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Plant Human
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Nov 23, 2018 @ 8:30am
Feb 27 @ 1:33am
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Plant Human

Start a human farm to trade with passing cannibals or pirates, feed your cannibal colony, feed your carnivores, harvest organs, create an army of expendable soldiers, or just increase the size of your colony quickly. The game play applications are endless!

- Wildling Cocoons are plants that can be sown in a growing zone.
- Once they mature, they can be harvested and will randomly produce either a wild man or wild woman.
- Wild men and women function in the expected ways.
(They are considered wildlife and will be listed in your Wildlife menu. Like any wild animal, you can hunt them or tame them. If you successfully tame them, they become part of your colony and function like all your other pawns. If you hunt and kill them, they will be taken to whatever spot you have assigned for human corpses. Alternately, you can arrest them, at which point they function like any other prisoner. Recruit them, execute them, harvest their organs, etc.)

Safe to add and remove from existing saves.
(Delete any existing cocoons before removing the mod.)
Dependancies: None

This Mod is released under the MIT protocol
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Evil Star Jun 30 @ 3:28am 
Mod does not respect doors with locks or mods like expanded doors.
Katagi Jun 18 @ 12:20am 
would be nice if this can be used on other race mods
bearhiderug Jun 16 @ 7:36pm 
Tehr is a mod to remove random pawn relaitons, a must ahve with this mod installed if you plant them even every so often
bearhiderug Jun 16 @ 7:35pm 
What other mods do you guys use in conjunction with this one, eather to cheese, or to have fun, or to play with, or do crazy things.
My friend uses this with the suicide vest mod o.o
I have been feeding Empire prisoner workers with this.
They work well recruitng en mass and drop podding into enemy bases, one to test the waters, lock down enemy position and provide reliable fodder units, all this before your elite shock units arrive to rain hellfire in the power suits and bionic installments.
TaurusBull13 Jun 15 @ 10:38pm 
They randomly come with relationships to my pawns like a daughter or son that's the same age as the father
bearhiderug Jun 15 @ 12:32am 
I had a colonist get real bad mood, and became wild again. Then wandered off the map =/
So be sure colonists derived from this mod to not let exterme mental break lol
shadowstalker1857 Jun 14 @ 2:39pm 
I found a probelm when wildman spawn with android backstories they lag and nearly crash the game
bearhiderug Jun 10 @ 11:48pm 
I can not prevent them from using doors, i usualy ock the door and when its time to harvest i barricade them off with reaquired utilities and fascilities ready adjacent to area, all walled off. best method, they are humans after all
Imagine Wagons Jun 10 @ 4:55am 
How do I prevent them from using doors? They keep opening them from where I've locked them in (the grow zone).
JustMichael May 7 @ 3:35pm 
when ever I arrest a wild human, the only prisoner options are execute or release.