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Palette Swapping 101
By gigaiDX | wF
An early guide for your palette swapping needs
Note: This is now fairly old and other methods that exist may be easier!
To Note
Since the game's only been out a day since this has been posted, this might not be the most efficient or ideal way to go about palette swapping/modding this game in general and something might come in the future that might be a much better way.
This guide is based off of a reddit post found on r/Shadowverse that goes a bit more into detail about modding with Unity - the post can be found here. The process for replacing textures is the same, but I'll be giving examples using files from LL Blaze.
I would heavily recommend backing up the files in the LL Blaze folder that you might be touching e.g the characters folder in LLBlaze>Bundles ESPECIALLY EVERY CHARACTER FILE.
What you'll need
  • Some kind of photo editing software like GIMP, Paintdotnet or Photoshop - It's also possible to use something like 3D Coat, which might be useful for those who prefer painting directly onto the model.
  • The character textures found here[drive.google.com] - Big thanks to Hang Boy for ripping these and more! For purely palette swapping/texture modding you'll be looking for the Textures folder in each character folder to find the textures.
  • The Unity_Assets_Files folder from Hang Boy's rips.
  • UnityEX - please also go to Hang Boy's rips to find it.
  • Pin your the LL Blaze folder from steamapps/common onto Quick Access if you can - Not exactly necessary but incredibly useful for navigating to it, especially if you might be doing a lot of palette swapping.
Editing the texture
Go to the character google drive folder and find the character and colour that you want to change - Keep note of the name of the files - They show the codename of the character in the game files and which number that colour is. The original colour can be found as [codename]Tex, while alternate colours will be found as [codename]Tex_Alt[number].
The texture itself might be a little bit confusing to look at - If you have a program with a paint bucket that can fill any pixel of the same colour, then that will help a lot with filling in both the textures and block colours that you wish to be the same.
Once you're done tinkering with colours, convert the .png to a .dds - you can do this with sites like https://online-converting.com/image/convert2dds/, however I would highly recommend using something like Nvidia's Photoshop DDS Plugin rather than any online converters as compression can kill the quality of the textures. You can get Photoshop CS2 for free off of the site as it's legacy software. If you use paintdotnet, that can convert .png to .dds itself.
When converting, if you have the option to choose the Texture2D id that the .dds gets saved as, I'd recommend using RGBA8888 (might be listed as A8R8G8B8 or or otherwise in different software) and turning off Mip Map generation (For some reason, mip maps greatly blur the texture in game). Example shown here:

After converting, rename/keep the filename as what the original texture name was with .tex after it. In this example, I'm replacing Latch's 2nd colour (or 1st alternate colour depending on how you see it), so the renamed .dds will be crocTex_Alt00.tex.dds
Installing Custom Textures - Using UnityEX
Once you download the .zip file for UnityEX, extract the .exe and run it - you'll be met with this.

Go to Hang Boy's google drive and download Unity_Assets_Files and drag that folder into steamapps>common>LLBlaze>Bundles>characters. This will become clearer later down if you haven't modded before the recent change in structure.
Then click the Open Unity Archive button and direct to steamapps>common>LLBlaze>Bundles>characters and then select the file of the character whose textures you want to edit.

Note: make sure to search for ALL file types and not just unity archives.
Note 2: The "_game" variants are just the sound files.

The list for character names goes:
  • Boss = Doombox
  • Boom = Sonata
  • Robot = Switch
  • Kid = Raptor
  • Candy = Candyman
  • Croc = Latch
  • Electro = Grid
  • Cop = Nitro
  • Skate = Jet
  • Pong = Dice
  • Graf = Toxic

You'll then see this whole list of assets load up - Do not close UnityEX after this.

Put Hang Boy's Unity_Assets_Files preset folder into the characters folder. Go into the Unity_Assets_Files Folder and go to the folders of the character you're modding for until you find a "Textures" folder

Note: A fresh download of Hang Boy's folder will not include all these .tex files initially.

Place your edited texture file in this Textures folder

Finally, go back to UnityEX press the "Import All Files" button. Once it's done it should be safe to close UnityEX - if you want to check immediately, just boot up LL Blaze and check!

Note: When updating mods or running quick tests while making your own, make sure to:
  • Re-open the character file if you are re-installing a mod you've just installed (and thus still had UnityEX open)
  • Exactly match the name of your custom texture to what the .tex asset is (except it should have .dds at the end as its file type)
If you don't do these, it's likely that the file being edited may get a bit screwed up (you'll see models won't load or things go completely white). If this happens, use the backup of the respective file that you should have to replace it.
The Fun Part - Sharing!
Want to see what others have made? Want to share you own creations? We now have a gamebanana page up so go crazy! Check it out here![gamebanana.com]
There's also the Color Vault discord server where you can submit your creations - Go here[discord.gg] to check it out!
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gigaiDX | wF  [author] Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:26pm 
Hm... I have the same so I was wondering if it was the case that for some reason that the strait jacket was locked meant it didn't export right or somethin'. Most likely not though...
『 S o t i 』 ☥ Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:22pm 
I do have full mecha B unlocked and bought, yes, but not strait jacket 2
gigaiDX | wF  [author] Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:16pm 
Uploaded the mecha B tex - you can find it here [drive.google.com]. Funnily enough I've just had that problem with the strait jacket 2 candyman tex. Just wondering, do you have those two skins unlocked?
『 S o t i 』 ☥ Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:12pm 
Tried that like thrice now, your file would be appreciated!
gigaiDX | wF  [author] Oct 29, 2018 @ 2:10pm 
@『 ペ ル セ イ 』 ★ I'm actually kinda unsure as to why this happens - I'll be happy to provide my extracted .tex for you to use. If you haven't tried already, delete the extracted 1kb file and re-extract.
『 S o t i 』 ☥ Oct 29, 2018 @ 1:48pm 
I'm having the same problem as @Nice Meme, I exported the full mecha B latch skin and it came out with 1kb size, I tried it with strait jacket 2 candyman aswell and the same happened, I tried importing the latch skin anyways and it had no effect, any idea how to fix this? (here's a pic of my folder https://i.imgur.com/eaPDd5P.png )
Isaiah Oct 29, 2018 @ 1:36pm 
Well I guess I'll be doing that route until someone figures a way through gimp. Only reason I wanted to use gimp is because it's on multiple operating systems.
gigaiDX | wF  [author] Oct 29, 2018 @ 1:10pm 
@Pengu I don't have any experience with gimp, but when it comes to exporting it I think you'll have to make sure that whatever Texture2D id it has matches the one that the .tex file is in mainmodels ( Example [i.imgur.com]). I'm not sure if gimp gives you an option to export the dds with a chosen id like it does with the Nvidia DDS export plugin. Other than that, I don't think I'll be able to give you much more advice.
Isaiah Oct 29, 2018 @ 12:53pm 
So I tried this method with gimp and the only way I got it working is compressing the .dds file. if I don't compress it doesn't allow me to import it. any ideas?
gigaiDX | wF  [author] Oct 29, 2018 @ 11:00am 
@Nice Meme Can you tell me which file you're trying to export? And that's with UnityEX, right?