War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Community Spotlight - October 2018
A collection of developer curated maps from the October 2018 Community Spotlight
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Bloody Moon
Created by fightx
Four opponents in a confined space, this will be a bloodbath as i love it.
But watch out, it's full moon.
Rumor has it that in this time you can hear disco music in this area....
Created by Simon Evo
Evil Flowey has trapped you underground and captured your SOUL! Along with SOULs of three other humans. Now, you have to make use of the items you got with yourself and get the support of the Underground's monsters in order to survive. How do you survive, ...
Created by Korvek
This is another geographical map. Unlike the previous maps, I have tried to keep this one simple. I think that this works better since the only balancing concerns are gold/position which do not really matter to me since this is a map made for fun rather th...
Mana Collapse - Manabruch
Created by Phönix
Mana Collapse - Manabruch...
Master of Possession
Created by Taktikus

This campaign is a challenge that tests your abilities with the Possession spell.

Try to have fun!

Old Wizard Tower
Created by Korvek
A random skirmish map I made. It has a central KOTU shrine guarded by a few low-level wizards. Building room and gold is somewhat less than usual. This map allows for multiple ways to reach the centre....
Prison Breakout!
Created by Polis Ranger
The Empire has locked you up and you need to get out but your not the only one. 3 other underlords have been lucked up too. Work with another underlord or be the last man standing.

Good luck!...
Silverstorm Siege. Wave Survival Map. Version
Created by Green.Sliche
Welcome to Silverstorm Arena! This is the place where you can test your skills against Empire's finest warriors. Protect your Core Shards from harm, if you lose those, your participation here will end. Work together with other Underlords or compete against...
Spirit Sanctum
Created by Knightly Knave
The Spirit Sanctum: a dark, inhospitable place. The only portal here is owned by a rival underlord. To make matters worse, the goodly Lord Pneuma has captured the majority of your forces and sealed access to your best rooms! Truly a miserable day. . . or i...
Created by Daniel Foster
The Empire guards the Underhills with ferocious might. Destroy them and their strongholds to claim the underhills that lie within! But be careful, Underlord, you aren't the only one on this quest......
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