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Musical Instruments
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Oct 27, 2018 @ 9:58am
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Musical Instruments

Craft a variety of musical instruments and play them for recreation. https://github.com/dogproblems/RimWorld_MusicalInstruments


q: How is a pawn's musical ability determined?
a: The main stat is artistic skill level, combined with manipulation and consciousness capabilities. Inspired creativity also temporarily improves musical ability.

q: Which instrument is the best?
a: As a rule of thumb, guitar / drum are ok for everyone, violin / ocarina are best for skilled musicians and terrible for bad musicians, and marimba / organ are somewhere in between. Advanced instruments are generally better than primitive ones. Quality and hp of the instrument also affect the performance quality. The material the instrument is made of only affects its max hp and market price, not music quality.

q: How do I make instruments?
a: First you need to complete the appropriate research project for the instrument you want. After that, small instruments are made at the sculptor's bench (quality depends on artistic skill), and large instruments are constructed as buildings (under the Joy tab, quality depends on construction skill). Alternatively, you can buy instruments from an exotic goods trader or a neutral / friendly faction base.

q: Does playing music train any skill?
a: Yes, playing music trains the artistic skill. If the pawn is playing for joy, it trains slowly. If they're playing for work, it trains at full speed (but doesn't give any joy)

q: Can I add this mod to a colony I've already started?
a: Adding this mod to a vanilla save is fine, although you will need to designate a table/campfire as a music spot and allow instruments in your stockpile zones (these are normally done automatically). If you already have other mods loaded, your mileage may vary. If the mods are compatible at all, adding to a pre-existing save shouldn't be a problem, but as there are so many mods for Rimworld I can't guarantee compatibility with every one. In this case I recommend backing up your save file before adding this mod.

q: Why isn't my pawn playing music?
a: This could be for a number of reasons...
- The pawn is incapable of artistic work. This pawn will never play music and nothing can be done about it.
- The pawn doesn't have access to an instrument; either there aren't any free instruments on the map or they're forbidden or outside of the pawn's allowed area (or in the case of the electric organ, it's broken down / lacking power).
- The pawn doesn't have access to an active music spot. Tables and campfires are music spots by default but can be turned on or off. You can also place a dedicated music spot. Like instruments, the music spots could also be forbidden or outside of the allowed area.
- The pawn isn't allowed any joy time, and they're either not assigned to art or have other art jobs with higher priority. Pawns will play for joy or work - playing as work is a lower priority than sculpting.
- The pawn has just played for work, or they're bored of music-type recreation. Pawns can only play two work performances per in-game day - otherwise they would never fall through to lower-priority jobs. The 'music appreciation' recreation type added by the mod also has a boredom threshold, like any other recreation type. If this is exceeded then the pawn won't play for joy until it's had time to go back down.

q: I think I found a bug, what should I do?
a: Just post a comment describing the problem, and I'll try to fix it. The more useful information you can provide, the more likely I am to be able to resolve the issue. Useful information includes: what you were trying to do at the time, what you expected to happen, what actually happened, any error messages from the dev mode console, any other mods you have installed.
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SumGie425 1 hour ago 
Bug: No matter what I do, I can't seem to make certain storage zones take instruments. Which ones won't take them seems random. I use ogre stack and make a lot of one-cell zones that only have one thing enabled, to cut down on having multiple stacks of stuff. The items thus singled out are removed from the 'general goods' zones. My instruments are usually relegated to the non-item-specific zones, but I find that sometimes that designation just decides to be invalid and the pawns prefer to leave them outside on the ground. If I make a zone that only holds instruments, it will usually take them. Oh, and for some reason elephant tusks seem to get lost too, if the instruments are.
I'd post a full mod list for you, but I don't know quite how to do that.
I have tried deleting and re-making the zones... doesn't help.
I have tried removing them and re-adding them in the storage list. also doesn't help
underling. X 20 hours ago 
i have extended wood working and i don't think this is compatible because i can only make instruments out of generic wood
Natalo77 Feb 6 @ 1:35pm 
Any hard incompatabilites?
Dog Problems  [author] Jan 31 @ 6:22am 
Hi Aminimouse; I've added a FAQ to the mod description which should answer your question, plus some other ones, for the benefit of people who don't have time to read all 7 pages of comments :)
Aminimouse Jan 30 @ 1:52pm 
How does the game determine whether they are a good musician or not? Can there be new stats added (hidden in the background)? Music (general), Guitar, Piano, etc?
Dog Problems  [author] Jan 23 @ 6:38am 
Hi, I've just uploaded a new version to address the instrument dropping issue plus a few minor quality of life tweaks. Previously they would drop thir instrument if they get interrupted in the middle of a performance, eg. if they are drafted, or a party / wedding comes to an end. This is fixed, but there's still a small chance that a pawn will want to swap their instrument if another one is available, which is intentional (based on my observation of real musicians ;) ).

You will still probably get some bad music debuffs in a large colony... I didn't want it to be too easy to avoid bad music without some micromanagement (forbidding instruments etc.), but it's only -2.
Lasket Jan 22 @ 1:44pm 
@sergio.arauzo That's (probably) because the pawns don't want to haul "unnecessary" things.

You could try out the apparel organizer mod to counteract that (just make it a permanent item in their inventory).

Disclaimer, I do not know for certain if you actually can manage inventory aswell, but I'm pretty sure you could.
sergio.arauzo Jan 19 @ 3:40am 
I am still enyoing this mod, its very cool, and i have seen a weird thing: Sometimes pawns just abandon their musical instuments, for no reason. I used to make pawns who are good artist to pick an instument, so they have it in their inventory, and so they use it. But sometimes they just drop their instruments, and other pawns (for example pawns that are terrible artists) pick them, and everybody gets sad because of bad music. Is there any way to make certain instuments available to pwans that do not suck as artists? Any idea why pawns abandon their instruments? Thank you very much, i just hope you keep working in the mod.
Dog Problems  [author] Dec 27, 2018 @ 2:46pm 
hey sergio; as a rule of thumb, guitar/drum are ok for everyone, violin/ocarina are best for skilled musicians and terrible for bad musicians, and marimba/organ are somewhere in between. advanced instruments are generally better than primitive ones. quality and hp of the instrument, manipulation and consciousness capability of the musician, and a random variable also affect performance quality. the material the instrument is made of only affects its max hp and market price, not music quality.
sergio.arauzo Dec 27, 2018 @ 8:34am 
What factor affect the quality of music? Artistic hability, i know, but i mean what instrument factors affect it. Is there a difference between a palsteel violin and a wood one? Is there a difference between a legendary guitar and a poor one? What is better, a primitive instrument (ocarina for example) or a violin? Or there are no differences? Thank you!