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[RF] Rational Romance [1.0]
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Oct 19, 2018 @ 8:26pm
Dec 5, 2018 @ 4:18pm
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[RF] Rational Romance [1.0]

"Rational Romance" overhauls RimWorld's romance system, fixing some problems and adding some new options. Think of it as a "spiritual successor" to SeveralPuffins' popular but sadly abandoned a17 mod, "Romance Diversified."

- Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf)

What It Does:

(1) Adds Orientations. All pawns will now have a trait indicating their sexual orientation, either asexual, bisexual, gay or straight. (Don't worry; the mod doesn't "waste" a trait slot on this, as orientation traits are assigned only *after* regular trait assignment is complete.)

By default, pawns have a 50% chance to be bisexual, a 20% chance to be gay, a 20% chance to be straight, and a 10% chance to be asexual. I set the percentages this way because biological, sociological and historical evidence strongly suggest that, in the absence of cultural imperatives to the contrary, bisexuality is actually the "default" status for most humans. However, the percentages are all configurable in the mod's "options" menu, so you can set things up however you prefer for your own games. If you're radically heterosexist and don't want any gays in your colony, go right ahead and set the mod to make pawns 100% straight. On the other hand, if you want *all* your colonists to be queer, more power to you! And if you just want to play on a planet full of asexuals, where nobody worries about romantic entanglements at all, well, you can do that, too.

(And yes, I'm aware that I'm using certain terms rather loosely. "Bisexual" isn't the only or even necessarily the best term to describe someone whose romantic interests are not governed by gender or gender presentation, but it's a convenient and widely familiar term that fits the mod's needs. Similarly, while I know that not all asexual individuals are aromantic, the game draws no distinction between romantic and sexual relationships, and so the use of the term "asexual," though not strictly accurate, is convenient. On a related note, sadly, there's really nothing I can do to correct the fact that the game forces pawns to conform to the idea of a gender binary.)

(2) Adds New Traits. The mod adds two new traits, "Faithful" and "Philanderer," which influence how likely a pawn is to cheat.

(3) Adds New Activities. The mod adds long walks as a date option for couples, allowing them to socialize and improve their relationships. It also adds casual hookups as a joy activity for single pawns.

(4) Improves Romantic Behavior in General. Pawns will no longer make romance attempts if they've been recently rebuffed, and won't target pawns for such attempts who are currently in mental break or with whom they already have a romantic relationship. Pawns will neither initiate nor receive romance attempts if they have a high opinion of their current lover. And pawns who are gay or straight will be more likely to rebuff romance attempts by pawns of the "wrong" gender, will be more likely to breakup with partners of the "wrong" gender, and will never accept marriage proposals from pawns of the "wrong" gender. Finally, the impact of the Ugly trait on romantic attraction is lessened for pawns who have that trait themselves.

(5) Makes Culture Matter. There is now a cultural component to pawns' romantic interactions, with female pawns from tribal and imperial backgrounds more forward (more likely to initiate romantic encounters or to propose marriage) than males from those cultures, and male pawns from medieval and urbworld backgrounds more forward than females from those cultures.

(6) Adds Support for Polyamory. Polyamorous pawns prefer relationships involving multiple partners to simple monogamous relationships. You can decide in the mod's "options" menu how likely pawns are to be polyamorous. Like the orientation traits, Polyamorous is an "extra" trait assigned after normal trait assignment is complete, so allowing pawns to be polyamorous won't in any way limit their access to other traits. The default chance for polyamory is 0%, as the system isn't yet fully tested, and even if it all works as intended, it may still complicate colony management in unexpected ways. If you do want to include polyamorous pawns in your games, I strongly encourage you to also use Meltup's "Polyamory Beds" mod, which will allow you to more easily accommodate your pawns' desired sleeping arrangements.

(7) Adjusts Romance-Related Mood Penalties. Penalties and/or stack limits for rebuffs and other romantic failures have been reduced. You should no longer see pawns hitting on someone a few times, getting rejected, and then going on a murder spree as a result.

(8) Fixes Some Problems in the Game's Romance-Related Code. Female pawns will now be just as likely as male pawns to initiate romance attempts or to propose marriage, subject to the cultural variations mentioned above. Gay pawns will be no less likely than straight pawns to be parents. And male and female pawns will both now prefer partners near their own age but potentially accept either younger or older partners, unlike in vanilla, where men have a strong preference for younger women and women for older men.


"Rational Romance" can safely be added to a game in progress. (Pawns without orientation traits will be assigned them as they enter into social interactions for which orientation is relevant.) The mod cannot, however, be removed from a game in progress.

This mod is fully compatible with "EdB Prepare Carefully."

This mod is NOT compatible with "Psychology." You may or may not actually notice any problems if you try to use them together, but the mods both alter some of the same vanilla code, and if they're both installed, neither will be operating entirely as intended. For similar reasons, "Rational Romance" isn't likely to be compatible with any other mods altering RimWorld's romance systems, either.


The mod utilizes Pardeike's "Harmony Patch Library." (No additional download is required, as the library is included with the mod.)

Obviously, "Rational Romance" owes a great deal to SeveralPuffins' "Romance Diversified." In particular, the code for the new social activities comes directly from that mod. Other mods from which I borrowed code bits and/or ideas include "Less Stupid Romance Attempt" by Dazz Aephiex (for improvements to romantic behavior), "Grim Reality" by SheiFoxy (for alterations to mood penalties), and "Everyone is Queer" by Suzi (for general problem fixes).

Some of the code related to polyamory is borrowed from Linq/Word-Mule's "Psychology" mod.


If you're a modpack maker and want to include "Rational Romance" in your pack, or if you're a modder and want to use it as the basis of a derivative mod, please feel free to do so. I ask only that you let me know about it.

The Ludeon forums discussion thread for my mods can be found here[ludeon.com].

If you have any (helpful) suggestions for improvement, please let me know!

My mods are free, but if you'd like to buy me a Dr Pepper[ko-fi.com], I wouldn't complain.
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"The" SeanMacLeod 22 hours ago 
Notice that the complainer's pic is Bugs Bunny, the most notorious crossdresser in WB toon canon
Rainbeau Flambe  [author] Feb 17 @ 3:03pm 
@PisgahPossum: As I've said to others, I apologize if the evidence-based science (not pseudoscience) which influenced the mod's default settings conflicts with your conservative preconceptions. But as you point out, you can configure the mod to work however you like, so you're welcome to play in worlds that conform to your archaic beliefs. :)
PisgahPossum Feb 17 @ 1:49pm 
this mod is great. lets me set the actual numbers for a healthy society, in spite of the recent, ideological, agenda driven nonsense that results in such statements as "biological, sociological and historical evidence strongly suggest that, in the absence of cultural imperatives to the contrary, bisexuality is actually the "default" status for most humans", when no such evidence exists outside of modern "gender studies", a branch of pseudoscience on the same grounds as astrology and alchemy

Jarin Feb 15 @ 9:58pm 
Having trouble with the "Faithful" trait with a poly triad. All three have poly and faithful, but keep randomly getting into affairs anyway. No Psychology (I got this mod specifically to get away from Psych's baggage) but potential mods that might affect it are: "Children, school and learning" as well as "RIMMSqol" through which I added the faithful trait later, when it started being an issue.
peakSOULREAPER Feb 15 @ 1:00pm 
For all those having problems with the constant dating, It might be a problem with a different mod. When it started happening to me, I remembered that it has problems working with the mod "Psychology." Then I saw I had a mod by the same author, called "[SYR] Doormats" Turning this off seems to have fixed the issue for me.
dan.heidel Feb 11 @ 11:28pm 
@Heckin' Rad Panda - Having the exact same problem. All of my colonists are stuck in a constant loop of asking each out on dates, despite having date and hookup set to 0. It basically ends the game as all of my colonists stand still, asking each other out until they pass out and die. You can manually force them to do an action but they immediately drop it and go back to asking for dates. I suspect it's something to do with polyamory. I'm using a previous save where I set up everyone as poly to see how that would play out and it used to work. (I did this a few months back. Now that save and another similar game I started up are having this bug. Did something change in how the poly trait is coded?
Heckin' Rad Panda Feb 11 @ 6:35am 
I'm having a serious problem with this mod. One of my pawns isn't respecting the "Chance to ask for hook-up" setting in the mod settings (which is set to 0) and is caught in a constant loop of asking people for hook-ups. She'll plant one plant, then immediately beg for a hook-up, get rebuffed, plant a plant, ask for a hook-up, etc. until it's time to go to bed then she does it all over again in the morning. She's my primary farmer and I feel like my colony is going to suffer because of this.
Celestial Seraphim Feb 5 @ 3:33pm 
Ohhhh. Ok i'll have to ask them then, sorry. </3
Rainbeau Flambe  [author] Feb 5 @ 6:56am 
@Samael: Since the game doesn't allow for pawns to have babies for "repopulation" in the first place, the change you're requesting makes no sense as part of this mod. If you're using a mod that adds babies and children, the change you want would need to be part of *that* mod.

@Bob Manner: I'm honestly not sure I see much need for configuration options, as the changes in question are all pretty minor "behind the scenes" tweaks. What, specifically, would you prefer to be different?