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Created by Kaiserdevs
Welcome to the world of Kaiserreich!


"What if Germany had won World War 1?"

The Kaiserreich 4 Team are proud to present the most popular alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron II, Darkest Hour ...
Beautiful Tech Tree: Millennium Dawn
Created by MajesticLemmings
Welcome to Beautiful Technology Tree: Millennium Dawn!
For the last year, Beautiful Technology Tree has been in the works. I've spent possibly countless hours, or somewhere in the hundreds of ...
Zoom In Further
Created by Bobby the Kaiser
This mod allows you to zoom in further on the game map to view the battlefield from a closer angle.

The mod is updated for 1.7.x. I'm not sure why everyone keeps asking for an update when you can clearly see the changelog, and I've uninstalled and reins...
Finnish Equipment Icons
Created by GDW

Welcome to the Finnish Plane Icons mod! In this mod i've replaced the base games black shadows for Finland's airforce with beautiful icons made all by yours truly. The mod is still technically in development so...
Lamp's Eqpt Icons 3
Created by 电灯弗里曼
Lamp's Eqpt Icons 3 - Unique Support Eqpt Icons

In the original game, Paradox used only one single set of support equipment icons across all factions, including 2 US .30 ammo boxes, a field hospital and a German Ukw.E.e Panzer Receiver.

This mod pack...
-Minor Immersion Reskin: Scnandanavia- 2
Created by McNaughton

I have been using Maya Autodesk to create the edited graphics. My subscription (free) has run out a while ago. I would like to revise all existing (make them more diverse/accurate) and create new models (aircraft, late weaponry, etc.), b...
-Minor Immersion Reskin: Asia/Pacific-
Created by McNaughton

I have been using Maya Autodesk to create the edited graphics. My subscription (free) has run out a while ago. I would like to revise all existing (make them more diverse/accurate) and create new models (aircraft, late weaponry, etc.), b...
-Minor Immersion Reskin: Europe-
Created by McNaughton

I have been using Maya Autodesk to create the edited graphics. My subscription (free) has run out a while ago. I would like to revise all existing (make them more diverse/accurate) and create new models (aircraft, late weaponry, etc.), b...
Die Luftwaffe
Created by ADLER
Adds Luftwaffe historic aircraft builds & Luftwaffe Divisions to the game with unique skins & stats. (1.7+ Hydra

Recomended for use with my DIE KRIEGSMARINE MOD[/url...
Weimar and Österreich
Created by Collins
Update #3.7! More focuses! Histroical bookmark info updated! New leaders! World tension! Better Austrian AI!

Yes, this is yet another what if mod. But wait! What if... Hitler never rose to power in Germany! Crazy, right?
Well get this, he rose to power...
Demand It!
Created by deadorbit
Demand It - a mod for people who want things and want them now.

With this mod, you get a GUI with three options, demand a state, demand vassalization, and demand tribute.

Demand A State - cost 250 political power, will send a demand to the s...
Deutschland Erwache 2: Toasted Germany
Created by Toasted_Toaster
Sequel to one of the most popular German Focus Trees | 200+ NEW national focuses | Mixed Historical and Alternate Historical Paths | Technology bonuses dependent on warfare | Industrial rehabilitation tree ref...
Victoria Politics!
Created by PresidentWhitmore
This mod is meant to at least try to partially to imitate the politics and pop statistics in Victoria 2. Features below:

Adds in 4 different democratic parties which can be elected into power, each giving there own unique bonuses including:
TF2 Sniper's voices Australian Divisions
Created by Pure White Man
It's Ironmode compatible
35 unique voices replace current Australian divisions....
EoaNB Music Submod - Bundle One
Created by powerblo0702
This is an official music submod for the End of a New Beginning mod, adding over 100 musical pieces, covering the Pre-Industrial and Vi...
Player-Led Peace Conferences
Created by Neutrino
Currently supports patch 1.7.0 and above but will work just fine on previous versions.

This mod gives players full and direct control of peace conference proceedings in wars they are involved in.

IMPORTANT: You may need to press "Pass" a couple of t...
Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod
Created by Ted52
Discord: https://discord.gg/Mks846T

Initially upload on 7 July 2016 and updated to a merged version on 25 May 2019, Millennium Dawn is the ultimate union of all modern day modding projects for Hearts of Iron IV, uniting the efforts of Millennium Dawn Cl...
The Road to 56
Created by Greatexperiment
Good Afternoon!

Road to 56 is a frankenstein of mods that has been riveted together for your convenience and pleasure. Here are the lovely deta...
Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War
Created by Wolferos


Status: Open Beta
Project Lead: Wolferos
Current Version: 0.7.6b
Compatible with: Hearts of Iron IV "Hydra"
Supported Languages:
- E...
Coloured Buttons
Created by Gundahar
Colours the important buttons in the main UI and some others. Prevents miss clicks and vitalizes the somewhat plain UI.


● Works with Ironman & multiplayer

● Should work with all other mods that dont change these specific but...
Increased Resources
Created by LukyLucaz


This mod increases the amount of resources around the world, most notable outside of Europe, in an effort to create a more balanced, realistic and historically accurate gaming experience...
Cold War: The Iron Curtain - A Letter of Resignation
Created by Stuffi3000
This mod has no content anymore

If you stumbled across this mod, you probably made a good choice. I have to say, it's great! Any I’m not only saying that because I worked on it a lot.

But this description is a lot different than others...
Formable Nations
Created by TheCrafterESP
1.5: Rule Britannia
Formable continents are not working properly. It will be fixed in a future patch.

Instead of having an inconsistent way of forming nations by events, this mod uses decisions which let the player know the prere...
More Division Icons
Created by Aurel
This mod expands the selection of division icons.

- makes all base unit icons available as division icons
- adds new icons

Ironman compatible
Can be removed savely without breaking savegames. Custom icons will be replaced by standard ico...
Unique Infantry Equipment
Created by Ulmont
What does it do?

Simple! It adds the appropriate infantry equipment used by EVERY COUNTRY IN THE GAME from 1918 to 1946. All of them are appropriately added to the localization as well, so no more Weapons 1, Weapons 2, etc. Everything is now appropriat...
Modern Day 4
Created by ModernDay 4 Mod
This mod is merging with millenium dawn, If you'd like to stay up to date with any news related to the mod or would like to join our dev team join our Discord[discord.gg]

Strategic View Adjustments
Created by Chondrite
Compatible with 1.7

This mod adjusts various parts of the UI to make assessing and organizing your forces easier.

For an achievement compatible and a more multiplayer friendly version [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sh
Instant War
Created by Redcoat
Just makes it so justifying war only takes one day and no political points
Doesn't overlap anything so should be compatible with any mod
Still keeps government rules for war however

Select "Conquer State" as wargoal instead of vanilla conquer wargoal...
Realistic Nukes
Created by Mendelssohn
Makes nukes more impactful: they now damage national unity more, and will destroy/heavily damage any units in the province where it's dropped.

You should now need less than 84 nukes to bring a country's unity to its minimal value.

Update: Now lowers...
German tank equipment + planes
Created by Rudi Mentär
************ Compatibility ************
It only changes graphics and localization text. So, you can use it with any other mod without conflicts.

************ What it does ************
This mod tries to change german equipment in a historically authent...
In The Name of The Tsar
Created by alex
[img] https://i.imgur.com/aZYiSEW.png [/img]

Welcome to our mod!

Current Version : /

Compatible HOI4 version : 1.7 /

Discord : https://discord.gg/zVsYcAM

Music Mod (highly recommended) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedf...
Puppet Manager
Created by Dziurkacz


This mod adds new Puppet Manager based on newly added scripted GUIs mechanic.
It consist of Puppet Country Manager and Puppet States Manager both awailble by simply ...
Greater Possibilities: National Ideas
Created by Cherios

# NOW AVAILABLE IN CUSTOM GUI: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379124352 #

Originally made for Greater Possibilities: Blood & Soil.

This mod will add several new ideas in the country menu tab, a...
Better Mechanics: Frontline AI
Not Ironman Compatible

Current Mod Version: 1.3

Compatible with Hoi4 Version(s): 1.4.*

Using Better Mechanics: Frontline AI, you can finally go up against the AI Hoi4 deserves. It will now be more ...
Improved Equipment
Created by Jamryl
Sorry mates I moved to Japan for my work!


※I'm really bloody busy at work and I don't have time to mod anymore. Fell free to use this mod and it's content as you wish! I might still have some time to help other mod developpers wit...
Realistic Nukes + (Radiations, Colonization, 1.6.* and new compatibilities!)
Created by Xeno
Realistic Nukes + (Now with Radiations, Colonization and working 1.6.* Series)


This mod aims to make Nukes something useful, not as "rocks" as before.

This mod adds some t...
Modern Day 4 Added Decisions
Created by TurtleTurtle
It seems the mod is compatible now??? yeah i know right! anywho, md4 decisions part 2 electric boogaloo is underway! Albeit i dont know where we stand with the mod merging with Mill Dawn, we shall see, if you ask for it enough, maybe i can be a part, who k...
Created by Count Tyme


This mod starts the game in 1930 or 1933. Check out the change notes tab to see what I am currently working on.

50 Construction Slots
Created by MrBlazzar™
This mod makes the maximum number of building slots in a state 50 instead of 25.

It also makes it so you can build 40 of a factory instead of just 20. Also I doubled the amount of starting slots for each state type. So cities use to be 6 now they are 12...
Star and Crescent
Created by pompelmo
Star and Crescent: A Turkey Flavor Mod (Updated to 1.4.2 Oak) - *DEVELOPMENT HALTED*

(1.5 version of HOI IV is almost a new game. I haven't been playing this game for months. It will take time for me to start playing the game again and understand the ne...
Icons for plane
Created by Blanzie
For those who did′t buy DLC, you can extract my mod files (in Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\394360\709144835) and rename backup.txt to equip_air_l_english_ifp.yml (in localisation) or Planes_Technologies.gfx (in interface).

If this mod doesn′t work,...
Emperor of the World: Fan Fork
Created by CinnamonGamer
IMPORTANT: The mod is currently not up to date with 1.7 and is prone to crashes due to the aftermath of Man the Guns. We will update it as soon as possible, but if you decide to play then you have been warned.

The Year is 1936 - over 100 years after the...
State Transfer Tool
Created by Dziurkacz


Tired of using console to fix some borders? Maybe you just finished great ironman game and want to change some ugly bordergore? This mod is for you!

00 HOI4 Total Reskin Pack
Created by PacificKempeitai
The new version will come soon


why no update?
1 this mod still working for 1.6.
2 we're focusing on planes and ships first to test new stuff like animations, I'll continue on infantry part after ...
A Swedish Tiger
Created by Herman Lindqvist
A Swedish Tiger
This mod is an overhaul of the nation of Sweden, you will get an entirely new Focus Tree, your own Tank, Air and Mechanized sprites for the Tech Tree, custom events, Producers, Advisors, National Spirits and much more!

Chaos AI
Created by Mechano
Have you ever thought, "damn, I wish the World War 2 was even more chaotic and had an even higher death toll!"...
Then this mod is for you! Millenium Chaos adds detailed scripts to cause wars all over the map, as well as allowing the AI to justif...
Created by pranksi
Toolpack is no longer completely dead!
Compatible Game Version: Any Version from 1.7

Special thanks to:
- Dimitrus for the Russian translation
- Kellerbaron for the German translation
- Edward Vostok Dimitri[/i
Realistic Air Missions
Created by Aerodil
Realistic Air Missions v3.3

This mod started out as a very simple and lightweight tool to add historical mission capabilities to existing vanilla aircraft (you can access to that [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?...
Ultimate Ideas Pack
Created by Dirtmonkey
We own none of these mods, just enjoy to make them work together and add our own content on top of them
Created by KA4E6
BlackICE - GFX and Sounds
Created by Panzeroo
-GFX and sound files for Black ICE MK II

Black ICE has moved !

Main BICE workshop is found >


BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod
Created by maverick
BlackICE - Historical Immersion Mod
Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player.

Update: v4.1.3
HOI4 HYDRA 1.7.1 checksum: 87C8

Blackice 2.5 - Strength Sliders Improvement
Created by dan_siegel30
This small mod has already been approved to be added to the next version of BlackICE, so you might as well get it.

This mod was made out of my frustration with balance testing or creating the proper difficulty I WANTED to play with. Its much more t...
BlackICE Event-GFX
Created by maverick
Updated for v4.*.*
With Hydra 1.7.*

Event-GFX files for Blackice
New-event GFX added for Blackice

This mod enhances the event-gfx for Blackice Historical Immersion Mod.
Larger pictures.

Errors, CTD's, problems etc report to the main Blackic
Führerreich [LEGACY]
Created by CIA
Hello everybody. As of 8/8/2019, this workshop page will no longer be updated past Fuhrerreich Version 0.3.1. as the Fuhrerreich Team has decided it would be simpler to put workshop management under a shared account, like Kaiserreich.

Credit to Chairman...
Faction Manager - Revived By Roblue
Created by Aiydem
Ever wanted to disband, leave or kick members from a Faction?
Well this mod gives you the power to do so!

This mod changes nothing with vanilla game & should be compatible with all kind of mods

I added Ideas to enable all this
each of the idea's tr...
Weltkrieg: Rise of the Kaiserreich (Discontinued)
Created by KaiserHagen
The development of this mod has been stopped. Here's a link to the Github Repository[github.com] for everyone who wants to continue this mod. You are also allowed to upload your own version of...
Expanded Industry
Created by Hauptbahnhof Alex
This is a quick rebalance mod of Industrial techs that also adds two new buildings, Rubber plants which produce rubber, and Steel mills which produce steel. The mods main goals is making Industry feel more interesting and historical, to allow for example t...
More Variants
Created by 3ntf4k3d
This mod allows to create variants for the following equipment:
- Infantry Equipment
- Support Equipment
- Artillery
- Anti-Tank
- Anti-Air
- Rocket Artillery
- Motorized Rocket Artillery
- Motorized
- Mechanized
- Amtrac...
Greater Possibilities: Austria
Created by Cherios

Bigger Production Menu (Three Production Columns)
Created by Legendarymarvin
Mod for Paradox Grand Strategy Game Hearts of Iron IV:https://steamcommunity.com/app/394360

Mod on Github: https://github.com/metzbernhard/hoi4-3columnproductionmenu

###Update 12.7. Resized and moved around some UI stuff to use a little more of the e...
Colourblindness Mod
Created by Partario
An ironman-compatible mod that makes important colours in Hearts of Iron IV easier to see.

There are a lot of red and green bars in this game that are very small and unsaturated. This makes them hard for colourblind people to see and sometimes means I ...
Greater Possibilities: Denmark
Created by Cherios

This is my first mod for Hearts of Iron 4.


Greater Possibilities: Denmark adds a whole new National Fo...
Hearts of Darkness: The Victorian Era
Created by vivid2011
New devblog as of 10/14 on our website!

As of 7/17/19, druebey has been removed as lead developer of the mod, due to a lack of updates or developement. I will return as mod lead, and continue to develop the mod on my own time. This is a passion pro...
Move your capital
Created by Nosacz Krumtix
Works with mods

You must have core if you want to move capital

Available languages:
-Russian (tyz)...
Realistic Jets
Created by Revan


"Previously 3 mods - German Jets, Soviet Jets & British allied Jets now in 1 mod combined together"
This mod will show a variety of "origi...
Cheaper Construction Costs
Created by Aaron_Wubbie
If you enjoy the mod please...
[img] http://i.imgur.com/fVVaDCS.gif [/img]


This is a simple mod that reduces all construction costs in Hearts Of Iron IV by 50%. This means that all factories/buildings will construc...
Maximum Building Slots
Created by MrBlazzar™
This mod makes it so a event triggers at the beginning of your game that allows you to add a buff to yourself, everyone, or no one that makes it so that any state owned by the person with the buff has the max amount of building slots unlocked.

The event...
Allied Construction Projects
Created by Chondrite
Compatible with 1.7

This mod allows you to construct state level buildings on an allied country's territory. This costs political power and is slower than constructing buildings normally. You use it by requesting requesting a construction permi...
Puppet Diplomacy
Created by BiggvsDickvs
This mod allows you to restrict your subjects economy and military.

✓idea with restrictions
✓decision that changes the german focus tree to generic if Germany was puppeted
✓military restrictions that limit the econom...
WW's Buttons+
Created by Wunderwaffle
WW's Buttons+

Replaces the default toolbar buttons.


Achievement & Ironman & Multiplayer Compatible - Cornflakes v1.5

-RGFX- Expanded Map Mode Menu
Created by Kryo
Revolutionary GFX: Expanded Map Mode Menu

Sick of accidental map scrolling when selecting a secondary map mode on the very edge of the screen?

This mod moves the map mode menu a little bit to the left, leaving a safe space between the small...
Created by C8555
This MOD to change the combat width of the battalion to a more realistic size.
Along with the combat width reduction, and the relaxation of the decline of support (such as artillery and anti-tank) organization rate at the time of battalion added.

Add Technologies
Created by Tnoji
Add technology until 1964


If you use this mod you can not acquire Achievements.
Realistic Nuke Damage
Created by Wölfe
What does this mod do?
Nukes are now able to obliterate units in a province. However, units are still able to survive with a low chance whilst taking heavy damage.

Unfortunately, this mod no longer lowers population in a state after a Nuclear...
Switzerland Rework
Created by Sad Anime Boy
Switzerland Rework
As the name already suggests, this mod tries to make Switzerland more interesting to play. Didn’t you ever wish to play as Switzerland and take over the world, but the Generic Focus Tree looked too boring? Do you ever wanted ...
Mario voices Italian divisions
Created by Ivan
This mod substitutes the default italian voices with Mario. Its also Ironman compatible,so you can use this while trying to get some achievements.
All the voices came from Super Mario 64.

This mod goes well with : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles...
Improved Equiment & Expanded Industry
Created by Jamryl

This is the "Improved Equipment" mod combined with "Expanded Industry" mod

Changelog and features can be found here fir Improved Equipment:

And here for Expanded Industry:
Realistic Tank Sizes 2.0
Created by Jaunatend
Warning, this mod slightly malfunction with the new tank Pack of the 1.7.0 version (Hydra). I'm running out of time to do this one, I'm going to do my best.

Lower Infan. Equip. Build Cost
Created by leion247
This decreases the build/production cost of infantry equipment. Letting you allocate more factories to other important productions like airplanes or motorized vehicles. Feel free to give a suggestion to make this mod better, and to rate this on whether you...
Gothic Witcher music mod
Created by Ereno
My mod replaces the standard music in the game with one and a half hours of music from Gothic (especially from 3) and Witcher (especially from 3).
Calm but epic music from Gothic is intertwined with energetic and great music from The Witcher!

Myths and Magic
Created by Cornor
NEWS: just wanted to update people on the state of the mod. Unfortunately im currently a college senior and have been a bit swamped by work+capstone so work is being doen slowly. However, during my winter break i should have significantly more time to work...
Balkans Ablaze [The Great War submod]
Created by Khanor
Balkans Ablaze, a Balkan flavor submod for HoI IV: The Great War
- Version 1.1.3b (1.7.* Hydra compatible)


100 years and 10 days after the end of the First World War, one new submod for the eponymous Great War mod has be...
Old World Blues
Created by Zapdude

War, war never changes.

Old World Blues is a total overhaul for Hearts of Iron IV: starting in the year 2275 and set in the Fallout universe. Experience the postapocalypse like never before with a dyn...
Scornful Insults
Created by lemonporn
This mod brings scornful insults from Europa Universalis IV to Hearts of Iron IV.

You can insult any country that is neither in your faction nor already at war with you.
You can send an insu...
The Fate Of The Turks
Created by Elmas Cevheri
This wonderful "mod" has been destroyed by traitors. I apologize for this. I can't continue to do this because I have no desire for this mod.
Türklerin Kaderi Moduna Hoş Geldiniz.
Vereceğiniz kararlarla Türklerin kaderini siz yazın!
Bu mod gerçek tarih ...
1632 - The Ring of Fire
Created by CaesarVincens
1632 - The Ring of Fire brings the world of Eric Flint's 1632 series to Hearts of Iron IV.

Play an alternate history set in the middle of the Thirty Years war where a town from the USA in the year 2000 has been transported to Germany in 1631. Play as th...
1632 American Expansion
Created by Angelblue1032
This mod doesn't do much but add a few focuses to the New United States/United States of Europe focus tree, and will later add some stuff to the PLC.
Update: 1.7.0 compatibility
Thanks to CaesarVincens for helping me....
Hearts and Minds
Created by OmegaBolt
Latest version: 1.8l
Visit the mod topic at Paradox Plaza![forum.paradoxplaza.com]

Hearts and Minds is a mod that aims to add more strategy and decision m...
The dawn of Luebeck
Didn't you allways want to play a minor trading nation and make it great just like in eu4 ?

Well fuck you, thats impossible.

Instead I give you this, wonderfull, balanced and sexy mod, wich gives you the opportunity to play as Lübeck and fuck everyon...
Greater Possibilities: National Ideas GUI
Created by Cherios
# NON-GUI VERSION OF THIS MOD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1221177144 #

Originally made for Greater Possibilities: Blood & Soil.

This mod will add several new ideas in a new custom GUI, allowin...
More Historical Divisions (Military History Visualized)
Created by ramadawn
Check out my new mod War in 33:


Those Looking for a chopped down version of this mod with just the division structures can find it here:

Heart of Darkness: An African Expansion
Created by Elfangor567
Compilation Mod: Season Pass

*NOTE* - I will be in Africa for the Peace Corps until 2022. I will do my best to ensure that updates will eventually happen, but please be for
Coloured Ship Icons: Background Edition
Created by Oracel
Coloured Ship Icons: Background Edition

Some people have asked for a version of Coloured Ship Icons with coloured backgrounds. So here you go.

Have fun :)...
- Hearts of Oak - Man the Guns
Created by Hegemony
Hearts of Oak

Compatible with version 1.7.1 - Man the Guns
Compatible with all DLCs


Hearts of Oak is a total overhaul mod that aims to provide a more complete and balanced World War 2 experience, without over...
Endsieg: Ultimate Victory
This is the official successor to the Gotterdammerung 1944 mod anyone else claiming to be or uploading a former/older version of this mod (Gotterdammerung 1944) is doing so without Endsieg's consent. If you have any questions, suggestions or want to bec...
End of a New Beginning [Official]
Created by powerblo0702

Current Mod Version : Terra Orbis, 1.0 Hotfix 3

Supported Game Version : 1.5.*
Discord Server[discord.gg]
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