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London to Exeter express version
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Oct 20, 2018 @ 12:10pm
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London to Exeter express version

This map has London in the top right corner and Exeter in the bottom left.

It is a big map you will need the experimental map size switched on.

In scale terms that other map providers seem to use its 16k * 32k.
I don't get that to be honest. the png size is 4097 X 8193. - I think that's twice the size of the largest standard map.

There are 2 lines that run from London to Exeter, one form Paddington and one from Waterloo.

When I began this map I was simply going to place every station on these two lines
Even with a map this size they end up a bit close together so I have simply put down the key towns for the express.
.... and then to fill the map up a bit I added the key towns for the London Weymouth line
........and then to fill up the south eastern corner I added Brighton and then Crawley and Redhill.
............and then Portsmouth and Guilford and.... basicaly I got a bit carried away.

As is usual for my maps - because I like playing with ships, there are a few ficticious land masses to represent the 'rest of the world' and give the ships somewhre to go.

Also, because we do, you have to import just about everything and haul it to whereever.
The uk landmass has farms and quarries and not much else.

If you let the AI place the roads then it will put bridges in between continents - I suggest you delete them - or use the no roads mod.

If anyone would like to see a version of this map with all the towns for all the lines leave me a comment and I will do it
but it will pretty much fill the map take an age to load and possibly melt your graphics card. :)
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sumitsessle Oct 21, 2018 @ 8:13am 
Great, can you also upload a No IND one. Thank you!