Demolition, Inc.

Demolition, Inc.

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Squad Leader I, II, & III Achievement Guide
By ρσѕт-мόδεгп ㋛
Simply put, this is for earning all 3 Squad Leader achievements for Demolition, Inc.
You can only get these achievements by purchasing the Level & Weapon Pack DLC.
Natural Progression of the Game
The DLC contains 3 new cities, and the best city for these achievements is in Motor Town, the 3rd city. Progress through the game until you reach the level Driving Squad.

What To Do
When you load the level, you'll see 3 cars spaced one parking spot apart.

Using the Car Swarm, click one of these 3 cars, and hold down the D button, or hold right,
depending on your control scheme.

By holding right, the cars don't hit each other.

Continue this for 15 seconds, and all 3 achievements will pop up.

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