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TARDIS (Legacy)
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TARDIS (Legacy)

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This addon is now in legacy status, please check out the newer TARDIS

A working entity version of the TARDIS for Garry's Mod.

GitHub[] | Facepunch[]

Check out our discord server:


Use the sonic screwdriver (another addon of mine) on the TARDIS to link it to your Sonic device. You may then point at the ground to designate a location for the TARDIS to move to. Press R to initiate de-materialization. Alternatively, you can press R and the TARDIS will move straight to your AimPos. You can also now move the TARDIS directly from Wiremod, with basic inputs or an extensive E2 library (tardis* functions). To go inside the interior, press E on the TARDIS, if you press E on the console you get enter flightmode. During flight, the TARDIS can de-materialise to your AimPos by left clicking. Pressing Mouse2 will put the TARDIS into 'phase mode' and turn it invisible, pressing again reverses this. To exit flightmode or 'third-person', press E and you'll be taken back into the interior. To exit the TARDIS itself, simply walk over to the door and press E on it, or hold alt while exiting third person. With the sonic screwdriver and a linked TARDIS, you can hold left and right click at the same time to initiate tracking mode. The beeps will be faster if you're pointing near it.


Q: Can it fly?
A: Sure, while inside press E on the console to toggle flightmode - WASD for movement, shift to boost, space for up and ctrl for down.

Q: Can it turn invisible?
A: Yeah, right click when you're inside as the pilot - or right click on it with the sonic.

Q: Where can I find this 'Sonic Screwdriver'?

Q: Help! My view is inside the box?
A: Conflicting view addon, Player Resizer is one known to cause issues. (Thanks to PsychoBot for finding this one)

Q: It's an error, what do I do?
A: You may have too many addons installed.

Q: The interior isn't working on <map>, help?
A: There isn't much I can do about that, but press Alt-E to get in the tardis, it will bypass the interior and go straight to flight-mode.

Q: Can you make a different interior?
A: 2013 interior in progress, don't ask for others.

Q: I can't link the sonic!?
A: Hold walk key (usually alt) + attack key (usually mouse1)

Credit to BBC for the exterior/interior models, and to the Doctor Who Team for a code snippet which makes the light on the top. All other coding by me.
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Alien Sep 14 @ 11:26pm 
Ben Sep 3 @ 12:13pm 
I would like to see the 2010 and 2013 Legacy TARDIS only those two comeback please
elliothighdale Aug 28 @ 12:49pm 
FribNib628 Aug 21 @ 7:46pm 
Whenever I fly the tardis, or go invisible, my player model is still visible. it just follows the tardis around in a sitting position and i don't like it, since i cant be sneaky when going invisible near my friends. this also happens with the Scars delorean in time travel mode. is there a way to fix this? Someone please help me out!
chucky Jul 3 @ 10:45am 
How i get it
chokkaijones May 22 @ 2:05pm 
how do you bring npcs into the tardis? i was fighting some combine by hitting them with the tardis, when all of a sudden, one disappeared. when i looked back in the tardis, he was standing right there! how can i do this again?
shipslovetosink Apr 22 @ 1:30pm 
I spawn in the legacy tardis, its just an ERROR, I even tried it without any other addons,
Divided  [author] Apr 1 @ 10:01am 
Hi guys there is a known issue with the main TARDIS, this is the legacy addon - check out my comment on the main addon for more info:
spring boi (Danny daveto) Apr 1 @ 8:16am 
yeah its upside down the owners can you plz fix it
coolgatplayz Apr 1 @ 2:57am 
When I go in the tardis it go upside down can you fix jt