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The Oxide Fun
Created by nano393
Medic still can't explain why this is the best medicine.

3 LODs and paintable....
Iron Reactor (Updated)
Created by HajnalkaOrsos
One day Engi was found a bomb from Demo, and suddenly it was exploded. He made this machine for alive this accident.

-The item is now paintable.
-Self illumination is looks mutch better.

-Self illumination (light in the dark)
The Inkblot Hypothesis (Animated)
Created by mr. 3nygma
They call you a psycho, but do they really know how it all started ?

Made with the shreds of the head cloth of executed lunatics, this mask will bring out the crazy in you, for the mask portrays an ever-changing animated pattern of inkblots that account ...
Weight Room Warmer
Created by Rozzy
Pootis on and lets lift.

Stripes can be painted....
Created by Commie
Like most Australian wildlife, compact and with a tendency to kill people.

If you would like to try it out in-game, mod-replacement version can be found HERE.[]...
The Firefighter's Frock
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Stolen from a rundown firehouse, this authentic badge and striped suit are all you need to fool enemies into thinking that you're coming to save them. Fact: you're not! Except for the blood and charred evidence left behind, it's the perfect crime!

The Fi...
Triple Threat (WIP)
Created by thestork
Three times the barrels, three times the fun!...
The Re-Gene
Created by infinitewrath
"Have you ever wanted to genetically alter your teammates so that they could do a better job, from gils to exoskeletons The Re-Gene has you covered"

I haven't been able to figure out what this guns uber charge would be like that would allow it to set itse...
The Shrouded Cur
Created by Mongoose J. A
Pease remember to rate this up if you wish to see it in game!
To Whom It May Concern:

The Blowout
Created by comfy blanket
A puff here and a fire there and you've got third degree burns!

Right side of the weapon:
The Twisted Torcher
Created by dpg212012
UPDATE: Check out the Twisted Torcher 2.0 where we have taken all the feedback and added new details and an all blue version!

- Specular mask added

Twisted Torcher gives you multiple ways to fry!...
The Road Buster
Created by Ducksink
A very late addition to the set, hope no ones mad!
(by the way its tyre outside north america)...
Lincoln's Heartbreaker
Created by Deku
Follow me here!

EDIT: This was made in June, and since then my models and textures have improved quite a bit, i know this model has a distinct lack of detail, but it took me so long to make and put it in the game, i d...
Shock Syndrome
Created by invisibleStuff
A new "syringe gun" to go with my medigun the Shock Surgery:

Changes made in V3:
*Used darker colors
*Less shiny
*Better UV unwrap
*Better smoothing
*Improved Model
*Improved Textures...
The Infielder
Created by Killjoy™
I'm working on a SMG to replace the scout's pistol. I added a jigglebone to the ring in the back. And made the textures fit with TF2 style....
"Duckfoot" The 4-Barrel Flinklock
Created by Dennis G
How can you go wrong with 4 barrels!?

Thanks for all the comments, Sorry for posting on all the classes, I think it could fit any class depending on its actual function ingame. All of your ideas and suggestions are highly appriciated....
The Callous Chopper
Created by Jal
Part of the The Professional Pyro Equipment Pack.

Flamethrower coming soon....
The Standard Raiser
Created by Vonwilbur
A shotgun Badgerpig and I made for engineer...
Risky Razors
Created by Ertz™
"Item made as a possible Dead Island Riptide promo"

All class melee weapon (except spy and engineer)

Update: - changed the position of the razor guard
- managed to let the blade spin
- impro...
The Hawthorn Harbinger
Created by AGStanley
For when you've 'Lost Dracula' for the last time.


The Thousand-Yarder
Created by Commie
Ever wonder what makes a battle-hardened veteran experience the fabled 'thousand-yard stare'? Neither do we. But now you too can discover the joys of shooting idle foes staring blankly into space with this rugged antique.

Part of the Australian Servicem...
The Specialist
Created by Mnemo
A hardcore gun for even hardercorer Scouts. The first recorded player to ever use a Specialist-class bat was famed front-linebacker, George "The Babe" Ruthless, when during game four of the 1918 World Series, George shot the entirety of the Chicago Cubs de...
Soviet Suppression
Created by Ruskeydoo
Models and Textures - Ruskeydoo
Sounds - Smiley Dan

Inspired by the M249 Para which was released in 1984. A little bit later than the main aesthetic of TF2 but not by too much. Yes it is an American gun, but the stock minigun's main inspiration (the M1...
The Short Story
Created by Pumkin
Long story short, I decided to workshop this.

Textures: already ingame
Model: 5422 tris 6222 verts
LODs: 2
Also killicon available but too lazy to repack everything so

Raiding Aid
Created by Svdl
Just a shotgun for any or all of the shotgun classes.

Three LODs, single texture....
Created by Snow
Compound bow with knives taped to the front. Shoot and stab without changing weapon.

The Problem Solver
Created by Psyke
Now it's even easier to clean the mean-streets with this compact little number.

[Model By Ronin]
[Concept/Texture by Psyke]...
The Tack Driver
MANN CO. has entered the 1911 game with The Tack Driver, it hits hard and hits where it counts. Based off my personal favorite platform, the M1911A1.

2 styles-
1: The MANN CO. Service Issue
2: The MANN CO. Custom Shop

3 LOD’s


Mod now available ...
The Top-Break Terrorizer
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
UPDATE: I used the wrong vmt's, so Boomsta gave me the proper ones. Now the rifle is a lot shinier than before!

Download as a mod (Replaces FaN and/or Soda Popper)

A break-action revolving carbine for Scout

Also p...
The Saturday Night Special
Created by Merczy
Our lawyers tell us that this is as close as we can come to making a functional clone of *A RUSSIAN GUN* made originally by *A RUSSIAN GUY* with out getting sued. And no we had no intention of making this on a Saturday. That was just a coincidence. Now if ...
The Steamlauncher.exe V.2
Created by Rotzlöffel
Allow me to intodruce:
The Steamlauncher.exe

Well, the .exe won't start any program which crash several times but it will start a super-dangerous-custom-rocket which flys directly into your enemy's. (depending on aiming skills)

The Professional Standard
Created by [m00] Elbagast
A sniper rifle borrowing from the British Lee Enfield L42 rifle range and the Russian PSO-1 scope. Re-optimised for the Steam Workshop.

Want to use this in your game right now? There's a mod version here[/url[]...
Created by NeoDement
Primary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
Bone Dome
Created by NeoDement
Headgear for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!...
Created by NeoDement
Secondary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
The Kanopy Killer
Created by Sparkwire
This shotgun is intended to be a part of the my airforce pack, in addition to the russian chopper pilot hat, and the leviathan minigun. Although its part of a pack, feel free to make it available for the soldier, pyro, engineer, and of course heavy....
The Partisan
Created by Commie
Great for backyard guerrilla warfare against large marsupial infestations.

Part of the Australian Serviceman pack.

Download the mod-replacement version HERE[]....
License to Kill
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the mod!

Make sure to follow SNIPA and Primrose to see more great content!...
The Clipper
Created by Jal
Clip the wings off a fly from a mile away with this stylish Sub-Machine Gun!

More screenshots:

You can also check my screenshot library for more updated pict...
Lil 47
Created by Cyxopyk
Small sized AKSU fitted into snipers smg.

check out screenshots and try this weapon