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Football Manager 2019

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⚽💪Time wasting Tika-Taka 4-1-4-1 (4-3-3)_combination of possesion and direct football+universal FM man managment tips
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Nov 12, 2018 @ 8:03am
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⚽💪Time wasting Tika-Taka 4-1-4-1 (4-3-3)_combination of possesion and direct football+universal FM man managment tips

Tactic made for all of us who don`t like to use pre-match tactical advice (not needed with this tactic), with balanced mentality who allows us to make that tactical changes in-match (always tick that green suggestion)...great possession, great number of chances (but this is not Guardiola`s Tiki Taka,, ball is in our possession most of the time, but we don`t have so much passes, we focus more on careful aproach and we wait that opponent made a mistake, but ball is in our possession in oponnent`s half)..ideal for big games, away games and minor games at home


You will need good Inside Forwards with stronger inside foot, skillful Striker for Complete Forward role and good midfielders for role Box to box midfielder and Deep Lying Playmaker (defend duty and support duty). Opposition will have few chances per game and you will dominate with possesion and create chances, full backs will always overlap and center the ball, Inside forwards will cut inside and create chances,, midfield will dominate in the middle and make good defensive job&transition. While others will be more disciplined, BBMidfielder and especially Complete forward will have almost full freedom on the pitch

All player instructions are modified and set pieces with this tactic I bring to another level, they will be deadly


This is a tactic with Balanced mentality, so pre-match tactical advice is not needed (with Balanced mentality you make changes with your main tactic in the match, not before match)

Pre-briefing is necessary, so before briefing select your first eleven, go in briefing and with your assistant challenge your players for positive reaction. They must know how to play in next match, so first tick to Asistant Manag. tell them how to play, if there is no positive reaction, praise with conduct lovest morale player and youl have another option to Asistant Manager tell them again most important thing for next match, youl have this option with Asistant man. until you spoke with your players on any way. So positive reaction is needed and when you see that most of your players react positive on assistant words, then don't spoke to them anymore, just motivate them if needed individually...and pre briefing is your last chance to individually motivate your players before the match, one by one (MORALE FOR BIG GAMES must be at least EXTREMELY GOOD and for MINOR GAMES VERY GOOD)

General training run my Asistant manager and individual training (when my coach suggest I end this and start new one) and role selection in trainings I select (roles must be assigned for your players in training, same as it is in tactic), player traits in trainings I select also

Press conferences and team talk I run and tunnel talk and oposition instructions take my Asistant


Team talk - In minor games at home I use Calm-expect a win or pick where you left off (you can make difference or there is a lot more from you-def, mid, att) and in away games and big games always I use Assertive speach-For the fans and if this is unavailable just tell them nothing special, go out there and play and No pressure or there is a lot more from you for def., mid. and att. positions (never, ever use in Final games option For the fans-they pay your wages, only in finals will be this option,, this is a trap, just tell them classic for the fans or nothing special,, go out there and play)

In-match tactical corections-always tick that green suggestion and select..sometimes you will must change your player,, so change them, or player will be yellow carded, so tick, ease off tackle. That's how balanced mentality works, you will need make corections in match, not before match with this tactic


I use shouts in 1st half only if I conceed a goal and if after that goal in first half oponent make chances (after every chance use shout-push forward)..if I dont conceed in 1st I dont use shouts..If I losing in HT, then I change yellov carded players or worst rated. If I play away or big games (and losing) tell them in HT, assertive, unlucky/there is a lot more from you in minor games at home if losing, asertive-you are bad-make a difference

2nd half- when they create chances, or if they make a change I always make a change after they have a chance or if oponennt change a player, or score...and when there is no changes left I use shouts, push forward (after they change a player, create a chance or score a goal)...and very important thing, if result is even or you lead with one goal or two,, use shouts in stoppage time also..opponent is most dangerous then


Few more minor tips; I using extended highlights, so this gives me a time to react quicker when I need to change something in the match and other tip; when you tick in match that yellow carded player to ease off tackles remember that when you change this yellow carded player, option ease off tackles will still remain for that position and for changed player, so when you change that yellow carded player than engage again option tackle harder and last tip that I noticed just now; when you see in match that green suggestion to go in tactics and prevent oposition player in something, then you go in opposition instructions (tick pause) and ussualy you must tick mark that player, but I tick all options for that specific player ( in my save Assistant takes control for oposition instructions, but in match you must do this by yourself)

It`s also good to mention that I find out in pre-briefing if you can`t pull out reaction from players as I described before, than try in tactic section of briefing tell your players to stick to our balanced mentality in next match (good for big games) and other thing in briefing that can be useful is if you don`t have a reason to motivate individually your players (perfect morale) in briefing and your assistant can`t pull out reaction from a players, then just click on one player and go back to briefing and you`ll get another oportunity to Assistant tell them how to play (this is a little trick)

And never forget that you at the start of the season put your pitch dimensions to wide as possible, it will suits you and play in pre-season enough friendlies, because your tactic will be much quicker 100% familiar with players (game every 4-5 days in pre-season).
Btw, in minor games at home I make 8 player changes in first eleven and in minor away games I make only one change in first eleven. In big matches I never change anyone from first eleven and I never change in any game my main Striker (sometimes I change him in the game early if result is good to save his condition)

And one more tip; I noticed when I using pre match briefing, when challenging players for reaction, as I described`s not important is reaction good or bad, only thing that matters is that players react (so they will know what we want from them) and when they react it`s important not challenging them anymore..only individually motivate them one by one if needed and abandon the meeting

Latest tips (edited)

Finally I bring my pre-briefing motivation to next level,, so let's start; everything is the same as I said before for pre briefing except pre briefing for big/derby games. When you play big games you need to make right decision that this game is your most important game, because in this game you must use in tactic section of pre briefing option and tell players that they must stick to our balanced mentality,, this is very important (high motivation for big matches), but this option works well only two games in a row (if you play 2 big games in a row than use this). Don't use this to often because it will be useless (this is your secret weapon for big games), so in minor games away/home you pull reaction from your players as I described before

Other tips for better playing I wrote in the Comments and in my Change Notes so take a look..

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Diego  [author] Apr 12 @ 10:51pm 
And don't forget to rate this tactic if you think it's good:-)

It will mean to me that I have done a good job with developing these tactic and tips for quality playing of FM. Thanks


I added here my final TEAM TALK & REDUCING INJURIES tips (comments below), so take a look, it would be very helpful;)

Don't forget to remove all player instructions from Complete forward role that I add (he will have most freedom then and will plays better), also I noticed that in my Attacking Set pieces when I change set piece taker, some changes on player positions in Attacking set pieces are happening, so take a look in your set pieces (corners, free kicks, long throws) and if you see that something is out of balance there, just change positions/duties of players and save your set pieces also

I announced a guide for developing youngsters, these tips will save a lot of money for you and you"ll create many great players
Diego  [author] Apr 12 @ 10:50pm 
FEW TIPS for reducing injuries_

I always look on mental atts from my coaches/physios and they must be as higher as possible (motivation, determination, level of discipline), 45 points is ideal (or higher), and physiotherapy around 20 is needed..same is when you searching for coaches (coaching atts always around or near 40 points-two atts, that 3 key mental atts always around 45 or more points must be - this also has a impact on player injuries, low mental atts from your coaches/physios=you will have more injuries, and this is one of the secrets in FM, long ago😉).

Also, your coaches/Assistant's prefered tactic (1st prefered or 2nd) must be the same as yours what you using (better developing of players and better aranging of opposition instructions).
Diego  [author] Apr 3 @ 5:01am 
TIPS FOR team talks_final version_vol 2

When losing at HT in away, derby/CL/cup games use passionate/I got nothing specific to say, def/mid/att-there is a lot more from you and change your worst rated player or mostly two yellow carded players and in second half when opponent make a change, create a chance or score a goal you also change a player and immediatly use shout push forward and after you have no changes left use shout push forward after every change, chance or goal from opponnent...use the same for minor home games when losing at HT but with calm speach/I got nothing specific to say and def/mid/att-you can make difference...

...and for great turnaround at HT you need to have players with great determination, all players 15+ determination (substitutes and first team players).
Diego  [author] Apr 3 @ 4:49am 
TIPS FOR team talks_final version_vol 1

Use passionate speach in team talk. In away games, derby games, CL and cup games I use passionate speach to my players in team talk (for the fans, def/mid/att-I expect from you...) and in minor home games I use calm speach (l expect a win, def/mid/att-you can make difference)

At HT if is a draw in away games, derby/CL/cup games use passionate/I got nothing specific to say, def/mid/att-there is a lot more from you. Say for minor home games the same at HT if is a draw but with calm speach and also use the same if you LEAD at HT (passionate for derby/away/CL/cup games and for minor home games use Calm speach).
Diego  [author] Apr 1 @ 3:45pm 
TIPS FOR Inside forward role

And when you have players on IF roles, who is also natural as a Striker then he will score more goals then some IF who plays on this role with opposite foot and he is only a winger (of course Strikers will always have a better finishing than wingers, so it's logical)....So always gave advantage to Striker who can play as IF (natural position), then winger...

I mostly create my own IF, buy some young u17 strikers and developing them in my young teams for IF role (firstly I put that young player into u23 team, then mark him in u23 team to play on AMR position which he trains also for IF role, then I switch him back to u20 and asign him to play in u18 team for 90 minutes and mark him to play on AMR position on inside forward role in both u20&u18 tactics,, in staff responsibilities tick options that your u23, u20, u18 managers use your tactic and you will soon create your natural IF, they will have more playing time on this way).
Diego  [author] Mar 30 @ 3:04pm 
TIPS FOR player wages_

Be careful when you offer your young player a contract (or player who you want to buy), if that young player is below age of 25 and you offers him because of great quality of his or his demands for example 200K+ euros of weekly wage than is a great chance that his determination or personality goes down. So what we can do? We can offer to this young player (if he demanding this 200K+ euros weekly wage) for example 130-170K and a simple clause of 225K after 5 matches and his determination will stay untouched (don't offer him to be a Key player when he is young-Higher wage demand and determination drop also, offers him First team player role in contract). Also, sometimes, if you not offer to your talented young player bigger role in the team (first team player) or bigger wage on time, they will have determination and personality drop,, but this happenes rarely.
Diego  [author] Mar 30 @ 2:17pm 
TIPS FOR training motivation_

At the start of every month check your players in your young squads, mentored young players and players on loan and see if they have attribute drops. If mentored players has no changes in determination, if players in your young squads has attribute drops and your players on loans also, than warn them passionatly/you have trained badly in your positions in last few months/pick most from our training setup and if player is mad at you on the end tell him in meeting that let's move from this and leave meeting. If your young, mentored and loan players trained well praise them on the beggining of the month, also praise the player at the beggining of the month who trained best than others (in training section is this option). Be aware that don't praise or warn your players to often or they will be mad at you,, once a month is enough. Also praise and warn your players in your first team if they have attribute ups and downs.
Diego  [author] Mar 30 @ 11:08am 
TIPS FOR mentoring players_

When create mentoring group use your two Key or first team players (team leaders&influential) with great determination (15+) and great personality (professional, driven, resolute, perfectionist) and put one player in group who you want to develope (backup, rotational, hot pros.), this player must be under 24yo and mentores must be older ofc. If your young player's determination or personality goes down (when mentoring him), just switch this young player to another group of mentores (change your mentores) and also warn your young player to pick his training. You can also mentoring players in your U20 team, just create a group of three players (one must be team leader with great determination and older player than others) and if you see a drop in determination again move mentoring player to another group. When you see that your mentoring player has enough determ. raise (17+) and personality also, just turn off group.High determination is key for success!
Diego  [author] Mar 30 @ 9:10am 
TIPS FOR assistant manager_

If your assistant runs your trainings than most valuable attribute is Man Managment, if its 20 than your assistant will perfectly runs your trainings (low injury rating and high player attributes growth), of course mental attributes from your assistant like determination, level of discipline and motivation is crucial for training stars (in combination with coaching atts.) and must be at least 45 (all 3 atts together). And if your assistant runs for you in-match opposition instructions, than most valuable attributes are tactical knowledge and judging player ability, if this two atts. are very high than your assistant will create best possible instructions and your team chance for winning is bigger (very important for big/CL matches). Here is example of how it looks my assistant's attributes;
Diego  [author] Mar 30 @ 7:54am 
ADDITIONAL TIPS for player rotations_

70-80% player's match sharpness is not good (injuries will rise more). Match condition will be always around 100% but sharpness you increase with playing time, around 90% is good and with rotation as I described few comments before+with making available your rotational players to play sometimes in U23 (arange enough friendly games for u23 team), U-20 and U-18 squads you will get that 90% or around 90% match SHARPNESS for rotational players..

And if match condition/sharpness from my best player is below 75% (probably injury) than I put him on the bench (even if this is big/derby match) and I use him as a 1st choice substitute.