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Ember Island
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Ember Island

Welcome to Ember Island, a small island near Skyrim. A rich gold mine has generated a lot of wealth to the Goddard family who owns the mine. A thriving food trade brought commerce to the island. You own a large mansion near the mouth of the harbor. No DLCs required.

Take a stroll through the market or town sqaure or enjoy a drink at any of the taverns. Stop by your mansion or vist Goddard Castle and join the Jarl for dinner. Take a trip to the mine and get some gold and then refine it at the foundry. There are guards who patrol the town and sorrounding areas as well as fully navmeshed houses and shops. All of the NPCs have AI behaviors and sleep/eat schedules.

Down in Solitude's docks is a ship moored, waiting to take you to Ember Island. Just look for the ship with red Ember Island guards on it.

I need collaborators!

fully independant prison system with guards
merchants and shops
Castle Goddard
Large wilderness outside of the city
flour mill
several farms
Gold Mine
Player home (Homestead manor)
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Apr 6, 2014 @ 1:47pm
List of things
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cstevenson2014  [author] Oct 9, 2016 @ 8:02pm 
The renewed interest in this mod is heartening, however I don't have the time necesary to maintain it. Let me know if anyone wishes to develop it further
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:12pm 
not often do you see them out of their own climate. but he seemed to not want to leave his dirty lil cavern.. I was able to get utterly close to him before he almost swiped me.. and back into the town I saw another fox.. he seemed confused. and then later a bunny.. whom also pranced around very confused.. Im not wondering whats going on, on this island.... I have a strong feeling these animals are effected by something and are dropping like flies.. its a no wonder these people dont have stock. they would probably all die.. they have a few horses.. they looki good. no hunting for these people I guess.
36. before I left for home, I remembered that a man told me to visit Azura's Shrine. that it was beautiful. and a site to see.. but I couldnt find it on my map. nor could I see it anywhere on my travels.. so sadly I had to leave with out the pleasent visit to a lovely shrine.. and thus ended my travels...
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:12pm 
35. The land here doesnt have much for wild life. I wonder how these people survive... I saw a fox my first day. but come night time I saw him again. he ran one way. and then back again. then back the same way again.. and then collapsed dead right below the hill I was standing on.. I was a little nervous about that. he ran himself exhausted.. or died from disease from the island. I wasnt sure. and I was starting to get more scared.. while out in the vast land I only saw 2 deer.. a male and a female... the male was eatting grass.. and the female was dead on the ground next to him. I also saw one sabre tooth tiger. a white one..
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:12pm 
32.(also there's a guard tower that says it leads to ember island. but since Im already on ember island this message could be misleading. like it might take you to the other side.. maybe it should read.. watch tower or something.. )
33. I went ahead to visit the famous Garddard's home.. not much of a set of talkers those folks.. and again I could hear a sleeping dragon in his home. I was nervous.. maybe it was underground.. maybe on his roof? I wasnt sure where it was. and I never saw it the whole 4 days of my vacation there...
34. I tried checking my map multiple times.. but again and again my map seemed to not match up to this island.. i couldnt mark any locations, I couldnt discover anything locations.. and I think my ink might have dried up.. maybe the air is too dry here. for ink anyway.. maybe they have a more fluid or oil based ink. I wasnt sure of that. ill have to look into that some other time and pick up more ink before I head home. as now mine isnt any good.
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:11pm 
29. the door way almost tricked me.. to mountain pass. made me think I was about to step into another void of magic.. but then it went away and I was on the other side of the door safe.
30. there seemed to be a smaller island.. I think. connected by a bridge. I wasnt sure. there were a lot of bridgees. but on the east side of this, I saw some more baren land.. near the water.. but it also looked like it could have meant to have been this way.. so I didnt think too much on it.
31. I found the barracks.. I thought this could do with a sign. i almost missed it. i went inside to find that it was bare.. VERY empty.. this building also had a door to the left of it... that had no interaction available. I couldnt even jingle the handle open.. nothing.. another odd door.. I was starting to think that maybe they just walled up these doors so they could put new doors else where and takeing these doors down might make it an eye sore. I wasnt too positive on that theory though.
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:11pm 
27. I came back to the burnt corpse.. to read the letter better. because I didnt take it.. see if maybe I missed something. I noticed their land. a large part of it.. on the east side.. no grass.. so baren. so sad.. but reading the note again.. still no help. it read as if this lil shack wasnt their origonal home.. so I gave up. the isalnd was too small for me to NOT bump into a dragon.. so I assumed there wasnt one.
28. I came across the mountain pass.. finally. I had passed this door way before.. inside the mountain pass I could hear what sounded like a sleeping dragon.. but I still saw nothing.. when I got to the bridge.. I saw rocks in the shape of umbrellas... how cute..very good craftmenship to have that blended into the scenary soo well..
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:11pm 
it read something about a dragon and if they left it alone, it would leave them a lone. it told me where it was and I even updated my map.. but I couldnt find it anywhere.. I got so turned around trying to hunt this fein down.. I was dizzy. but I did bump into a few bandits which I out ran and left a lone.. silly little things.. my ride is too fast for you haha.
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:10pm 
26. I then decided I was going to venture out into the land a lil bit. I saw a good stretch of it past the bridge. I thought it would be a great idea to open my magic up and conjure my tiger rides.. so out they came and off we went.. I stumbled on a weak little shack with a fire place. I stepped off my ride and walked over to this fire place's mess.. 2 chairs thrown about. and then I saw it.. a couple of burnt corpses.. oh the fricken smell was horrible. I dont know why I didnt notice the smell before.. maybe the excitment from the new land.. I thought.. well. they wont mind now if I go peek inside their hide away home.. so I did just that. I saw not too much in there.. but came across a little note to the athorities...
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:10pm 
24. somehow.. my attire got stuck in the door when I went to leave the dungeon. I got stuck between the door and the plank of wood thats normally there (before a load screen).. I could hear the other guards walking around. but with all the yelling.. no one would help me.. they probably thought I was just another prisonor yelling.. I tried again and still.. the same resaults.. so... I was forced to use a lil magic (and go to a last save.)
25. I wanted to see what it looked like behind the jail so I peeked.. it seems to be a large plot of land.. looks like they will put something there soon.. maybe a garden?.. graveyard?.. I noticed that not many people have died here.. or maybe a new home.. or a place for some livestock. I havent seen much of that around here yet.
QueenBee Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:10pm 
23. The jail was small and nice. but empty.. HOWEVER there was a dungeon so I took myself there. I really wanted to see what types of criminals this place gets.. in I went... the room was bare.. ... I saw two imperials.. which was fine by me. I was for the stormcloaks.. well actually I only picked them because of their fancy blue gear.. I dont think either of them are in the right.
but these imperials were NAKED... just standing around.. like nothing.. I was shocked they werent changed up.. in my town, they chain them up. torture them.. blood is everywhere.. this place was clean. and only had one torture device that didnt look like it was used.... ever..