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Shellguard: Starbound Expansion Remastered

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Shellguard: Starbound Expansion Remastered

Welcome to the Shellguard: Starbound Expansion remaster!

This mod is a remake of my old Shellguard mod, seen here.

We have a public discord here!

This mod is a full expansion to Starbound, focused around a new faction called Shellguard. Shellguard is a large scale mercenary group as well as a weapons, robotics and gear manufactuer. The mod includes a MASSIVE amount of new weapons and gear, new missions, dungeons, new bosses and even more to come in the future!

To begin with the mods content, you can craft a shop from the third tier inventors table. From there, you can buy all sorts of gear and weapons, plus you'll be able to buy a teleporter to the hub world of the Shellguard mod. A large outpost on an alpine world, the hub will give you access to all sorts of content, such as quests, unique items, special story missions and more.

Some of the features of this mod, listed:
A completely lore and theme friendly mod to the base game, that won't conflict with other mods!
An incredible amount of fun, unique guns, including a custom gun system so you can build your own!
Robots such as drones, tanks and sentry guns that you can create that will help you fight, move around and explore!
A brand new hub world, seperate from the outpost.
Mercenary missions and Arena fights, complete them for money and loot!
Shellguard related story missions.
Themed dungeons for planet generation!
Difficult end-game content, which the base starbound lacks!
Terrifying new bosses, with more on the way!
Unique tools to help you navigate around planets.
Powerful base defenses, such as automatic guns and flak turrets!
Brutal new mech parts!
Themed Decorations!
Flyable Gunships!
And much, much more!

This mod should be completely compatible with any other mod out there. (With exception of the original mod.) This includes Frackin Universe, which it is fully compatible with.

Please consider donating to me to help me develop the mod. Game development isn't cheap and your support would go a LONG way!

I have many plans to expand on this mod, enough content plans to rival the main game's story in size, or even bigger.
If you want to see what I'm working on, or even contribute yourself, then please join the discord at the top of the page.

Your support would go a long way to developing this mod!

Contributors: Princess of Evil, Degranon, Chester, Mikenyes, Mr Yellowjacket and Nebulox
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Crafting Station ID's
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Honor Guard Dec 8 @ 12:08pm 
o,well I feel a tad blind now,thank you for the help however
Travelling Merchant  [author] Dec 8 @ 4:04am 
@Honor Guard Teleporters can either be found in shellguard dungeons or purchased from a shop that is buildable at a tier 3 inventors table, as per the gigantic banner that says HOW TO START.

@LordDarthon7 Weapon parts can be found in shellguard missions and dungeons. You can also buy basic parts directly from Claire.

LordDarthon7 Dec 8 @ 12:29am 
Where do I get weapon parts?
Honor Guard Dec 7 @ 10:47pm 
So how do I start it exactly? (can't find the teleporter)
big boy Dec 7 @ 5:19pm 

10/10 y e s
UnreasonablySaucyConcrete Dec 4 @ 12:29am 
No problem! If you can't find anything wrong then i can comment my mods list.
Travelling Merchant  [author] Dec 3 @ 11:43pm 
I did not know about this, thank you for reporting it! I shall look into if its fixable!
UnreasonablySaucyConcrete Dec 3 @ 9:34pm 
I couldn't find a bug post area and have no clue if you already know about this... so.

I found a bug where if a custom gun is made using a combination of a burst laser receiver and most high fire-rate barrels, the lasers tend to not shoot, and they aren't invisible, the gun straight up won't damage anything without the laser projectile being present. So far iv'e tested these barrels.

Machine gun (projectiles disappear only sometimes)
Machine Gun Mk2 (projectiles disappear only sometimes)
Rotary/Gatling Barrel which i forgot the name of (projectiles completely disappear)
Rapid Rifle barrel which i also forgot the name of (projectiles disappear a few times)

Again, sorry if this is posted in the wrong area but i couldn't find a steam discussion on it.
GammaNerd Dec 2 @ 1:19pm 
qmlgame Dec 2 @ 1:03pm 
no you can t disassemble an normal gun, in the dungeons you will find gun parts that shall create a totally unique gun.