Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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Hidden Tradition
The best of workshop content curated for players on the Hidden Tradition gameworld. These items are not required to play on the Hidden Tradition server, but we have found that they can enhance the experience greatly. All of them have been tested and working on the server and should not conflict with anything else. In particular we recommend installing the extra portrait pack, that is by far the most useful thing in the collection.

Caveat: this collection may include improved versions of some tilesets. In general we have tested these improvements and they should work well on most computers, but if you have a computer with a low-powered graphics card you might want to skip installing them.
Items (3)
Quality Fantasy Portrait Pack [275]
Created by Phen
Quality Fantasy Portrait Pack is not just fancy title. This is probably best portrait pack available: no junk art, no anime, no lazy resizes.

Every single portrait was manually cropped, centered and repositioned for best composition and readabil...
Colorized Spell Icons - Generation 2
Created by The Amethyst Dragon
...a creation of The Amethyst Dragon.

More than 4 years after I created the original Colorized: Spell Icons package, making it possible to quickly and easily sort and select spells based on "themes" (fire, cold, mind-affecting, etc.), I went back to wor...
Drow Interior Tileset Ceilings
Created by The Amethyst Dragon
...a creation of The Amethyst Dragon.

Drow do not like to have open space above their heads for too long, and this has long been an issue within NWN.

This collection of models can be dropped into either your NWN/override folder or can be added to a h...