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Outdoor Lighting
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Outdoor Lighting

Introduces a number of options for outdoor lighting.

Your colonists move slower and work slower when they are in the dark, but having a network of standing lamps around the gardens and outside of your base is a drain on power when they are busy working during the day.

Sure, you could flag them all to be turned off and a colonist could do that every morning, switching them back on again every evening, or .... you could have lamps that automatically turn themselves off during the day!

Clean and stackable, as it makes no changes to existing items in the game. All items are found on the furniture tab.

  • Garden Lanterns - including pumpkin lanterns!
  • Garden Lamps - auto power-off during the day, in a variety of colours.
  • Solar-powered Garden Lamps - auto power-off during the day, in a variety of colours.
  • Lamp Posts / Street Lamps - also auto power-off during the day, in a variety of colours.

Garden Lanterns
There are three garden lanterns available that can be built without any research needed. Functionally, they are the same as a torch, but hold twice as much "fuel" lasting for 20 days without needing to be re-fuelled.
  • Standard garden lantern - gives off a slightly yellow light.
  • Garden lantern (blue) - the same as the standard lantern, but with slightly different graphics and a blue tint to the light.
  • Pumpkin lantern - there are no pumpkins on the rim, so this is carved from wood and reinforced with a bit of steel.

Outdoor Lamps
A variant of the vanilla Standing Lamp..
  • Alternative graphics for the lamps.
  • Must research Electricity before it is available to build.
  • The outdoor lamps automatically turn off at 07:00 to save power during the day. They automatically turn back on at 17:00.
  • Once Colored Lighting has been researched, they can be built in a variety of colours, including: red, blue, green, purple, and orange.

Outdoor Solar Lamp
Identical to the Outdoor Lamp from this add-on, except:
  • Must research Solar Panels before it is available to build.
  • No need to run power to these lamps - they power themselves by absorbing energy during the day! They can also be easily moved when needed.
  • Visually different - the small solar panel can be seen by the lamp, making it easy to see which lamps are which.

Lamp Posts / Street Lamps
Taller and more powerful than the standard lamp:
  • Larger pool of light, in a variety of colours (requires Colored Lighting has been researched).
  • Provides limited cover in a gun fight.
  • Visually different to standards lamps - when placing, circle shows approximate area that will be lit.

  • 6x the power of a regular lamp, covering light in a radius of 15 squares.
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yoshimitsu31 Nov 11 @ 6:29pm 
This mod works just fine on 1.2.

I love this mod but I wish the flood and street lamps would turn on during eclipses.
Do0m[y] Oct 1 @ 1:06pm 
Can you, please, update your mod for the version 1.2?
Thank you in advance!
Neptimus7 Sep 26 @ 1:20pm 
Hi! Since this works in 1.2, can you please add the it to the SupportedVersions section in About.xml? Thanks!
Sven Sep 2 @ 7:00pm 
Can't find the floodlight...is there a research needed?
Ramie Aug 23 @ 10:05pm 
Maybe this mod's version number just needs to be updated to 1.2 and then it won't show as not ready?
Stormknight  [author] Aug 21 @ 3:33pm 
Yeah, it runs just fine. :)
Razor 2.3 Aug 18 @ 5:24pm 
@Trojan It's a pure XML mod; it should be compatible.
Trojan Aug 13 @ 1:19pm 
has anyone tried this out as is on 1.2?
Ramie Aug 12 @ 10:07pm 
Please update to 1.2 :)
Delmar Jun 29 @ 1:20pm 
I'm not seeing a toggle for allow/disallow refueling lamps. Is this normal or some sort of error?