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Viva La Revolution!
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Viva La Revolution!

A two player abstract wargame simulating a revolutionary movement in a fictional South American country. The wargame mechanics were influenced by 'Irish Freedom' by David Kershaw and 'Guerrilla Checkers' by Brian Train.

One player takes the role of the Government and aims to stay in power, through any means necessary, by the end of twenty turns of play. The other player leads the Rebels and is seeking to become the next government by taking control, support, legitimacy and finally the capital, from the Government player. If the Rebel player wins the game starts over but this time with the players swapping sides - the units present at the end of first game become the starting forces for the next game.

Print and play version under development for boardgamegeek.

Latest Edition now has Random Event Cards incorporated - beginners advised to familiarise themselves with the base game first.

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