Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

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Oct 28, 2018 @ 5:25am
Apr 3, 2019 @ 4:28pm
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ns2_hera2018 is a reworked version of the imported ns_hera by |-DMD-| Rusty & Avoca

ns_hera was an official map since Natural Selection debut in 2002

- 1 Marine Start
- 3 Aliens Start
- 10 RT
- Double RT (in Holoroom)
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William T Sherman Mar 8, 2019 @ 7:43pm 
Played this map out with bots as a Marine. I came across several issues, as a commander it's hard to see the layout of the map, because of the multiple levels. Some hallways have no power which makes adding observatories and armories a problem. I would suspect it would be very hard for the Aliens as there are so many choke points throughout the map.
23-Down Jan 25, 2019 @ 11:52am 
Really nice work.. How ever I feel that many of the rooms require some additional love.. What may have looked okay in hl1 looks here somewhat static and pale. Keep updating this map and hopefully 1 day the devs may officially add it in to the map list.

Thanks for the efforts thus far.
Farbror Melker Jan 7, 2019 @ 12:02pm 
Co_black_mesa was my most played map in NS1 xD
Xale  [author] Dec 15, 2018 @ 3:13am 
@WiseChoices = Ok I Will check thanks !
@Axamdy thanks <3
_A_x_a_m_d_y_ Dec 12, 2018 @ 11:59am 
After about 10+ years, a playable classic remake map back to NS2, finally!
|-DMD-| WiseChoices Dec 10, 2018 @ 5:54pm 
Hi Xale and Avoca. Rusty and I worked on this map years ago but didnt have the time to finish it. I spent hours working on texturing rooms. Glad to see it is finally seeing completion. Congrats! I ran through the level to out movement and stuck spots. There are some ramps made from geo that do not have a back face. I recommend just swapping the geo ramps out for ramp props. Can't wait to play this on a full server!
Xale  [author] Dec 1, 2018 @ 4:24am 
Holoroom is now a double RT (Snice everyone love so much ns_veil...
Avoca  [author] Nov 19, 2018 @ 3:53pm 
If you or anyone is interested, I've placed this map on my autocomm server. The autocomm helps me with map updates, and lets me play without relying on players. - Sky19 - Imaginator - All map types
Xale  [author] Nov 18, 2018 @ 12:56pm 
Ah thanks, tough 5 vote was needed but it seems it's more :/
Oozle Nov 18, 2018 @ 12:03pm