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[WOTC] Muton Enemy Pack
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Nov 2, 2018 @ 8:25pm
Jun 2 @ 5:42pm
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[WOTC] Muton Enemy Pack

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This mod adds two new muton enemy variants, the Muton Centurion Elite, and The Muton Commando. These mutons are affected by certain dark events.

Muton Centurion Elite :These guys are meant to serve as leaders for the mutons, equipped with good gear and able to rally other muton's into a battle frenzy.
== Abilitys ==
-Personal shield
-War Cry (buff nearby berseker's and mutons, and buffs all advent soldiers, and andromedons for a lesser amount.)
-Maruader (allows the Muton Centurion Elite to potentially attack twice per turn.)
-Covering Fire

Weapon: 6-9
Grenade: 5-6
Melee: 7-9

== Stats ==
Aim: 90
HP: 11/12/14/16
Armor:3 (4 on legend)

== When he appears? ==
He can be a leader at force level 10.
He can be a follower at force level 15.
He can be a follower for Berserkers, Archons, Andromedons, Gatekeepers, Muton Centurion Elites and Spectres.

Muton Commando: These are some of the best of the best for the muton race. While not as strong or smart as the Centurion Elite Muton, these mutons value teamwork. They are also fond of melee combat and may rush your soldiers to stab them with their bayonets.
== Abilitys ==
-Charge (The Muton Commando charges a nearby foe and attacks them with his bayonet.)
-Maruader (allows the Muton Commando to potentially attack twice per turn.)
-Covering Fire
-Blast Padding

Weapon: 4-6
Fire Grenade: 5-6 (Also sets foes on fire)
Melee: 7-9

== Stats ==
Aim: 85
HP: 10/11/13/15
Armor:3 (4 on legend)

== When Does he appear? ==
He can be a leader at force level 9.
He can be a follower at force level 13.
He can be a follower for Berserkers, Archons, Andromedons, Gatekeepers, Muton Centurion Elites and Spectres.

This mod is compatible with the muton elite mod. Admittedly these mutons are a little bit tougher.
If you see a bug or have any issues please let me know.

Pavonis for making the Muton Centurion Skin and the war cry, Bayonet charge and personal shield abilities
HectorZx for making the muton elite mod, I used it as a basis to set this mod up. Also for porting the LW2 muton rifle which the Centurion Elite muton uses.
RustyDios this mad lad managed to get the custom texture made by ketaros working, he also made some sweet SFX stuff for the Muton Centurion Elite. Also helped fix many bugs and provided helpful feedback.
Textures for the muton commando and muton centurion elite were made by ketaros.

The new Screenshots and mod preview are by Lago. Thanks man.

Future plans
So I managed to get the talented Ketaros to make some new textures, sadly after 5 hours or trial and error I cannot make a proper UPK file. Basically if someone wants to see some different appearences for the mutons in this pack please contact me so we can get it done.
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RustyDios Jun 2 @ 5:18pm 
@Dragon32 hope you like the new FX too.. War Cry now looks terrifying when done in a large group, all the enemies start 'fuming'
And the 'Shield Bubble' from the original elites has been adapted and restored :)
Dragon32 Jun 2 @ 5:14pm 
Yeah. Nice to see those issues I mentioned 18 months ago fixed.
RustyDios Jun 2 @ 5:05pm 
Woot... Big update :)
yes_commander May 19 @ 9:15pm 
Looks like this hasn't been updated in quite a while. Was going to post about the closing parenthesis error but Rusty beat me to it.
Komissar Gebet Apr 21 @ 1:33pm 
Any way of making this mod compatible with "allies unknown"/"playable aliens"?
RustyDios Feb 26 @ 10:10pm 
Hey there :) This came up recently in my logs;
[0028.49] Error: Redscreen: ImportText (SpawnDistributionLists): Missing closing parenthesis: (ListID="DefaultFollowers", SpawnDistribution[0]=(Template="MutonCenturianElite", MinForceLevel=15, MaxForceLevel=20, MaxCharactersPerGroup=2, SpawnWeight=15), SpawnDistribution[1]=(Template="MutonCommando", MinForceLevel=12, MaxForceLevel=20, MaxCharactersPerGroup=4, SpawnWeight=15, )

Seems you're missing a close parenthesis in XComEncounterLists.ini :) Took me a while to figure out which muton mod it was :)
yes_commander Dec 16, 2019 @ 5:44am 
Too much balatan!
Knightmare047 Dec 8, 2019 @ 7:44am 
These guys are great and fits nicely with the Muton Elites when I played. Though I can't help but notice that the War Cry animation doesn't seem to play at all or if there is any. The icon appears but the Muton Centurion Elite does absolutely nothing.
RoxeusRose Nov 30, 2019 @ 1:50pm 
tiene algún botín especial ? no lo encuentro en la descripción
Rider of Tang May 27, 2019 @ 7:25pm 
Long war?