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The Compost Cycle
By starkn1ght
This is the second teaching song I've written for One Hour One Life. For the first, see The Berry Bush Song.
If you've read the intro to The Berry Bush Song, you know the drill. If not, my brain tends to deluge me with what are popularly called earworms - either a song on repeat, or just snippets of songs. Sometimes these gel into lyrics and tunes. This is one of them, because One Hour One Life inspires me to be more creative. :)

All images used to illustrate the song are taken from the OneTech site, which mirrors them from game content.

The Compost Cycle
(An original song by Sean Roberts aka Starknight_One aka starkn1ght)

Nice and fat the carrots grow,
Mother, how to make it so?
My child, my child, I'll tell you true:
Farming is the life for you

The first thing every farmer needs,
Is a place to plant his seeds
Get yourself some fertile soil,
It will be needed for your toil

Mother, where is soil found?
From a hole in grassy ground
Grab a basket, off you trot,
Take some food if you're a tot

Or maybe theres a compost pile
You can use that for a while
I'll teach you compost later on
Near the end of this fine song

Dump your basket on the ground
Take a bowl and spread it round
Two bowls each row, just that much
Helps preserve the hoe and such

Your tilling tool might be a hoe
Shining from the hammer's blow
Or one crudely made of stone
Perhaps a skewer, all alone

Run it o'er your piles of dirt
If the tool breaks, it will hurt
Plant the seed in deep tilled row
Water to make carrots grow

You can plant some rows ahead
Leave them dry for when needed
If left five years, plants turn to seed
Sometimes that is what you need

Mother, what does happen then?
We must wait some time, but when
The carrot tops stand green and bright
Then pick them all with much delight

A hardened row is left behind
Which is easy to unwind
Add some dirt, just one bit
And till the row to repair it

Mother, what about the wheat?
Oh, my child, you're such a treat
Almost all things are the same
The differences I will proclaim

A sharp stone is your needed tool
But he who cuts fast is a fool
Carrot seeds will last for years
Wheat seeds sadly disappear

So leave a field of wheat to be
Use it as a source of seeds
Unless there's plenty in the wild
Near enough to use, my child

Now wheat is harder on the earth
When it is cut, there is a dearth
Of soil, so put down bowls two
And till it to a furrow new

Thresh the wheat with wild stick
Straight or curved will do the trick
Pick the straw up, put it down
Where you want to make some ground

Carrots plump and berries bright
Are the things we need tonight
Fill a bowl with berries six
Add a carrot, make it quick

Take a sharp stone, mash and chop
Hoist bowl to straw and pour on top
Get some water, swift and slick!
Water your heap, that's the trick

And now it needs one final touch
A word that we don't use too much
Use your shovel, scoop some dung
Atop your pile it should be flung

Now, my child, you should well know
How to make the carrots grow
You should also well have learned
How wheat should be threshed and churned

And how to make a compost heap
You can do it in your sleep
Mother, I can make it so...
Nice and fat my carrots grow
Well, that's two songs down of three planned. We'll see how long it takes me to finish up. :)
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CaptinSlapaHoe Aug 6, 2019 @ 7:07pm 
starkn1ght  [author] Feb 11, 2019 @ 5:58pm 
It's a bit outdated; wheat seeds disappear in like 3 minutes, which might be shorter than the time it takes to find soil and till the row. Now you can use a pile of threshed wheat, a bowl of wheat, or a cut sheaf that hasn't been threshed as well as an uncut row of wheat.

For carrots (and beans), you need to let the plants grow until they reach the seeding stage. Corn is dried on the cob and chipped off with a flint to get corn kernels for planting.

As for watering rows, sometimes people will plant ahead. Best to find the farmer and ask; if you water carrots and don't pick them soon enough, you'll have a bunch of seeds to clutter up the area. :)
< blank > Feb 11, 2019 @ 4:23pm 
Oh wait, you leave plants dry to make seeds? Blah, I've been watering people's seed rows. That makes no sense, I thought ya'd just let the plants sit until they flowered. :steamsad:
Watereaters Jan 3, 2019 @ 4:52am 
Instructions unclear, whole colony died from a berry famine and blamed me for composting them to make pies and stew
A.Y.C.E K-BBQ Nov 26, 2018 @ 12:46pm 
i love guides that add pleasing pictures. good job!
cyborgslayer Nov 24, 2018 @ 3:50pm 
thanks i didnt know how to make compost before reading this keeping an eye out for the third one. I hope its about raising domesticated animals :p