Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

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Aguirre and Swiss Units Project
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Aguirre and Swiss Units Project

Aguirre and Swiss Units Project
.:campaign and custom battles:.

This pack adds units mainly for the Viking factions and a unit here and there for the non-viking factions. I also reskinned most of the Sea King vanilla units.
Superheavy with custom textures based on historical sources, art, miniatures, other games and mods.

Here is the link to the thread on Total War Center:
Aguirre and Swiss Units Project on Total War Center[]
((It's a mess for the moment))

- fully compatible with the current game version
- adapted to the normal vanilla version and the Radious Total War Mod
- can be used with other mods which use the vanilla balance

It is fully compatible with Swiss Halberdier's others mods:

Thrones of Britannia - Unit Recruitment Strength

Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Thrones of Britannia (UPC-TOB)

The unit names appear automatically if you play the English version. You can switch your language in the Steam options of Thrones of Britannia.

All other languages need the related language file here: Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Thrones of Britannia (UPC-TOB)[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]

New Viking Units*
Jomsviking Hersir -Super heavy spearmen, jomsviking command
Sápmi Archers -Indigenous hunters from northern scandiscrcivia
Sweþiuð Hersir -"Swedish" elites
Gautland Berserkir -Berserkers from Gautland(Western Sweden)
Norvegr Atgeirmen -Billhook warriors from Norway
Skjoldmaer -Female warriors
Visby Lásbogamen -Crossbowmen from the island of Gotland
Landnámsöldsmen -Icelandic Vikings
Veiðimenn -Trackers/hunters
Himthiki -Selected spearmen

New Non-Viking Units*
Dalcassians -Irish clansmen
Select Fyrd Swordsmen -Skilled swordsmen
Elite Huscarls -yeah
Longspears -Pict pikes
Gedriht Spear Guard
Gedriht Cavalry
Cyn-Filwyr Longbowmen
Sgowtiaid Javelinmen
Air Adhart Archers
Luchd-amhairc Crossbowmen

Reskinned units*

added Jomsvikings to Dublin and Sudeyar


- Leader of the project and creator of all custom textures and models
- creation of 14 units with custom textures, models, icons and database structure
- testing

Swiss Halberdier
- Co-Leader of the project
- creation of 6 units with custom icons and database structure
- additional database structure and balancing
- technical help and suggestions for the database
- testing
- managing the integration into the language project UPC-TOB

Silent Resident
- for creating the Banner/Logo pictures

AmericanCeasar and nik000
For their great work on shields and variation. I use many of their shields and for the campaign their variantion pack
is a must!
I personally use the terrific variantion pack reborn (with shields) pack;
But I remove the few units that I have reskinned with PFM(still use the shields)

We use his crucial, stunning shield work on our reskinned units

Thanks a lot to Moon Hoplite and Commisar Caligula for help with porting models, animations and various questions.

Enjoy our units
Aguirre and Swiss Halberdier
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Robin 9 hours ago 
Ok. Grazie per la tua risposta.
Aguirre  [author] 15 hours ago 
Non lo so amico
Robin Nov 13 @ 10:58am 
Can I use this with the Crucible of Kings mod?
morada454 Nov 8 @ 12:43pm 
aaaa :D thanks man
Aguirre  [author] Nov 8 @ 12:27pm 
hey! haha I feel you but it's a rather complex operation but not impossible, its just a long way clicking.
In ToB you have to change the Startpos to make recruitment changes.
Open the pack with PFM and then at the very top click:
campaigns/Vik_attila/startpos/compressed_data/campaign_env/campaign_model/world. *take a breather then continue: faction_array/faction_array-9/Faction/Faction_Mercenary_pool/mercenary_pool/mercenary_pool_unit_array.

In there, copy/duplicate the "Mercenary_pool_unit_array_20" and rename to "Mercenary_pool_unit_array_21" and change the name "est_catapult" to "agu_svear_01" in the "Mercenary_pool_unit_array_21"
morada454 Nov 8 @ 9:25am 
Hi Aguirre, can u tell me what i have to change in db-tables to get Sweþiuð Hersir with Dublin in campaign? (but only if it is not too complex) ;)
Aguirre  [author] Nov 7 @ 11:35pm 
It's included. But I encourage you to use the reskin and colour shields mod too
Brandon "Prizrak" Mceffe Nov 7 @ 1:45pm 
Is the coloured shield mod included in this mod or do i have to subscribe it seperately from this mod?
Aguirre  [author] Nov 7 @ 7:20am 
Knight of the Zboub Nov 7 @ 7:06am 
Love those previews! Keep up the great work, it's the reason why I play this game.