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Treasure Hunt Puzzle Solutions
By Wallets
Solutions for the treasure hunt puzzles introduced with Curse of the Vampire Coast.
Cypher of the Old Ones

These puzzles require you to determine the number and color of dots that belong in the tile with the question mark on it by reducing the possible answers one tile at a time. In each row and in each column no two tiles can have the same number of dots. Similarly, in each row and in each column no two tiles can have dots of the same color. Each tile has between one and four dots that are either blue, purple, red, or yellow.

For this puzzle, we can start with the tile in the top-right corner. Because the row that tile is in already has a tile with a single dot on it, and because the column has tiles with both two and three dots on them, we know that the tile in the top right corner must have four dots; we also know that the dots on this tile must be either blue or red, as it shares a column with tiles that have purple and yellow dots on them.

This gives us sufficient information to solve the puzzle: Because the row that the question mark tile is in has a tile with one dot and a tile with four dots and its column has a tile with two dots, the question mark tile has to have three dots on it. As its column has tiles with blue and red dots and its row has a tile with a yellow dot, the question mark tile has to have purple dots on it.

Note that some of the Cypher puzzles in the game have multiple apparently correct solutions but only give rewards for one of them.
Dial of the Old Ones

These puzzles require you to imagine what symbols the lines on the inner disc and the middle ring would point towards if you were to spin them into the correct orientation.

Note that you can't actually rotate the disc or the ring inside of the game—I have done so here to illustrate how these puzzles are solved.

The inner disc is always correctly oriented when the face on it is right side up.

The middle ring is correctly oriented when the lines of a single color on the middle ring line up with the lines of the same color on the inner disc. The solution is the set of symbols that the now complete lines connect to the center.
Rubric of the Old Ones

These puzzles simply require you to identify the symbol that is not repeated.

Find all of the symbols that are repeated.

Then identify the remaining symbol.
Cuboid of the Old Ones

These puzzles require you to identify the symbol that should appear on the face of one of the cubes that is marked with a question mark.

First, looking at the cube with the question mark on one of its faces, identify the position of one of the faces with a visible symbol relative to the face with the question mark.

Then find another cube on which the symbol on the face that would have the question mark on it is visible.
Cypher of the Old Ones Solutions
Dial of the Old Ones Solutions
Rubric of the Old Ones Solutions
Cuboid of the Old Ones Solutions
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Cyber Cenobite Apr 9 @ 9:25am 
You mean it isn't totally random?
Kek~ Mar 25 @ 7:39pm 
The Dot Puzzle one is simply Sudoku.
Troggy Feb 4 @ 5:27am 
Dot puzzle solutions and concept are just flat wrong. I got the 4th picture as my puzzle, and while all 4 answers would have been correct based on OPs description of the solution, the answer chosen in the "solution", two purple dots, is not correct. Just failed this one
Trusty Montford Jan 14 @ 10:10am 
In 5th Dial of the Old ones Solutions, I found the correct option in-game was Wind E F symbols rather than Wind F E as it shows here. Wind F E was not an option, Wind E F was the only similar option in-game, and it was the correct one.
laurenbossetti Dec 27, 2021 @ 3:10pm 
here is more help in video form
Daroe Dec 23, 2021 @ 10:30am 
hi how are you
Bulletproof417 Dec 21, 2021 @ 4:21pm 
Great guide thanks! I always have it open when playing. Sposed to be a 4x fantasy tactical battle game. Not sure why puzzles are here.
Wolf Dec 12, 2021 @ 6:28am 
If you created this in the first place for this game or thought any of it was a great idea, you can go flock yourself.
Solron Oct 4, 2021 @ 10:00am 
thanks alot, cant count how often i used this already! (ps: im just to dump to resolve it by myself xD)
GeeForcer Aug 9, 2021 @ 11:42am 
@Allborii, It's not solvable using just sudoku rules, but when you look at the pattern in the top right quadrant as a mirror of the bottom left, you can see that the answer is red which completes the pattern.