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Livetext mod gives a possibility to place texts dynamically into game scence.
Two fonts are supplied with Livetext mod: Lato (game build-in font) and Alte DIN 1451 Mittelschrift font which is free to use, both font comes in two colors: white and black

Livetext mod use unicode, the following charset are supported by the default package:
- ASCII and Latin, Latin Supplement and Latin Extended A + B
- Cyrilic and Cyrilic Supplement
- Greek
- Math signs, Arrow signs and per mille sign

Other fonts and charsets can be extended by Livetext glyph generator for specific or general mods.
The Livetext glyph generator will be available on:

For example project, see Platform Signs.
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coffeecat450 2 hours ago 
@Enzojz sorry for asking that a while ago, I kind of recently figured out how it automatically puts the station name on the sign once established...
Enzojz  [author] 18 hours ago 
I don't understand why you guys doesn't read the description or comments before asking a question!
edina.tokodi Oct 14 @ 4:23pm 
what tab is it on?
coffeecat450 Aug 30 @ 1:58pm 
How do you use it? I have the mod installed along with platform signs and stuff but how do you actually "insert the text"?
Enzojz  [author] Jun 10 @ 1:03pm 
@Morfius @rkahle2610[GER] This mod is prepared for other mods..itself doesn't have any UI function
Morfius Jun 10 @ 4:45am 
Hello, installed your mod, but I can not find it in the game. Please answer the question, in which tab is it located? I really need your mod. In advance thanks! =)
rkahle2610[GER] May 7 @ 1:54am 
I can not find the mod in the game. under which category can I find the mod?
rb58nl Apr 6 @ 5:02pm 
I was trying to load this MOD into a saved game today and it crashed the game... Anyone else with the same problem?
L1KeR Jan 26 @ 4:30pm 
It works now. I have all the mods ... (the opposite of subscribe?). And the game uninstalled and reinstalled clean. Now it works. What surprised me, because the Steam game data check said that everything is fine. Thank you for the solution! =)
Enzojz  [author] Jan 26 @ 12:09pm 
@L1KeR Anyway, what does stdout.txt say?