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Communist Onion
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Nov 8, 2018 @ 5:37am
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Communist Onion

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This mod adds a crop based on yet another pun after Sub-Lime. You can exchange 1 Bread for 1 Communist Onion Seed at Treasured Trophies or Tabula Rasa and the onion itself plays the first 6.5 seconds of the USSR Anthem when eaten. Feel free to suggest recipes.

1 Communist Onion Seed: Treasured Trophies
- 1 Bread

- Communist Onion Seed
- Communist Onion
- Tabula Rasa compatability

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BlueTheFurry Dec 5, 2018 @ 2:24am 
5-250 65% 250-1000 30% 1000-100000 5%
RevvEmUp  [author] Dec 4, 2018 @ 8:46pm 
@Intense [] Last @BlueTheFurry Now I can't code items being spawned upon eating something, so the actual produce item might just be like a reward bag. What would the Pixel range be?
BlueTheFurry Dec 4, 2018 @ 7:37pm 
Red White and Blue Color could be on the Onion
RevvEmUp  [author] Dec 4, 2018 @ 7:06pm 
@Intense [] Last @BlueTheFurry Any other details you two might want to add? Colours, maybe?
BlueTheFurry Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:23pm 
When you eat the Capitalist Onion
you cry Pixels
Intense [] Last Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:17pm 
Mod Idea: Capitalist Onions
RevvEmUp  [author] Nov 9, 2018 @ 6:29pm 
@donald.nintendo I couldn't find any status effect that drains hunger so I set the food value to 1, and because of how the hunger system works it'll take a while for you to eat again.
donald.nintendo Nov 9, 2018 @ 7:56am 
lol. thats hilarious.
oh i got an idea,
when the onion is eaten...make it so your hunger bar empties entirely.
make it work just like how communism always ends up. starvation.

but i also like bluethefurry's idea as well.
RevvEmUp  [author] Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:09pm 
@BlueTheFurry That sounds great. I've been meaning to make a tree crop that doesn't use MFM assets.
BlueTheFurry Nov 8, 2018 @ 1:27pm 
what about make a crop named Lenon which can make leninade which when eatan plays a quote from lenin (The goal of socialism is communism.)