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LoN Playtest File
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LoN Playtest File

LoN Playtest File

*** Rules PDF and Location Guide PDF required to play ***
Find these at the website, they are updated each time edits are made.

In Legends of Novus you play the role of a heroic character seeking to help fight back against the terrible creatures that entered the world of Novus almost a century ago. You will move your character across the world map to explore different locations, gaining new equipment and skills, and interacting with the world in different ways. Each player is in control of where they will travel to, and will have multiple decisions to make each turn to control their fate in the game.

The game can be won by earning 25 Experience Points, which are acquired by defeating creatures, exchanging gold pieces, and through various locations and event cards.

Each player has their own Character Sheet that is designed to place their Class card and anything they Equip onto. The Character Sheet is a simple design, but a great visual of what you are equipped with to support you in your adventures.
The turn sequence involves three different phases
Preparation Phase, a chance to modify your character with cards or events prior to going on your next adventure.
Adventure Phase,in which you can choose to TRAVEL to an adjacent map location to gain the benefits there and increase the chance of an encounter. You can also choose to EXPLORE the location you are currently in.
If you travel you will roll the Travel Die, with a chance of no effect, or drawing an Adventure card, or drawing a Reward card, or facing an Encounter.
If you explore you will flip the top card of the Adventure deck, reveal it to all players, and if it is not an Encounter it goes to your hand. As an alternative to drawing an Adventure card you may discard and Encounter card from your hand to face a Battle instead. If you did not face a Battle during this phase, then you may draw a Reward card at the end of the Phase.
Recovery Phase, an end of turn step where you can Equip your character again, or play another Event card. This is also the phase where you can exchange GP for XP, and have an opportunity to advance your class if you have 10 or more XP.
An important aspect of the game is battling creatures. This is best reviewed in the rulebook to avoid confusion.

In summary, "Legends of Novus” is a fantasy adventure game, placing you in control of a heroic character who is embarking on a journey across the mythical world of Novus in an effort to help rid the world of powerful creatures who are terrorizing the lands..
The game is designed for 1-5 players, ages 12+, and takes from 60 to 120 minutes to play (60 mins 2 players plus 15 mins per player on average). It is a game that anyone can learn to play, with a basic learning curve than any player can adapt to.
Players will find the unique combination of a physical character sheet with card based equipment attached to it both visually appealing and mechanically useful. The variety of initial characters, and classes they can advance to make the game exciting and re-playable with a different gameplay experience each time. The interesting world story, and the ability to navigate the world with a free roam aspect (and no dice rolling controlling how far or where you can travel to), gives the players a strong sense of control over their fate. The multiple ways to earn experience also give the players a chance to explore different character strengths and game strategies in their goal to become a Legend of Novus.

Playing Solo can be a fun challenge as well, and this game has a mode of play described that allows you to wander the realm of Novus on a quest to defeat the powerful creatures within a certain timeframe before they become too powerful for the worlds inhabitants to handle. Adjust the goals to your liking (Beginner, Novice, or Heroic).
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yenkin2001 Jul 3 @ 5:42am 
In the Tropics of Dalmaria it references a Reptisaur card to fight for the first time, I don't see that anywhere on the board.