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Brenner Pass Realsize (Satellite overlay)
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Nov 23, 2018 @ 4:11am
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Brenner Pass Realsize (Satellite overlay)

Map of the Austria's Brenner Pass.
The Route starts in Matrei-am-Brenner to end in Brenner. Map is realsized and a satelitte overlay is available through the additionnal mod.
This first version is without industries, let me know if you want an "Industry" version.

Finally, the map must be loaded with the 'No Initial Road' mod to provide crash from the road network construction.

Enjoy =)
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[exiT]UncleStan Aug 29, 2019 @ 6:56am 
seperate layer mod? Where can I find it?
Fish'izz  [author] Dec 5, 2018 @ 2:01pm 
Yes, just load the map without separate layer mod.
Anix Vita Dec 1, 2018 @ 6:13am 
Can I disable the satellite overlay?
cpu | skully Nov 28, 2018 @ 8:58am 
Yes, theoretically, by abusing the detail-texture array, but i've never tried it myself. The 4K textures are a limitation of the minimum spec's hardware.
Beware, that the HEX-Fix is just a working guess. As far as i noticed, it also influences some other stuff, but I'm too lazy to test all occurences to find the right one.
Fish'izz  [author] Nov 28, 2018 @ 8:54am 
"CPU Skully", i just want to say thank you for this comment, this was an old and unsolved question for me. With your modifications this look cool ! (Care to your pc specs ^^)
So, maybe you have an answer to next question : is it possible to extend the overlayer file (.tga) to a bigger map size than 4097x4097 pix ?

Thank you
Soylent_Greene Nov 26, 2018 @ 3:06am 
Very pretty photograph but incredibly disorienting to look at!
cpu | skully Nov 25, 2018 @ 1:40pm 
The mountains are not high enough, which is a limitation of the game. But it's easy. Just open TransportFever.exe in a HEX-Editor and replace every occurence of '00 00 7a 44' with '00 40 9c 45'. By doing that, you raise the height limit to 5000 meters, which looks great on this map :)

Don't forget to backup the file first ;)
ApolloChewbacca Nov 24, 2018 @ 2:18pm 
could you do an indsutry version using the new industry mod? it always make me sad that there arent any custom maps with custom industries.
Spearin Nov 23, 2018 @ 3:53pm 
Thank you.
cpu | skully Nov 23, 2018 @ 12:34pm 
Yes, but i won't answer any more questions, since obviously, many people understand it and there are plenty of examples in the workshop.