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Namariel Legends: The Iron Lord
Jun 21, 2013 @ 2:30am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Multi-language version of "Namariel Legends" is now available in Steam Store
Greenlit Finally!
Release date: Completely Finished
In this adventure quest game player will need to sneak into the citadel of cruel Iron Lord and rid invaded land of Namariel from tyrant after escaping from air prison, revealing the secret of Iron Lord and rescuing legitimate King and Queen of Namariel.

[DE] In diesem Abenteuerspiel muss der Spieler in die Zitadelle des grausamen Eisenherrschers eindringen und das gefangene und wohlhabende Land Namariel vom Tyrannen befreien, nachdem man aus dem Luftgefängnis entkommen ist, vor dem aber das Geheimnis dew Eisenherrschers lösen, um den rechtmäßigen König und die königin des Landes Namariel zu retten.

[RU] В этом приключенческом квесте игроку необходимо будет проникнуть в цитадель жестокого Железного Лорда и освободить захваченную процветающую страну Намариэль от тирана после побега из воздушной тюрьмы, раскрыв перед этим секрет Железного Лорда для спасения законного короля и королевы страны Намариэль.

[ES] En este videojuego de aventuras el jugador necesitará colarse en la ciudadela de cruel Iron Lord y librar tierras invadidas de Namariel del tirano después de haber escapado de la prisión aéreo, revelando el secreto de Iron Lord y rescatando Reyes legítimos de Namariel.

Hi, there! We are Shaman Games Studio, and we’d like to introduce to you our creation “Namariel: The Iron Lord”. This is our first serious game; we decided not to choose the simple way and to do everything to be proud of this game title. The game is made in quest\adventure genre, and we hope you will like it.


- English subtitles
- The original game world
- An intriguing plot
- 50 game locations
- Cute robot assistant Jim
- 25 mini-games
- More than 50 3D movies and cutscenes
- Unique device – “mind reading device” with which the player can read the thoughts and desires of any character in the game.
- 2 game modes (normal and advanced)
- Achievements’ System
- Premium Edition includes 13 locations (about 90 minutes of gameplay in which player has to rescue legitimate King and Queen of Namariel).

Our Vision

It so happened, that games in the style of quest and adventure have been rarely produced recently and we are very upset with that fact, only do not think that we don’t like good indie-projects or hardcore games, we simply remember the time when we were young and were sitting hour after hour over the puzzles, when we were searching for and matching the keys, we couldn’t go to bed until the desired level had been passed, we fell asleep and thought - hell, how to pass through? And then jumped up with a shout - Eureka! We yearn for these times. And now, on second thought, we decided that the time had come.

We just would like to point out that if we find support from you, we'll be sure that we do everything right and we’ll be ready to continue in the same spirit.

So, let us introduce you to Namariel’s world.


Game’s action takes place in a magical land of Namariel, where magic and science joint together. The game is played from the first person; you will see the world through the eyes of king’s daughter, who was overthrown by the brutal Iron Lord.

We selected Steam Punk as a style of the game, which means that you will find many interesting puzzles, interactions with objects and mechanisms. The player will have to escape from the air prison, find the Great Prophet in magic forest, reveal the secret of the Iron Lord, sneak into his citadel and rid Namariel from cruel tyrant.

We tried to invent something new, for example there is “mind reading device” in the gameplay; by using this item you’ll be able to divine thoughts of characters, who are unable to communicate with you. Also you will have a robot assistant at your disposal, his name is Jim, he will help you in solving quests, and also, from time to time you’ll be able to switch controls of both main character and Jim to walk through levels with his assistance.

Large game world, many magnificent locations and lots of pleasant animation; by the way, animation is what we are especially proud of, because we are a small studio, but we really wanted to do our best in terms of quality, so that you would like it.

In spite of the linear gameplay, at the same time there is a freedom in choosing several quests to resolve, not connected among themselves, we don’t lead you by the hand, giving you rein to choose.

Dozens of brain-teasers, mini-games and innovative solutions, ranging from simple mini-games in two moves to advanced mode mini-games, where help of your assistant may be needed.

Tentative system requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS 10.6
Linux Ubuntu
CPU: 2.5 GHz
RAM: 2048 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 3,35 GB (Standard Edition); 4,2 GB (Premium Edition)

As the game is completely finished, we left open the possibility for evolvement of Namariel’s world, given that it’s not yet finished story…
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Very nice steam punk style and another game of this game producer (Witch's Prank Frog's Fortune) is a real pleasure to play.
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looks good
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Scheint ein interesantes Spiel zu sein. Nice