Sector Six

Sector Six

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Community translation guide
By Zuurix
Learn how to translate Sector Six to your language.
WARNING: I might not be able to implement all alphabets, so contact me before translating if your language has non-Latin alphabet.
Step 0
You need to create and verify a GitHub account to do the following steps:
Link >>[]
Step 1
Go to SectorSixTranslation repository on GitHub:
Link >>[]
Step 2
Click on the language folder:

If your language is not included, you can ask for it to be included here:
Link >>
Step 3
Edit game text file:
Step 4
Edit game text file:
Do not edit anything in the first column! These are text ID's that are used by the game to load text.

Also, you probably want to find out if there are others who are working on your language - so you don't translate something someone has already translated!
Step 5
When you're done editing, scroll down and click on "Propose file change":
Step 6
Click "Create pull request":

Clicking will expand the menu, you'll need to click "Create pull request" again. You may leave the comment explaining what you've changed.
And you're done - once pull request is approved, your edit will be added to the main file.

Once all text in the text file is translated and proof-read, it will be added to the game and you will able to enjoy the game in your language.
PS.: Excel file for advanced users
I have also uploaded an Excel file - it works similarly to .json file, but it cannot be edited via GitHub - download it, edit it, and submit it for merging.

The Excel file has been added because it should be easier to use it - strings and identifiers are separated.

For example, you can use that to copy the strings away from identifiers and use search and replace function to quickly translate repeating words.