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Transport Fever

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Hide AI Cars 1.6 [FREE PLAY MODE]
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Nov 1 @ 7:34pm
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Hide AI Cars 1.6 [FREE PLAY MODE]

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An issue was identified that prevents airport routes from being created with version 1.5 of this mod. We have updated the mod to version 1.6 and resolved this, but if you have save games that rely on version 1.5 of this mod, then you might have issues with them.

Note: There is an alternate version of this mod, which hides AI Cars and People:


This mod changes the vanilla roads so they do not allow AI Cars.

It works for new games you start in FREE GAME mode. (just make sure you enable "Hide AI Cars 1.6" before starting the game)

If you already have a save game made in FREE GAME mode, that did not have "Hide AI Cars 1.6" enabled when you created that game, you can still get it working, but there are some manual steps involved.


1. Load the save game and add "Hide AI Cars 1.6" to the list of mods.

2. After the save game loads in, you will need to use the Road upgrade tool, and go around the map looking for cars and/or people. I recommend starting in the towns, selecting the Upgrade road tool, and selecting another road OF THE SAME SIZE AS THE ROADS YOU WISH TO REMOVE CARS FROM.

ie. In my towns I have modern medium width roads, so I replace them with medium country dirt roads with the upgrade tool. Then I select the modern medium width road type from the roads panel, and upgrade the medium country dirt roads back to the modern medium road type. (ie. what they were originally).

3. Repeat step #2 for each road segment containing cars. You should see the cars disappear if they are on the road segment you are upgrading when you upgrade it. I know this is a pain to go through each road with a car on it, but there's no alternative I know of -- and the only thing I haven't tried is documenting the Transport Fever save game format!

4. Once finished, save your game WITH A DIFFERENT FILENAME just in case we discover any bugs with this mod in the near future.

Any issues, please let me know.
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c64gamer  [author] Nov 1 @ 8:10pm 
IMPORTANT UPDATE: "Hide AI Cars 1.5" caused a problem creating routes for aircraft. An updated version of "Hide AI Cars 1.6" has been released, which fixes the problem with airport routes. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, and thank you to everyone providing feedback.

ВАЖНОЕ ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: «Скрыть AI Cars 1.5» вызвало проблему с созданием маршрутов для самолетов. Выпущена обновленная версия «Hide AI Cars 1.6», которая устраняет проблему с маршрутами аэропорта. Извиняюсь за причиненные неудобства, и благодарю вас всех за отзыв.
c64gamer  [author] Oct 30 @ 2:04pm 
@UrbanOFF I tried turning off just the people, but not the cars, and it resulted in people getting in cars and causing gridlock, almost instantly after starting a new game.

I was able to turn off the people and not get a gridlock of cars, by turning off both. The streets end up looking a bit empty, but your vehicles don't have to wait for people crossing the road.

An alternate version of this mod named "Hide AI Cars and People" is available here:
c64gamer  [author] Oct 30 @ 12:03pm 
@UrbanOFF Are we talking about people IRL, or in game? ;) Sometimes I really wish I could IRL!

Seriously though, it may be possible by changing the sidewalk setting for each street/road. it may cause issues with passenger vehicle services though. Why do you want to hide people?

UrbanOFF Oct 30 @ 10:07am 
Can you make people disappear?
c64gamer  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:10pm 
@Мастер (Reply in English) I actually did try to make the cars teleport, but the Modding API does not support it. I experimented with the cars to make them travel at top speed, and increased speed limits on the roads, but it caused crashes half of the time, and when it worked, the cars still had to stop at pedestrian crossings.
c64gamer  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:10pm 
@Мастер Я пытался телепортировать автомобили, но API-интерфейс Modding не поддерживает его. Я экспериментировал с автомобилями, двигающимися с максимальной скоростью и увеличившими ограничения скорости на дорогах, но это вызвало несчастные случаи в половине случаев, и когда это сработало, автомобили все равно должны были остановиться на пешеходных переходах.
c64gamer  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:08pm 
@Мастер (Reply in English) Roads without traffic jams would be wonderful! I agree that traffic is part of the gameplay, and a good player may be able to solve such problems by building a better road network. I don't personally care for traffic at all, especially after playing Cities Skylines where traffic can make life difficult. I want to play the game like a model train set, where I can tell cars where to go.
c64gamer  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:08pm 
@Мастер Дороги без пробок были бы замечательными! Я согласен, что трафик является частью игрового процесса, и хороший игрок может решить такие проблемы, построив лучшую дорожную сеть. Мне лично не нравится трафик, особенно после игры C: SL, где трафик может затруднить жизнь. Я хочу играть как миниатюрные поезда, с автомобилями, где я их размещаю.
Мастер Oct 29 @ 9:23am 
@c64gamer пробки и эти автомобили это игровой процесс, который тоже приятен. Надо уметь строить дороги так, чтобы пробок не было. Все как в жизни. Иначе сделайте мод, чтобы ваши машины просто исчезали и появлялись там где надо, так ведь проще. Мод-телепорт - я даже название придумал
c64gamer  [author] Oct 28 @ 3:03pm 
@Мастер (Translation Part 2)
В ближайшем будущем я хотел бы иметь возможность делать автомобили, которые следуют маршрутам, которые я создаю, вместо того, чтобы выполнять их поведение по умолчанию, то есть путешествовать из дома, на работу или в магазины, а затем домой снова.