City Car Driving

City Car Driving

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how to create a custom radio station
By Koltin
This tutorial will teach you how to create a custom radio station in game
Getting started
Download Winamp, edcast and icecast and install them.
I've included the files on google drive.

When ask to add files to library click on close, I'll show you how to add files later.
Close winamp for now

(NOTE City Car Driving only recognises "/;" not "/stream.ogg")
Setting it up
1: Go to the icecast install directory and replace icecast.xml with the one in from the google drive link from the "Getting Started" section.
2: If prompted click copy and replace.
Starting icecast and Getting it to work
1: navigate to icecast install directory select the icecast file
This one

2: run it.
DO NOT CLOSE THIS Command Promt WINDOW! Doing that kills the icecast server
3: add media to winamp under file: add media (NOTE: I recommend making a folder and putting mp3 files in it and adding that folder to winamp)

connecting edcast
1: When you started winamp there should be a edcast window already open. If there is not a window open preferences and find DSP/Effects

click on one of the others and then back on edcast
2: Click on add encoder, then configure it.
copy these settings

3: go to http://localhost:8000/; in your browser
4: if it works then open
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Forward Development\City Car Driving Steam\config
and add station="http://localhost:8000/;|" to radio.ini

5: Play ccd and enter settings

map your keys and then play!
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James Gamer Jul 13, 2020 @ 1:48pm 
The thing is it doesn't work.