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There may be some bugs. If you do find some, report them in them on my GitHub here[]

This is the first set of GUI based admin tools created by the developers of DayZ Community Offline Mode. This makes use of a modular design which allows other mods such as DayZ Expansion or DayZ HypeTrain to add their own menu's for admins to have further control of their servers. Community Online Tools allow you to teleport players, set player health, blood, shock, change the weather of the server, and even spawn in vehicles. Also, this mod allows you to set the aiming mode for players to the old 0.62 system if you, the server admin wishes to use it.

Server Installation Instructions:
  1. Install the mod using your preferred method for installing mods. I recommend using a server manager such as OmegaManager.

  2. Launch the server once and then after it has fully launched turn it back off.

  3. Locate the profiles folder used for the server. If using OmegaManager this folder would be called ‘profiles’ otherwise you can find what it is called by checking the command line parameter ‘-profiles’ and seeing what that is set to. Once in that folder enter the ‘PermissionsFramework’ folder and then enter the ‘Players’ folder.

  4. Inside that folder create a .json file with your GUID/SteamID. Inside of that JSON file paste the contents of this[] pastebin.

  5. Congratulations, you have successfully installed COT. You can assign roles to others while in-game.

    Webhooks can be configured like the following where there can be multiple connections. Say you want players to see when the weather is changing but want another channel for every admin action to be logged in or you want this information to be logged across multiple discord servers.

    Y - Open the toolbar menu
    INSERT - Toggle free camera Note: This teleports your player to the position you looked at when exiting out of it
    H - This teleports you to the position you are looking at
    END - Toggles Community Online Tools keybindings on/off

    Planned features:
    - Ability to recolour any menu to a users choice
    - Keyframing for the Cinematic Camera
    - Create, delete and edit roles within the game

    Monetization is allowed on your servers but it would be nice that a small percentage is sent as a donation. This is not enforced but would be greatly appreciated.

    If you like this mod do feel free to send a donation to my paypal here[]. This mod is released for free for all to use and monetize of but any donation would be greatly appreciated.

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Captain Badass 8 hours ago 
LegionGamingRP would love to include your mod in our modpack! Please let me know if this would be okay. We thank you in advance!
Mates31cz Sep 21 @ 3:33pm 
how Repair script work ? because when i try on car then its more broken then before
Fireblade Sep 20 @ 5:34am 
Hi can I add this to my mod pack for my server. Cheers
MrZaga Sep 18 @ 8:41am 
we kept testing and there is definitively something wrong with the vehicle spawner.
[CLG Staff]ThiccIbis Sep 18 @ 7:14am 
merlin only one that gives me issues
MrZaga Sep 18 @ 4:01am 
the spawned vehicles comes with invisible door in its inventory and the game crashes when you try to pick them up. The worse is that the player will not be able to rejoin the server and crashes other players, when he tries to log in
MrZaga Sep 18 @ 3:56am 
there is an issue with cars spawned via vehicle spawner. It causes the players around the car to crash to desktop and then they cannot rejoin the server. anyone else with this issue?
Sociopathic Sep 17 @ 2:52am 
That is a setting in the server itself, you can turn it off. It isnt a part of this mod.
[CLG Staff]ThiccIbis Sep 16 @ 7:57pm 
VVPadminstool wont work.
TripleShot Sep 16 @ 11:30am 
I can't get this to work with VPPAdminTools on my server!