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Badlands 2006
Game Mode: Capture The Flag
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Nov 16 @ 4:46pm
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Badlands 2006

Badlands 2006 is a remake of the updated TF2 version of ctf_badlands from Team Fortress Classic. Using many of the same models and textures that have been recovered over the years, as well as hosting the original CTF gamemode, Badlands 2006 is the most accurate and closest remake to date.

This remake would not have been possible without the images uploaded by former Valve Senior Environment Artist Stéphane Gaudette. His Artstation portfolio containing the original screenshots, as well as other works of his, can be found at

This map's optimization is atrocious, and much of its brushwork is an abomination. It is the result of 2 years in development, during which time my own skill with Hammer improved greatly, however the map's brushwork didn't. Exterior areas are extremely opened and, as such, nearly impossible to optimize. Frame drops are to be expected when outdoors.

The warning "OverflowedCClientRenderablesList Group 7" is a known issue which I do not know the cause of or fix to. Fortunately, it does not seem to interfere with the ability to play the map.

This map is intended primarily as a showcase of what the original Badlands could have been like, not as a serious or viable new CTF map. It should be viewed as little more than a curiosity.

If you are having trouble finding the map in your maps list, the following console command should allow you to load it:

map workshop/1566643812 :P

Chrytin: Map design, artpass, recompiled rock models
404UNF: Original ctf_badlands models recovered from SFM
PJX: Replica gas station, exterior elevators and cranes, recovery of original textures
Scho-manno: Recreation rock textures
Rexy: Chariman and Blast Door models
Void: Computer Screen Bank model
StoneFrog: Team colored trains (Caboose)
MrModez Pineapple: TF2 Classic Theme (trailer)
Doc: Development Support
Valve: Brush and model interior detailing from 2fort
Stéphane Gaudette: Screenshots of TF2's original Badlands
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where did this originate from?
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Server running this?
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GermanPeter ;)
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nice map im instal this
404UNF  [author] Nov 25 @ 6:27pm 
To anyone having trouble loading the map, try this command out:

map workshop/1566643812
口田口 Nov 25 @ 6:13pm 
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would love to see this map get ported over to SFM if it was possible, looks beautiful.
Ilya Nov 25 @ 10:39am 
i would love this map
eeezzy Nov 24 @ 3:08pm 
The console command "map ctf_badlands_2006_rc1" isnt working, am I doing something wrong?
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Doing gods work