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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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followers pack
I can't thank the people who made these mods enough, I agree that all of them deserve respect and congratulations for putting together this collection, as none of them I created, I hope to expand this collection fluently.

So please rate and enjoy the mods I found.
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Created by Anebriate
For every great hero, there is a side-kick of equal greatness but less renown.

Batman's Robin. The Lone Ranger's Tonto. Sherlock's Dr. Watson. Aquaman's dolphins. And now, at long last, the Dovahkiin has...

Follower: Dagronk The Gatekeeper
Created by Doctor Raccoon
A new follower:

Dagronk The Gatekeeper
Companions Armor
Ebony Greatsword
Combat Warrior 2 Handed

You can find him in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun

Enjoy and Rate!...
Follower: Kvaser Aern
Created by Doctor Raccoon
A New Follower In Skyrim:

Kvaser Aern
Dwarven Armor
Battleaxe Of Doom = Absorb Health
Combat Warrior 2 Handed

You can find him in Windhelm in Palace of the Kings!

Enjoy and rate!...
Draugr as a Follower
Created by thaalesalves
Have a Draugr Death Overlord as your follower. It'll stay with you until it dies, and fight for you.

You can find the spell tome near Farengar's desk at Dragonsreach. Like any tome, take it, read it and use the spell....
Skyrim Island Home
Created by Cajihad
This mod features an very simple island home on a small island off of the Dawnstar coast. This mod also includes your soon to be best pal Randall, a slightly mentally challenged dog follower. Directions to the house location can be found in the pictures ab...
Dogs for Skyrim: Darcie
Created by krallen
Meet Darcie. She is not your ordinary dog. Being 1.25 times larger than your ordinary dog, and with skills maxed out, she packs a large punch in combat. Being very energetic and invincible always helps too.

Darcie is found in the Bannered Mare in White...
Teilani - High Elf Spellsword Follower
Created by CaptainRC
I decided to upload my first attempt to make a follower, so here she is.


Teilani was a happy youth living on the Summerset Isles before the Great War. As soon as she reached the age of consent, she became a priestess of Julian...
King Wizard
Created by Raven Ebonscale
Adds a wizard follower to the bannered mare has a summon dragon spell update all the time with gear and what other suggestion you might have
Ulfric Stormcloak Follower V 1.1
Created by Spetznaz Prizrak
Ulfric Stormcloak Follower V 1.1

Fixes: Ulfric Follower now has Dragon Shout abilities

Ulfric Stormcloak is now a follower!!!

This Mod puts a second Ulfric Stormcloak in the game!!!
1. Ulfric Follower is currently in the Palace of Kings in Windhe...
Created by Lycan
A Made to order Mod
Darius is waiting for you in Riverwood Inn, he starts out in prpison clothes, so you can play dress ups. He is a two handed very big hunk, but can also use bows. He is all Vanilla so you need no mods to get him, but if you want him to ...
Hawkeye Companion
Created by Metophisical
Hawkeye follower found in breezhome, has bound bow which he is quite deadly with....
Thor follower
Created by Metophisical
Please read*** Basic Thor follower found in Breezhome. He does not have his hammer but other people have created a better version of it than i can, and can be given to him. Gave him basic clothing as well, so feel free to give him any armor you would like....
Magoza, a Healing Companion
Created by The Lofted Aphid
This is Magoza, a companion scripted to allow her to heal herself and her allies. The companion herself is a rather empty shell, having a generic female orc voice and no real backstory beyond her being located in Dragonsreach. I release her as an example o...
Hunter's Camp ( Falreath Version ).
Created by CyanzZ
Its a small camsite neer falkreath some where sorry forgot where it is.
Also has a follower and a pet dog is good for players that are survival people or hunters or people who like playing realistic.

i will update it please ideas

Tyner Allison A Follower Mod
Created by Drakeshard
Back story: Tyner first started his life as a thief stealing and pickpocketing for money. he joined the dark brotherrhood after he developed a thirst for death due to accidental killing on a job.Then he banished from the brotherhood for assaulting another ...
Sylgja the Follower
Created by Faze Anal
Ever seen that chick in Riften Hold? Well with this mod she just doesnt stand there doing nothing, with
this mod she's a follower!!
And I know there's a console command to make her a follower but you don't have to do that because you can just click the g...
Kain follwer
Created by Metophisical
Kain follower, found in Breezehome, has soulreaver and some grand soul gems for him to fill....
Follower Engineer
Created by Dafini
The engineer is now able to follow you over the hilltops and off of cliffs. He is just that scarily loyal.

You can find him at the first Archway to Riverwood.

The wrench that comes with is WIP, the attacking animations are broken right now....
Follower Sonic the Hedgehog
Created by Dafini
You can now have Sonic as a companion!

This follower can be found at the first Archway into Riverood....
Norilar the Beefy
Created by Beta
Norilar is a Mer like no other. To put it simply, Norilar is half Altmer, half Bear, and one hundred percent Beefcake. He is skilled in all forms of physical contact, but doesn't understand the basics of archery. But then again, who needs arrows when you'r...
Drizzt follower for R.A. Salvatore fans
Created by Metophisical
Drizzt companion, found in Breezehome. He will dual wield after he summons guenhywvar....
Follower Heavy Weapons Guy
Created by Dafini
As requested in the Player model equivilent's comments.

This heavy can be found at the arch of Riverwood, the one of where you enter riverwood for the first time....
Nazgul Followers
Created by JP Doctor

PLEASE READ: Guys as much as I appreciate the shed load of ideas and suggestions for this mod, I'm afraid I just don't have the time currently to work on this anymore. A lot of the ideas, while sounding very cool, would take a lot more work than I thin...
Briannus The Great
Created by Wow
Have you always wanted a follower by the name of Briannus? If so this mod is for you!

This mod adds a potential follower named Briannus to The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood...
Caged (House)
Created by CyanzZ
Its outside whiterun Down neer the water acros from the ritual stone.
requirments: skyrim of course.

Has some followers in there also some pet dogs and the windhelm throne.

it has quite a lot of weapons armor and other things.

Avengers Followers: Hulk and Black Widow
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds The Hulk and Black Widow as followers to Skyrim. You'll find them at The Bannered Mare in Whiterun. They will level with the player and Black Widow has an extra set of her armor for female characters to use....
Executioner Follower
Created by zoro4661
This mod adds a follower to Whiterun. His name is Exe and he's an executioner. He has an extra set of armor in his inventory.

If you find any bugs or mistakes, have a question or have a suggestion for another mod, just write it in the comments.

Skittles The Sweet Khajiit
Created by themistling
Add's a new follower named skittles a powerfull khajiit with some interesting spells, this is my first mod so please do not be too harsh, he is located at the skyforge in whiterun, He is a spell caster (Mainly) And is dressed from head to toe in gilded elv...
Follower's Den
Created by Jakemf
This mod adds four followers, Adrianna: The Mage, Agrathir: The Archer, K'Zargo: The Sneaky Assasin, and Rofdir: The Brute.This mod also adds a place outside of riverwood where these followers reside.

Backstory- Once respected members of the theives gui...
Created by PapaDaddy
Beast is in Whiterun in the Drunken Huntsman. Beast is a very powerful and large follower. Beast has got your back.

The Weapons you see are not mine, they belong to Dreogan

Defiance Followers: Nolan and Irisa
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Nolan and Irisa ,from the hit tv show Defiance, as followers to Skyrim. You'll find them up at Dragonsreach in Whiterun. They will both level with the player.

Also I know Nolan is far from perfect. Did the best with what I had :P...
Argos The Dragon Slayer Follower
Created by Helio_Nova
this mod adds a new orc follower to dragonsreach named Argos The Dragon Slayer, he has a deadric armor,
the volendrung artifact, daedric bow + arrows, and all shouts + 1 special shout you will discover in the first battle that at least longs 1 - 2 min. He...
Nightingale Inn
Created by gilbrandon123
This is a simple mod I created. It adds an inn in a trapdoor near Nightingale Hall. When you go in, there are three followers. All nightingales. There is also a shortcut to Nightingale Hall in Nightingale Inn. Please subscribe and my two youtube channels a...
Ysgramor Follower
Created by Dravahh
The mighty leader of The Companions has returned back to Tamriel. He'll be waiting for you in Jorrvaskr....
The Boss Follower
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 as a follower to Skyrim. You'll find her at The Bee and Barb in Riften. She has an extra set of her armor for female characters to wear in her inventory and will level with the player....
Snake/Big Boss Follower
Created by JP Doctor

10/04/2014: Updated with improved likeness aswell as including a custom bandanna and eye patch.

This mod adds Snake (A.K.A. Big Boss) from the Metal Gear Solid series to Skyrim as a follower.
You'll find him at The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
CLUNK The Dwarven Centurion Follower
Created by Ji$0-DreY
Clunk is a dwarven centurion sick of living in the dark. So he's come to the surface of his ruins and decided hel wants to learn about the ways of man.....Now he's part of the companions with his 2 best pals Cog and Gearz.

This is the finale part of the...
Vampire Executioner Follower
Created by W!ldCh!ld
Adds a new follower to the game, an executioner who is also a vampire lol. He weilds a very powerful weapon which can also be used by the player.
He is found in Solitude in the execution square. (on your right as soon as you travel to solitude at the main...
Snow Bear follower
Created by Iswanna
Adds a snow bear follower. He is essensinal and can be found in Riverwood....
SHRALL The Draugr Mage/Priestess UPDATED
Created by Ji$0-DreY

Shrall is a Draugr, sick of the common Draugr life style she has journeyed up to the entrance of her home ruins.....She hopes to find someone or something that won't want to kill her and will want her along on their journeys.....
Link Follower
Created by JP Doctor

Made as a request. This adds a custom made wood elf named Link to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. To get the armor shown in the pic search here on Steam for Zelda - Skyrim Modification (Made by the brilliant Tyen).
Give Link the armor and weapons from ...
COG The Dwarven Spider Follower
Created by Ji$0-DreY
Cog, a spider that normally attack you upon sight, well not this one!

Cog was an ordinary dwarven spider that lived in some ruins up the northern end of Skyrim. Their he hung out with friends and hunted enemies of his kind. He soon got bored...............
Angel The Follower
Created by Artheon97™
This is my "FIRST" ever companion mod! :DDD I really hope you guys enjoy her. She took me a while to make (Cause i'm just starting out. :D) So again hope you guys like! :D

-About Angel:

-She is Essential. :D
-She is also Marragable!!! ;)

DONNA the giant follower
Created by Ji$0-DreY

Donna is a very over grown nord who likes to hang out with giants. She is skilled with the bow and hand to hand combat.

I hope you guys like this mod. I had a request from someone in the comments that I make a giant. Well here she is! Im so...
Gearz the sphere follower
Created by Ji$0-DreY
This is a mod that will add a new follower to the game. The followers name is Gearz, he can be found in or around the companions building in Whiterun. He will fight with you to the death and will always be by your side, and yes he can speak in the english ...
Deadpool Follower
Created by JP Doctor

READ: Make sure you have no followers recruited when you speak to Deadpool or he won't follow you. If he still won't then quick save and load while standing in front of him.
Atvarii'kal - requested Khajiit mage follower
Created by DerAlleinTiger
Atvarii'kal is a Khajiit mage whose quest to become a battlemage has taken her to the cold land of Skyrim to attend the College of Winterhold. After only a year of study, however, she finds herself kicked out of the college after being se...
The Joker Follower
Created by JP Doctor
This mod adds The Joker as a follower to Skyrim. You'll find him at Dragons Reach in Whiterun. He has an extra set of his clothes in his inventory and will level with the player....
Goldie the Follower
Created by drobirds
Goldie is a clone of Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. I have removed her war paint and scar and changed her armor to Blades no Helment. Didnt get a screenshot yet, sorry. This is my first MOD. She is a good and powerful follower. You can equip her with wahtever w...
Lyzarah (Work in progress)
Created by Mailus
IMPORTANT: I stopped working in these mods, they are functional if requirements are met, i won't answer, or accept friend invitations just to ask me something about the mod, good luck.

Requires TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female b...
Fleabag the Dovakitty
Created by Lycan
Once in a while a mod comes out that is so great, so massive that you have to download it asap, and then there is Fleabag, the Dovakitty.
Yearning for the day to fight along side the Dragonborn, little did he know what he was in for.

He is level 10 ma...
Blanka Follower
Created by JP Doctor

A quick, simple mod made as a request. Did the best with what I had :P Adds 'Blanka' as a follower to The Bee and Barb in Riften....
Ivantist Hornfire NPC Follower
Created by cameronsibley
This is my first ever mod so 'please be nice.

this is a follower called Ivantist Hornfire you can find him in whitrun next to the compaigns guild. There are going to be quests for him also comming soon. if you want to help out with any futer mods tell...
Deathstroke Follower
Created by JP Doctor

The mod adds Deathstroke as a follower to Skyrim. He can be found at The Bee and Barb in Riften. He will level up with the player and carries an extra set of his armor for the player to use....
Shival Shadowheart
Created by willyboy56
A Necromancer follower located in Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern. She will animate the dead and strike fear into your enemies. coc dragonbridgefourshieldstavern in the console menu to go to her. Embrace your darker side with this follower!...
Gilkis Greenscale
Created by willyboy56
A custom Argonian Follower. Pick him up at Dragon Bridge Four Shields Tavern, coc dragonbridgefourshieldstavern, he has the barbarian perks and juggernaut perks. Using two handed weapons and heavy armor is his combat prefrence. Need some company or strong ...
Minat - a very "small" follower
Created by Mahatma_GannddaN
minat is an argonian warrior.

where do i find him?
he is next to oleva's house and behind belethor's shop in whiterun.

what so special about him?
he is extremly small so he looks hillarious when he fights....
Khajiit Collection pack Follower's And Mount
Created by CyanzZ




Ulfgar & Vidkun: Nord Followers
Created by Vultrae
Special thanks to Cam Robinson and Seb Ford from Gamespot for helping me with this mod!

Both Followers are custom voiced:
Vidkun-Seb Ford
Ulfgar-Cam Robinson

Vidkun can be found in The Silver Blood Inn in Markarth. He is a tough nord warrior who eq...
Green Arrow Follower
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Green Arrow as a follower to Skyrim. You'll find him at The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. He even has an extra set of his armor in his inventory for you to use....
jack the slayer(follower)
Created by Jack2249
this is a follower mod and you can find him in riverwood in the sleeping gaints inn

back story
he was a stromcloak and he runs away from the dragon and hides in riverwood...
Alenored: Follower and spells.
Created by Mark All As Read
There are very little Khajit followers, so I made one! I also made 3 new spells.
Instructions once you've got the mod:
1. Go to the winking skeever in solitude.
2. Go upstairs.
3. Speak with Alenored whenever you want him to follow you.
4. Trade with...
Asky - almost like a real dog
Created by xgrufijury

I've heard that you're looking for a dog as an loyal companion. Asky's deed of ownership and his dog blanket lie on a bale of straw at Pelagia Farm. The Farmer wants to throw ...
K'zargo,J'zargo brother Follower
Created by CyanzZ
Hes a fully functional follower thats in Sleeping giants inn. Hes a khajiit.

What hes good at:
One Handed
Light armor


With any other mod and with SKSE,dawnguard,dragon...
Mini Dwarven Sphere Follower
Created by Iswanna
Adds a mini Dwarven Sphere follower in Riverwood.
Highland Hall
Created by Beanpole
The Highland Hall is a large player house located north-east of Whiterun. It contains every facility that the Dovahkiin could need.

In the hall you will also meet a wide array of unique followers each with a different personality to suit your every adve...
Created by NysgjerrigeNils
He will be waiting in Riften in the blacksmith's house...
The Nuts Followers! Riften and Draogn Bridge Taverns
Created by Fleanuts
The two fearless followers Fleanuts and Bloodynuts are in the game! Find Bloody in the Tavern in Dragon Bridge, and Flea in the Bee and Barb in Riften! Bloody is a fresh follower with base stats and daedric armor to compensate, while Flea has some nice arm...
Fea Rana
Created by Ghostrunner24
This mod is for those who mainly want a mage follower who also uses staves and one-handed weapons.Fea Rana can be located nere the Mages College (for specific location see make above). This follower has the ability to use some master level spells (for more...
Fand Stoneleg: New Follower
Created by Trappy McStabby
This mod adds a new follwer at the skyforge in Whiterun. He should be standing at the top of the stairs there.

This is my first mod to create/upload so please tell me what you would change/add!

Stay awesome
Legion Followers
Created by George Washington
Bjorn Ice-Runner is a strong Nord and an crack shot with a bow. He has grown up among the Legion, and joined up like his Pa and Grandpa before him!

Titus Scipius is a proud Imperial who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to defend the Empire he holds ...
Khoraak - Based on Master Dan's K'horaak
Created by mclinorama
Khoraak is based on Master Dan's beautiful character.

Meet Khoraak! He is a Khajit, raised by Argonians. His family was crossing the frozen plains of Skyrim and were killed. No one knows why. Argonians were traveling through, North of Riften, and found ...
Tyrna - Nord Follower
Created by Wartinald
I have made ​​this mod using one of my Nord characters presets, Tyrna.
She performs all the functions of any regular follower, you can also marry her.

You can download her face preset here: [url=
Jamie Hyneman
Created by Ehgooberman
Sorry about the beard. I couldn't give Jamie Hyneman his signature beard, but I did give him his signature walrus mustache.

Have you ever wanted Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters to help you bust some myths in Skyrim? Now you can with this mod that adds a ma...
Knights of the Round Table
Created by Kookaburra
This adds the knights of the Round Table from the King Arthur legend to Skyrim. They can be found just behind Honningmead Brewery, near Whiterun. If you use the console command: "coc whiterun" (wihtout quotations) you should end up pretty close.

The arm...
Miraak friendly Follower
i think this should works fine if not just comment on here or pm me thnx :)...
Snow Bear Follower
Created by NinjasWithCandy
This is an animal follower mod, you can find the snow bear "Horris" at "Warmaidens." There is a bug where the follow dialog won't come up and all you have to do is choose the wait dialog and then exit out of the dialog all together, and then go back and, t...
Tredica (Marriageable Female Altmer Follower)
Created by Beef Hutchins
** As a heads up, I won't be supporting these follower mods much anymore. I have uninstalled the creation kit and have no desire to mess around with it again. If they are broken by a patch, etc, in such a way that would require edits with the creation kit,...
General Ji'Zen 2.0
Created by Ehgooberman
General Ji'Zen: For too long our people have suffered under the rule of the Aldmeri Dominion. They say that they brought back the twin moons, but we have been deceived. This doesn't seem to matter for our ruling mane. All he craves is power and wealth. He ...
Vares Rarem (follower)
Created by Ghostrunner24
This mod adds a Dunmer follower(Vares Rarem), who is quite adept with one-handed and two-handed weapons, as well as heavy armor. Vares Rarem traveled to Skyrim in order escape is families incessant mocking over his, minor problem. In this ch...
Yesac Longbow (Follower)
Created by TheMrYesac
A ranger that has just finished his task of escorting a High Elf to the city of Whiterun, Yesac is now looking for a new adventure. Can be found at The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun....
Nuhathon & Tyren: The Brothers - Followers
Created by Nuhallis
Please Comment and tell me what you think. :D
REQUIRES: ApachiiSkyHair -
Stiv Gro Fur Follower Mod
Created by QuantumHD
A simple mod that adds a Stiv Gro Fur follower to the drunken huntsmen in whiterun. he is a master in conjuration and illusion he also uses heavy armor and maces. this is the character made by the mod auther Gopher and he is also my favourite Youtuber...
Bearman: Hero of Skyrim
Created by TheMightyBongo
There's a new hero in Skyrim and he's punching bandits, giants and dragons like there's no tomorrow.
Now he has decided to help you to destroy your enemies and beat them to death.

This is Bearman: Hero of Skyrim.

Find Bearman in his base, The Bear D...
Arkus Eon - Argonian Follower
Created by A Screaming Pencil
This mod is more of a test, as it is the first mod I have ever made, not just for Skyrim, but for any video game altogether.
As I get better at modding and using the Creation Kit, I will be adding custom voices, books in his inventory, spe...
Istalindir Follower
Created by Ghostrunner24
This mod adds a follower, Istalindir, to the game. She can be found in Windhelm at the palace of kings. The follower has the ability to cast some advanced level spells.

This is my first mod, and just wanted to get a feel for how to do it. I plan to make...
Follower Pack: Khajiit
Created by paulwhitlock2
Adds a total of ten new Khajiit followers five females, five males, to follow on your adventures across Skyrim. Many of these new followers are of different moralities, some are honorable and would never kill in cold blood. Whilst some would relish the cha...
Mister Mudcrab, the ultimate companion!
Created by schmaloo,
You, a worshipper of Talos, regularly pray for his guidance in battle. Talos gave you a mudcrab.

This mod adds a new animal follower, Mister Mudcrab, to the temple of Talos. This mudcrab has a known habit of eating children, and will attack anyone as lo...
Other Deites
Created by papizan
Adds the Following:
Odin (Bannered Mare)
Bane (Bannered Mare) (Follower)
Bhaal (Bannered Mare)
Myrkul (Bannered Mare)
Zeus (Bannered Mare)
The Story of Odin (Bannered Mare) (Read Only)
The Story of Bane (On Bane)
The Story of Bhaal (Bannered Mare...
Lucky the blood dragon(pet)
lucky will follow you in your adventure :) and gide u :) very well...
folower pack fixed
Created by gergernx
This is my old folower pack but i fix it a bit. it adds 20 followers. You should beably to marry any of them. they should return to whitrun f they leave you. hope you enjoy it.
they all start at lv 5 and should lv up with you*20 followers=one male and on...
Lagertha from Vikings (Follower)
Created by wlcd.Jabdz
Playing as Ragnar and need the perfect shield maiden to join you on your adventures? Look no further! Now you can enjoy Lagertha's company and hand in marriage as you pillage your way through Skyrim! You can find her waiting at what I'm conveniently preten...
Stagman: Hero of Skyrim
Created by TheMightyBongo
Haven't you always wanted a man, dressed like a stag, to join you in your adventures around Skyrim?
Haven't you always wanted a follower who will punch your enemies to death?

Well, now you can have all of this, with Stagman: Hero of Skyrim.

Find St...
Chad Knight
Created by SSJosh
Testing out the Creation Kit, creating a Mage follower based off an old friend of mine....
Terrence The Mudcrab Follower
Created by Lil Jeep
This is my first follower mod hope you like!

This mod adds a Mudcrab follower named Terrence to the game, You can find him in the shack in halfmoon mill although he may move around a little.

I have increased his health, speed and damage to make him a...
Achillies the Snow Fox Follower
Created by Wwerncc7
Created with a buddy of mine.

This mod adds the adorable and viscious Snow Fox, Achillies to the game. He is indeed tiny and cuter than a laughing baby (More annoying than cute really) but can kill just about anything for his beloved master.

You can ...
Vita Nitix Guardian From The Knights of the White Lotus
Created by Malik Bishop
Ever Wanted a follower who would heal you when you needed it well here you go guys Vita Nitix he a Guardian From The Knights of the White Lotus. Trained in the art of Tanking Vita is a must have follower with his Disarm Shouts and Damage Absorption you can...
Saga's Tomb
Created by Roaran
This is both a dungeon & a follower mod; the dungeon, which can be found at the base of the bonestrewn crest, is a sort of introduction or more interesting way of bringing a new character into the game than simply placing them into an already existing cell...
new blade followers
Created by Pompxil
this mod adds 6 blade followers
they can be found in the inns of the major cities

joldi is a one handed worrior and can be found in the bannered mare in whitrun.
ulfgar is a one handed worrior and can be found in the blood-silver inn in markarth ...
Succubus Follower - Whiterun
Created by Turbosnowy
Levelled* Mage Succubus Companion to accompany you on your myriad adventures in Skyrim. Hobbies include killing people, slinking about seductively and puppies.

Worth watching the video to see if this will be to your taste or not (lil pic under the main...
Created by chris.dinter
A Nightingale Automatic follower With mage skills she can be found in whiterun Dragonsreach or she will find you She Should also be able to ride a horse i hope it works for you guys please comment on how it works...
dremora followers
Created by Pompxil
this mod adds 2 dremora followers

dremora lord:
you can find him in the winking skeever in Solitude

armor:deadric armor no helmet
ench ring of heavy armor
ench necklace of 2 handed
weapons: deadric beatelaxe

Peter The Glorious
Created by Zicasius
This mod adds a new companion into the game.
His name is Peter The Glorious. When you download this mod Peter will appear in the Bannered Mere in Whiterun. Peter starts with a full Steel armour set, A torch, An steel battleaxe. Peter might also have a cou...
Created by chris.dinter
A Dermora Follower with a skill level set at 230 and lots of spells...
Follower pack
Created by Pompxil
this mod adds 4 follower.
they can be found in whitrun by the statue of talos

Frea the caster
armor: college expert destruction robes
ench ring of dustruction

weapons:deadric dagger

spels: chainlightning
conjure frost a...
Manie The Manikin-Headed Kahjiit Follower!
Created by SPARTAN NICK004
You can find tough old Manie in the middle of Riften on one of the benches usually. As you can see poor Manie has a bit of a... condition. Many years ago a Kahjiit mercenary was hired to find and kill a poor manikin woman from the tribal nation of Manikiki...
Garfield The Cat Follower
Created by SPARTAN NICK004
I felt Skyrim lacked some sort of commical looking follower. So I took it upon myself to make someone we all know, Garfield. Although he may lack his fatness, laziness and eating habits, hes tiny, cat like, orange, and has an inventory mostly of foods and ...
AJ's Dremora Daedric Follower
Created by Donn Folks
Please Rate, Comment, Subscribe And Check Out My Other mods in My Collection

This Mod Makes Dremora A Playable Race And Creates A Dremora Follower That Has Just About All The Daedric Artifacts...
Veteran Followers
Created by DragonLord1066
5 new Follower/Trainers have been added to the world in 3 Major Cities, 1 town & 1 abandoned mill.

The Followers are Micky the Swift, Dar'Shan the Nimble, Sonya the Sly, Janine the Brave and Venom Fang Goris each of these great warriors are willing to j...
Breadfield the Frontman
Created by Wwerncc7
Created for a buddy of mine

Adds new stand alone follower Breadfield the Frontman to Solitude, The Winking Skeever.
Primarily uses Destruction and switches to either Archery or One-Handed combat after his magicka depletes
Can be married

Inventory ...
Dagger The SabreCat follower
Created by Vash
this mod was made by request it adds a sabrecat named dagger near the bridge outside of Riverwood
simply speak to him and hell follow you
he has all the normal follower commands and has near infinite inventory
requires nothing but skyrim itself
Altair Ibn-La A'had Follower From Assassin's Creed
Created by linkorz
This mod adds Altair Ibn-La A'had, the main protagonist of Assassin's Creed 1, to the Bee and Barb in Riften.

I did not make his face, I simply turned him into a follower, with permission from the author.
Link to the face author's youtube: http://www.y...
Relon ManyShades
Created by Chaz
Relon ManyShades
This character can be found inside the Bee & Barb Located in Riften.

Relon ManyShades is a custom Argonian follower mod . Relon’s level is set to 50 but you can use the developers console command to reset it to what you wish. Relon Man...
Super Best Friends in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

WARNING: Contains a lot of swearing.

05/04/2013 UPDATE: Mod updated to include voices as well as Woolie.
Multi follower mod needed to have all 3 follow you, such as Amazing Follower Tweaks:
Summon Sanguine
Created by 10
The goal of this mod is, to add the possibility to conjure Sanguine as Follower.
Simply find the Spellbook in Pinewatch.

The Spellbook is "hidden" (not really ;) next to the door of Pinewatch (see images/screenshots for details)
After yo...
Slyther the Shade (follower)
Created by Kyzer
Slyther the Shade
Found in the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm
Essential (won't die. like, ever)
Follows you around and kills people n' stuff.

Will be a merchant in future update.
Enjoy :D...
Allakai the wolf follower
Created by Vash
I made this becuase i felt there werent enough wolf followers out there that were non companion animal followers
with this mod you can find allakai the wolf near the black smiths forge in white run
(i was going to put him under the bridge but do to glic...
Ewald Moral - An epic Redguard Companion
Created by MelziI1
Hello everyone!!! This is my second mod ever. I used it to get known to the creation kit and to make an unique follower for myself, but now I decided to upload it. And sorry if my English is bad, I´m not a native speaker.

Did you ever wish to have a rea...
The Coterie
Created by frogprincess_q4
3 Nords and a Redguard walked into a bar seeking the Dragonborn. The mead is so good they forgot to keep looking, but if the Dragonborn should find them, they will follow him/her without question.

These are carefully balanced followers, who are equipped...
Merlin Follower
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Merlin as a follower to Skyrim, based on the recent popular TV series.
You'll find him in The Sleeping Giant at Riverwood.
He's very powerful!...
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Jujubug  [author] Oct 13, 2013 @ 2:13pm 
DerAlleinTiger Oct 13, 2013 @ 1:40pm 
Thanks for supporting my Atvarii'kal mod! I have plenty of other followers (all Khajiit) if you feel like checking them out.

Oh, yeah, and 'MURICA!
Jujubug  [author] Aug 5, 2013 @ 8:52am 
YEAH! thanks.....
Ji$0-DreY Aug 4, 2013 @ 11:59pm 
Cheers man for making this collection.....I'm the guy who made the clunk, shrall, etc mods

I'll give you a shout out in my next mod release