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Desynchronized (v1.4.4)
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Nov 24, 2018 @ 9:19am
Feb 21 @ 10:21pm
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Desynchronized (v1.4.4)

Change your Colonists' minds.

Quick Info and Compatibility
  • Requires HugsLib (warning should be given if you don't have HugsLib); place this mod below HugsLib
  • Safe to add to existing saves
  • Please do not remove from existing saves
  • Should have no problems with most other mods, see below for more info
  • Will support other mods
  • GitHub repo link is here: https://github.com/Vectorial1024/Desynchronized
Mod Description
A continuation of ClosedDoors made by MoobyNooby, this mod changes how your colonists react to the outside world.

As your colonists are scattered across the globe, so are their knowledge. The inability for them to know everything at the get go creates an inevitable desynchronization of understanding.

How should your colonists comprehend the unforgiving and absurd world around them?

Features List
Visit the GitHub repo[github.com] for more details, but here are some highlights:
  • Colonists will generally not react to events that does not happen inside their own maps.
  • Colonists will now have a small chance to spread news about events that has happened, spreading from those who know to those who do not. (Configurable in Mod Settings)
Compatibility with Other Mods
Currently, this mod is confirmed to work nicely with the following mods:
  • Allow Tool
About Non-Steam Downloads
Non-Steam downloads are all centralized onto the GitHub page. You may find them here: https://github.com/Vectorial1024/Desynchronized/releases

Special note: if you are only looking for a v1.0 ClosedDoors update, then look for "v0.0.0" in the list of releases. Should be at the bottom.

Join Our Cause!
Help us out in our common pursuit of success on the Rim by:
  • Reporting Bugs: no one wants an infestation here. Visit "Reporting Bugs" down there.
  • Suggesting Features: we need new ideas to keep things interesting. Visit "Feature Suggestions" down there.
  • Inspecting the Code: sometimes, underlying problems are not obvious to spot. Visit the GitHub page to read the code.
  • Translating the Texts: if you are a native speaker of your language, you are most welcome to contribute by translating the texts to your own language. (I still need to find a way to efficiently manage this, though.)
The GitHub Repo of This Mod
To streamline things, I am centralizing many things onto the GitHub repo found at https://github.com/Vectorial1024/Desynchronized
In the GitHub page, you will find:
This mod would not have been here without the following people:
  • MoobyNooby for keeping the code live so they can be passed on
  • The many subscribers (especially the earlier ones) for investing your time in this ex-WIP product
  • Jaxe and his PublisherPlus
  • Mehni's fork of Jaxe's PublisherPlus[github.com]; PublisherPlus allowed me to exclude unrelated files from being uploaded together with the essential files, minimizing mod size to less than 2 MB.
  • pardeike's Harmony library and UnlimitedHugs' HugsLib for providing much-needed convenience to make mods
  • Tynan for this game; and most importantly,
  • That one guy who first got an idea and eventually catalyzed the creation of this mod
That's all. Wish y'all a successful run on the Rim!
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Vectorial1024  [author] Feb 21 @ 10:24pm 
Finally, v1.4.4 is online.
Sentient_Worm Feb 13 @ 11:02am 
Thats fine.
Vectorial1024  [author] Feb 13 @ 10:10am 
The fix is actually very simple.
But I will need some time to also tidy up the mod a little bit along with the fix...
Sentient_Worm Feb 11 @ 1:30pm 
Vectorial1024  [author] Feb 11 @ 7:27am 
This mod does not have any third-party mod support at the moment; will take some time for me to look into it.
Sentient_Worm Feb 11 @ 7:08am 
Could you look into the logs at the bottom?
Mattler~~ Feb 3 @ 2:31am 
@Vectorial1024 yep works now! thanks, this is a essential mod for me... cant make Gulags otherwise :P
Vectorial1024  [author] Feb 2 @ 8:35pm 
OK the bug should be fixed; check if the world is generated properly.
Sentient_Worm Feb 2 @ 7:47pm 
Ok. I'll go back to finding mods to break XD
Vectorial1024  [author] Feb 2 @ 7:46pm 
Yes, there's some problems in the world generation step. I will try to fix it asap.