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HITMAN™ 2 Achievement Guide
By Sgitch
an Steam Guide for unlocking every Achievement in the game HITMAN™ 2 by IO Interactive. (Last Update 10.11.2018, dd,mm,yy)

Thank you for all your feedback by my last Hitman (2016) Achievement Guide Steam Guide!

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▬Hawkes Bay Achievement▬
EN: Complete the Nightcall mission.

EN: Complete all Nightcall Challenges.
Strategic Disadvantage
EN: Complete Nightcall on Master Difficulty
Come Prepared
EN: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Hawke's Bay
Local Knowledge
EN: Reach Hawke's Bay Mastery Level 5
▬Hawkes Bay Secret Achievement▬
House Cleaning

EN: Eliminate Reynard while Orson showers, from the roof of the panic room, and with a pillow.
Blunt Trauma
EN: Trawl the beach.

(A piece of log lies in the sand, exactly opposite the main entrance to the house...)
▬Miami Achievements▬
Damage Control

EN: Complete The Finish Line.
Full Value
EN: Complete all the story missions in the Finish Line mission.
EN: Complete The Finish Line on Master Difficulty.
Event Planner
EN: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Miami.
Miami Wise
EN: Reach Miami Mastery Level 20
▬Miami Secret Achievements▬
Blaze of Glory

EN: Blow up Sierra Knox in her car, on the podium, and eliminate Robert Knox with his android.
Pink Army

EN: We found it out.. You need the Flamingo Picture from the beginning and you need to get the guy with the flamingo outfit to the roboter.. then you place the picture to the scanner and the roboter needs to shoot the Flamingo guy.

▬Santa Fortuna Achievements▬
Tactical Strike
EN: Complete Three-Headed Serpent.
Heads Will Roll
EN: Complete all Mission Stories in Three-Headed Serpent.
Ghost of the Jungle
EN: Complete Three-Headed Serpent on Master Difficulty.
Recon Specialist
EN: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Santa Fortuna.
Dark Tourist
EN: Reach Santa Fortuna Mastery Level 20.
▬Santa Fortuna Secret Achievements▬
Cartel Wrecker
EN: Feed Delgado to his hippo, crush Delgado and Martínez with the statue, push Franco off a cliff.
It Belongs in a Museum
EN: Explore the treasure room.

This is awarded for completing the Secret Tunnel Challenge, seen as a [REDACTED] challenge for Santa Fortuna. In order to complete this, you must:

- Disguise yourself as the Shaman: You can find the Shaman by revealing the opportunity at the other side of the bridge near where you spawn. He is found at a hut nearby with some followers. You can easily shoot your way through this, or be sneaky and use patience or coins to get the disguise.

- Get into the shop with the key and grab the Golden Idol: Just up the hill from the bar, there is a small house with a green doors that's locked (next door to the drummer's house). You must find the shop owner (usually at the bar, drinking and peeing in the bush) and steal his key from him. You can get him to vomit by using rat poison on his drink, or using some coins to distract him from everyone else. Subdue him and steal his key, and then use his key to open his shop, finding the idol on the desk. Pick it up. It can only be picked up in the Shaman disguise. (Using a lockpick or crowbar will make the item despawn, so don't break in).

- Use the Golden Idol to gain access to Secret Tunnel: With the golden idol, go down the hill, past the bar, to the construction area, and find a secret path that leads out of the back. Follow the path to find the tunnel system and there is a secret door on the left as you enter. Watch out for the two guards. Place the idol in the slot next to the door, it will open. Go inside and save your game. Solve the floor puzzle in order to get to the other side, you can use trial and error and load if you die, or quickly view the video.
▬Mumbai Achievement▬
Pirate Hunter
EN: Complete Chasing a Ghost.
Busy Schedule
EN: Complete all Mission Stories in Chasing a Ghost.
Street Smart
EN: Complete Chasing a Ghost on Master Difficulty.
Urban Planner
EN: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Mumbai.
Keys to the City
EN: Reach Mumbai Mastery Level 20.
▬Mumbai Secret Achievement▬
Cleaning the Streets
EN: Wipe out Kale and Shah with the train, Kale and Rangan with a cement pipe, and Rangan with the fan.
EN: Shave everybody

Start off by following the "A Close Shave" Mission Story. This will help you identify the Maelstrom (which you could kill if you save at a certain point later) and get you into the Barber's disguise. You will need to go into the Crow Hideout to find a picture of The Maelstrom, then go to the Barber shop and get his disguise so you can open the shop up.

That's the small set-up done. Now begin serving customers (use instinct if you see a purple objective marker on the map, as these are possible Maelstrom's), get them in the chair and end the shave as soon as the option pops up. As soon as you discover the Maelstrom, serve him straight away (and DON'T kill him, otherwise he doesn't count as having been shaved), as he never comes back and is needed for this too (save here if you want to get the kill on him in the Barbers chair during his shave).

Continue shaving people, there will be 15 in total including The Maelstrom (you may have to wait around at 13 or 14 done for someone to show up at the stall for shave). Once you hit 15 people, you'll get a challenge and the achievement, again, a simple one that just takes a bit of time is all.
▬Whittleton Creek Achievements▬
Long Shot
EN: Complete Another Life.
There Goes the Neighborhood
EN: Complete all Mission Stories in Another Life.
Perfect Crime
EN: Complete Another Life on Master Difficulty.
Community Planner
EN: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Whittleton Creek.
Pillar of the Community
EN: Reach Whittleton Creek Mastery Level 15
▬Whittleton Creek Secret Achievements▬
Domestic Accidents

EN: Eliminate Cassidy with laser wires, while fumigated, and take down Janus in a mole hole explosion. ]

I found the achievement requirements to be a little confusing, so to clarify, you must perform THREE assassinations: 1) Cassidy in the vault of the Schimdt house with the laser security system, 2) Cassidy while his house is being fumigated, and 3) Janus with an explosive packed in a mole hole. These executions are outcomes of the "House for Sale" (Cassidy), "Pest Control" (Cassidy) and "Whack-A-Mole" (Janus) mission stories for Whittleton Creek. If you want to have the game guide you through them:

1) follow the "House For Sale" story. When Cassidy is in the house, take him down to the basement and show him the vault. Disarm the security system, let him go inside to check it out, then rearm it.

2) follow the "Pest Control" story, then go inside the house and kill Cassidy while the sleep gas is pumping. You have to wear the exterminator disguse to avoid the effects of the gas. Any method of killing Cassidy should work. I used a basic neck snap.

3) follow the "Whack-A-Mole" story, wait for Janus to come outside and inspect your work, then detonate the explosive when he is near it. You want to be away from people (not at the Wilsons' party!) when you detonate, because chaos will ensue, and everyone will start to suspect you pretty quickly no matter how innocent you think you look.

Note that the second and third executions are messy and noisy, so don't do them when you're trying to get a Silent Assassin rating.

If you insist on not following the Mission Stories but still want to unlock this achievement, you can find the realtor at the muffin stand in the NE section of the block. Acquire his disguise and go speak with Cassidy. Get the sleep gas from the green storage shed in the construction area and use it in the fumigator connected to Cassidy's house when Cassidy is inside. You MUST have an exterminator disguise to enter the house when the fumigator is running. To get the remote explosive, listen to the deputy and the gardener argue near the road work area. The deputy will confiscate the gardener's remote explosive and store it in the open chest next to the sheriff's vehicle in the road work area. Go to Janus's property as a gardener with the explosive and a bunch of other stuff to cram down the mole holes. There's one specific Janus bodyguard in the backyard that you talk when you're ready for Janus to come check your work.
Slow Travel
EN: Exit the Level using a raft.

After you've completed all objectives and are ready to leave, don't use any of the exits on the map. The one we want to trigger for the achievement is hidden.

1) Grab the paddle. This item is located in the garage of the house for sale. The house is labeled as the Schmidt Property on the map. Use a lockpick from your inventory or the key that is hidden in the right-hand flower pot near the front door.

2) Head towards the southernmost part of the level and run along the creek/stream. Be sure to keep the paddle equipped otherwise the hidden exit won't appear. Stick to the edge of the creek until you spot the new exit symbol and use it to end the mission. An achievement and the corresponding in-game challenge will unlock.
▬Isle of Sgàil Achievements▬
This is Maintenance
EN: Complete The Ark Society
EN: Complete all Mission Stories in The Ark Society.
Power Player
EN: Complete The Ark Society on Master Difficulty.
Party Planner
EN: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Isle of Sgàil.
Honorary Member
EN: Reach Isle of Sgàil Mastery Level 20
▬Isle of Sgàil Secret Achievements▬
Doing the Rounds
EN: Trap Zoe in the effigy, strangle Sophia with the necklace, force the Constant to come quietly.
Leap of Faith
EN: Take the scenic route:
While disguised as Blake Nathaniel, the archeologist, escort the Butler (from Constant Tower) all the way to the Freezer at the Kitchen. A prompt (sound/noise) will occur, which gives an alternate exit (Swan Dive - Discovery Challenge). You will need to not only take the Swan Dive exit, but you will need to leave the Freezer via the broken window and not the door. You will also need to do this after killing both targets.

Thanks to Lepo for telling in the comments :)

to be continued
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If you found any mistakes please write them down in the comments that i can correct my guide.

feedback is appreciate!

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