of flying pigs and the rest of the world's scum. Rest no more. Find a bucket, burn a goat.
Items (34)
Created by The Wormple
Ever wanted to have your own personal army of useless chickens? No? Well, I'm pretty sure you do. Therefore I have made this very simple, but extremely important, mod. What does it do? It adds six small social chickens to Skyrim. What do you do? You steal ...
Wormplified Skyrim v.2.1
Created by The Wormple
Warning! Requires a sick mind and a hard belly.


Welcome to the NEW Skyrim as you've never seen it before. As you travel across the land you'll discover that the world is suddenly much ...
Call of Trainwiz
Created by Trainwiz
People have often asked me "Trainwiz, if you are a wizard, and a train wizard, what train spells do you know?"
So, to show those people, I created this mod. It adds a shout that, when used, will create an effect similar to Alduin's meteor shower spell. Ex...
Free Fall Tower
Created by Jenner
Free Fall Tower


This mod adds high towers close to all the main citys in Skyrim.
It is for you if you are bored and want...
Monster Mounts (Montures Monstres) 2.6.6
Created by gg77
The 87 mounts are in the Whiterun area (near the Whiterun stables and the Honningbrew Meadery)

No DLC required !

Thanks to Testiger2 and XP32 for the Sabrecat Idle Animation Fix [] ("Permission : F...
AntiBugfix: Couriers With Clothes Nomore
Created by Guar
When Bethesda released the 1.9 patch, it was met with great controversy - for one of the bugfixes was "Fixed rare instance of couriers who would appear only dressed in a hat". Fans everywhere were outraged. No more could they be greeted by a courier wearin...
Posh Mudcrabs
Created by Manic Zombie
Replaces the models of all mudcrabs in the game with a mudcrab with a top hat and monocle....
The Basket
Created by Aethamus
Adds a basket in the Guard Barracks of Whiterun.

Bugs: None so far.

Update: Moved it about 2 inches to the right.

Update: Rotated 180°.

Update: Scale increased to 1.0100 up from 1.0000.

Update: Added a key behind the Basket for a chest in th...
Mask of Sotha Sil
Created by Trainwiz
You've probably been playing Skyrim for a while now, and as you've shouted at dragons and killed Nazeem before reloading a save so you can kill Nazeem again, you've no doubt thought to yourself "You know, Skyrim is really missing Sotha Sil's mask. What a p...
Crimes against Nature 5.1.1
Created by FancyPants
Crimes against Nature 5.1.1

Includes a bunch of races, powers, and summons.
Nexus Download[]
Nexus Download -[]...
No Spiders - 'piderMan 'dition 2.1
Created by FancyPants
No Spiders - 'piderMan 'dition 2.1

This is a model, texture, and sound replacer for all spiders in Skyrim. For those who are arachnophobic, or just want to try something a little weird.

New in 2.0: Dragonborn supported, but no...
Handheld Potato Device
Created by Buckles
Presenting the Aperture Science Handheld Potato Device!

With it, you can create your own potatoes.

These intra-dimensional potatoes have proven to be completely safe.

The explosion they cause, however, has not.

Now you can test the device and a...
Wilhelm Scream Mod
Created by LordKevnar
This is a very simple mod that replaces one of the vanilla death screams with the famous "Wilhelm scream" from various Hollywood movies.

The Wilhelm Scream happens when an NPC dies, about 20% of the time. So one in every five deaths basically. I fixed ...
Created by tilokan1337
Hai guise :3 Since I don't have time to maintain this anymore (Skyrim doesn't feed me), you are free to copy, modify, translate it and upload it elsewhere :) If you can, It would be nice if you add me to the credits ;) have fun !

Transform into any crea...
Hitler in a Pie
Created by The Wormple
Hitler is delicious. Taste him in The Bunker near Solitude Sawmill. Do it.

You want more political incorrect and utmost ridiculous nonsense and randomness? Download "Wormplified Skyrim...
All Trees are Hands
Created by Dafini
So, walk around in a world that Trees are now Hands... yes

Replaces all trees with Hands, made in 3D-coat. Merely an aesthetic change.

Realised there were literally no Floral models publically avaiable in mods, so I did this....
Musical Chairs
Created by Dafini
I really need to stop these Pun mods, but they are just so silly!

Yes, replaces musical instruments such as: flutes, lutes, and drums, with chairs that make a nice sound!

Make your bards hold a heavy object for no reason to play these songs you don't...
Cow Player Race
Created by Dafini
Cows, both edible and hilerious. They can now be played on two legs, just like Diablo 2's versions of... cows.......
Chickens are Gold Coins
Created by Dafini
This mod replaces ALL Gold coins with Chickens. Trust me, its funnier this way.

Really Useful Useless Items
~~~~~~~~~~~~What this mod does~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
If you´re looking for things that make sense,you should leave and never come back.

This mod includes a lot of things that aren´t included in vanilla Skyrim,which is the point of mods:
- A knife in that kit...
Non-Immersive Arrows
~~~Non-immersive arrows?~~~
Yep,this mod adds 5 new types of craftable arrows to your game(if you download it,duh),all with more or less balanced crafting recipes:
-Mr. Forest (Pine Trees)
-Pota-doom (Potatoes)
-Che Ogorath ...
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Created by FancyPants
Irritable Bowel Syndrome v1.1

SKSE not required, unless you use SkyUI[]
SkyUI 4.1 Recommended[]

If you want the censor bars from th...
Created by The Wormple
Is it a man? Is it a mammoth? No, it's a manmoth.

A new dangerous creature is added to the wilderness of Skyrim: The Manmoth. A horrible giant daedra looking like a messed up human being in a ...
The Lord of Cows
Created by Azraeil
What this mod includes.
- A few books to learn spells, three out near the Whiterun Tower, one inside the Temple of Kynerith.
- A craftable Staff, steel smithing required,, once you can craft it it will be found in the Misc section of the forge.
- Two ot...
Marked Incompatible ]  Nothing
Created by dust
This mod does not add, remove, or change anything. There are no requirements and no compatibility issues. Place it wherever you want in your load order....
Created by The Wormple
Meet your destiny! But don't try to milk it.
A new cozy creature is added to the wilderness of Skyrim: The Whalecow. A joyful cucumbery animal mainly to be found at the riverside.

This creatu...
Man-Hide Suit
Created by FancyPants
Man-Hide Suit

This plugin adds a unique cuirass and mask. A set will be added automatically. They can also be crafted with leather, soul gems, and human flesh. Wearing the mask will frighten virtually every creature in the game. Unen...
McBook's Leek Arsenal
-Like, lots of it
-It's entirely based around leek

-A dagger
-A sword
-A waraxe
-A mace
-A greatsword
-A battleaxe
-A warhammer
-A staff that looks like the Conjuration staff
-A staff that was supposed to look like the...
Marko The Rock
Created by EtsDriver
This mod adds a nice little rock for you to touch inside Whiterun.
Mod will not make you a dinner and it will not give you superpowers.
Its just a rock, that doesn't like you touching him around.

Dont take this mod seriously, Marko doesn't have many ...
Chicken Weaponry OVERHAUL
Created by Dafini
Adds a new set of power arsenal to Skyrim...

... the Chicken set!

Able to be crafted at a Cooking pot, out of nothing but Chicken Meat

Includes the whole range of weapons, minus the Shield

Crafting takes from one piece of chicken to make 30 Chi...
The Dragon Sword
Created by Dafini
Adds the Dragon Sword to the game. As in an actual dragon, as a sword. Full size too!

!Where to find this weapon!
Found in a barrel infront of Alvor's home in riverwood, right next to the entrance stairs to the door. this Dragon Barrel has a dragon's s...
Divine Punishment for Mention of Arrows in the Knee
Created by Turn_on_a_Dime
Are you tired of hearing guards tell you their life story? Are you tired of feigning sympathy?
Are you tired of BLOWING THEM TO SMITHEREENS because you don't care (and then getting arrested)?


The divines have grown tired too!
Santanism - A Christmas Adventure
Created by The Wormple
                                              version 1.2
                                           by The Wormple


Merry Christmas from the creators of the well...
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download all of these mods and sheggorath will bless skyrim with cheese
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This has made the great and mighty Cthulhu insane. Considering my job is making mortals insane, I commend you mortal.
cburgess4 Jan 1, 2015 @ 6:45am 
this is great for a wabbajack... i mean psychopath...i mean crazy person... i mean SKYRIM player like sheogorath... er lunatic.... er me. Yes, i meant me...
xXx420ssQuickScopingDivisionxXx Sep 6, 2014 @ 4:43am 
great. i will cry in a corner for the rest of my life
Lord Devito Sep 5, 2014 @ 10:44pm 
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Lord Devito Sep 5, 2014 @ 10:43pm 
MadMarbleHead Sep 4, 2014 @ 5:22pm 
Avert your eyes, your sanity is at risk!!!
Filidh [PL] Jul 30, 2014 @ 7:08am 
read all of 'em...

feelin' broken now.
Woodhouse Jul 26, 2014 @ 10:19am 
*crying in corner*
brodie_needs_help Jul 25, 2014 @ 8:36pm 
are u fucking kidding me.... i feel insane now...