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Montella Terrain Mod
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Nov 11, 2018 @ 12:21pm
Dec 31, 2018 @ 3:28am
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Montella Terrain Mod

The mod is not completed and it does not represent a finished product, it still is a Work In Progress.
The terrain is now in a condition i feel many of you can consider "playable".
However an entire chunk of the map (right side of the terrain) is missing, the area is now covered by trees on the satellite image and will be worked on in the future.

Hello everyone,
Its been more than two years since I started this project and I think it is time to make it public and finally breathe a sigh of relief. I hope you will enjoy every piece of it, just like i did making it
The Terrain is inspired by a mountainous region in Campania (Italy) south of Naples, yes it’s not an island. The vibe is the same as in “Chernarus” but with a touch of Italian Culture. The map is a scale 1: 1 with the real areas (Parco Regionale Dei Monti Picentini - Irpinia). It is essentially a big valley between two large mountains “Verteglia” and “Laceno” both with their points of interest, towns and much more. The valley has 3 big towns: the most important “Montella”, then “Bagnoli” and “Cassano”, two of which have already been completed. Also, an entire section has been removed to create an area that actually does not exist in real life, the “Irpinian Sea”. Being a rural area there are not many roads that connect the town easily therefore you will have to cross rivers and ride on top of high cliffs and mountains.

The map uses at its best the Arma 3 assets both the vanilla and the Tanoa ones also, we imported some from Arma 2 and other mods.

Test EXILE server with 4 slot

Submit any Suggestion or Question here:

- Map size is 10240x10240m
- Grid size is 2048 cells
- Cell size is 5m circa
- Sat/Mask size is 15360px
- Citys and Villages 6
- Airports 2
- Towns: “Montella” and “Cassano” with their surroundings.
- All the areas covered by trees are completed.
- 20 km of rivers.
 - Almost all of the roads are completed and connected.
- Custom highway that joins the two sides of the map.
- Custom handmade “satellite map”.
- Custom “mask map”.
- A test server with a Custom made Exile Mission is fully functional.

Mod used:

Special thanks to:
Mr.Pdon - helping and supporting
Antoseven8 - Mapping
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I really love seeing real world locations put into ArmA. Since I`m Greek I was thrilled seeing 2 Islands of my country represented in ArmA but what the community has come up with...jeeeez, that`s amazing!!! Keep it going!
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incredible!! very nice work! congratulations
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I asked him via Twitter, he stopped the development :steamsad:
He answered quickly, if someone wants to continue his work, ask him on Twitter rather than by Steam.