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Nov 19, 2018 @ 1:10pm
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- All hi-res cards are numbered, named and have their game descriptions.
- Contains all cards, decals for maverick cards, tokens, chaintrackers and keys.
- Includes 8 Keyforge playmats (Rightclick -> State).
- The white and green boxes are your archive areas (only visible to the player of that color).
- Rules can be found on the original site (see link below; so you always have the latest edition).

Based on the original game Keyforge
- Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games (
- Designer: Richard Garfield
- Official site:
- Keyforge Master Vault:
- Playmats can be bought on the official site under Products / Keyforge Playmats:

This mod is not supported nor endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games. It is a fan-made mod so you can play with remote friends.
Please remember to support your local game stores and the designers / developers.

If you want to create your own deck, it's easiest if you:
- Copy the house-deck to the board.
- Search through the copied deck.
- Move the cards that you need to the table.
- Copy/paste individual cards if you need more than one of the same in your deck.
- Delete the copied deck.
- Group all cards from that house.
- Repeat above for remaining two houses.
- Group the three houses.
- Name your deck.
- Save your deck (rightclick, save object) so you can import it in any game in one go!

If you want to create a maverick card:
- Click the Decals tool (default shortkey: F9).
- Select the decal for the house you want.
- Paint the decal over the maverick card (lining up is up to you :P).

Enjoy the game!

Special thanks go to:
- FFG, for another awesome game :)
- SmileyChris & Miketv1977, for providing the starting content (graphics of most cards and most tokens)
- The Iron Steve, for help with the Brobnar #001 card
- Stiltman, for his tips regarded the use of States in relation to the playmats and gfx for the chain tracker token. Figured out a workaround for a transparency issue while chatting with him about the gfx
- SmahChinSki, for his tips to improve the setup (such as adding snappoints, adding texts, positioning and rotation fixes) and testing some changes
- Aegylon, for the hi-res images of the cards and the house-tokens to indicate the houses in your deck (useful the first few rounds)
- Nex, for pointing out a mistake in card #138
- Zoidberg, for pointing out a mistake in cards 19 & 36
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Deleon  [author] Mar 9 @ 8:19am 
Yes, that is almost similar to what I do :) Thank you for your version, it makes sense and is probably slightly faster than my way!
transce Mar 8 @ 5:29pm 
Thanks! I was able to quickly build several of my RL decks.

For people who are a little lost, what I did was I searched through the available cards, then used copy and paste to make copies, i put the copies into a pile and put the originals back on the stack. Then when I have all 36 cards in my pile, I used the object Properties to name the deck and I saved it into my Saved Objects. You can create folders in your Saved Objects to organize your decks. I've used the same method for Magic decks and it works quite well.
Deleon  [author] Jan 7 @ 1:08am 
Servers can be open or closed with a password, depends on the one setting up the game (which is as easy as clicking Multiplayer and Create).
Deleon  [author] Jan 7 @ 1:07am 
I am not sure how to play pick up games. I guess you can use the Join option to find open games, but i just play with friends in my friendslist. The game also has built-in chat, which i think can be used to look for groups / players. As far as i know, tts does not have any matchfinder capabilities.
Good luck and have fun!
bigchase Jan 6 @ 8:02pm 
New to TTS. Once this add-on is downloaded, how to find games? Is it necessary to have password to join a server? Thanks
Deleon  [author] Jan 5 @ 9:56am 
Wow i thought one or two typo's, but there are billions now that i read it, lmao;)
Deleon  [author] Jan 5 @ 3:36am 
(Typos due to mobile client, sorry)
Deleon  [author] Jan 5 @ 3:36am 
I am not sure what you mean. Could you describe what they do?
If you are referring to the backside of the cards or the card thay shows the contents of each deck, i cannot add them. These cards are unique per deck. You can use the three house tokens ro show what houses are in your deck (flip through the states). Or you can use the tip provided by zoidberg below. To show tbe actual cards in your deck you could either let them search your deck before the game or (if it is a registered deck) provide a link to the keyforge mastsr vault.
Chew Jan 4 @ 11:39pm 
Thanks for this! New to this game and the TTS mod. Where's the Identity Archon cards?
Deleon  [author] Jan 1 @ 12:09pm 
Cards 267 and 370 were defined in a similar way but they do not have the same problem. I fixed it in my local files just in case, but they look fine to me in-game (workshop version) so I will not change it in the mod unless someone reprots problems :)