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[CP] Red Horse Furniture (1.0)
Mod, 1.0
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 3:20pm
Dec 30, 2018 @ 7:31pm
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[CP] Red Horse Furniture (1.0)

In 1 collection by Chicken Plucker
Project: Red Horse 1.0
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Time to start recruiting and begin some operations.

From Project: Red Horse, an expansion pack that deals in warfare, dedicated to make your colony looking tacticool as heck.

Red Horse Furniture has Military Furniture and Camping Equipment from B18 mods "Military Furniture" and "Rimmu-Nation Camping Stuff"

This expansion has the following features:
- Camo sleeping bags
- Mission boards that allow players to start their own operations at the cost of silver, or recruit new colonists and contractors
- Military Radio/Red Phone, allowing players to contact friendlies for QRF or Patrols at the cost of silver
- Various office furniture, and a black hat station for silver production
- Various medical equipment, an expansion on medical tech that enhances treatment quality
- Tacticool Radio and various radio textures from STALKER, Portal and Fallout along with over 30+ songs
- Tacticool Fridge to store medicine, drugs and food in
- VR Training that enables pawns to enhance their skill stats (seen as the arcade machines)
- Various vending machines and food items purchasable with silver
- Portable camping stove
- Many more

Feel free to check out Albion's other wonderful works!
Sparkling Worlds:

Why the heck is the mod 160 MB mate? Fight me outside.

This is not due to sheer content or textures. This mod is 150MB due to the songlist in the radio building. It doesn't impact performance because it is only sound files.

Credits to:
Chicken Plucker
CaptainJuicy - Training console coding and idea!
Various Sketchfab community artists
Sourcefilmmaker community
Rimworld modding community
Ludeon forums community, Madman and Canute I'm looking at you guys
MPCT College, to that bloody Streatham Hero

In loving memory of R. Lee Ermey.

No Black Hat Station and VR Trainer version: (Steam)
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What work type is VR training? While I want my pawns to train I also want them to tend to bleeding and dying colonists lmao
Commander Madness1581 Feb 13 @ 10:28pm 
Getting some kind of error when i use a VR station, has something to do with the addictions mechanic here's a log, don't know if this may help or not. https://git.io/fh74X
Netch Feb 12 @ 6:40am 
Would love to be able to craft Anvil's uniform. Other than that, luv that sweet mod <3
James009 Feb 7 @ 3:15am 
Does anyone know if this bad boy is multiplayer compatible?
TheGster Jan 29 @ 9:56am 
Holy crap this takes about as much space as the game itself
Holy Crusader [Moat.gg] Jan 21 @ 11:46am 
How do you edit the clothing on the peopel your recruit threw the mission board? bc it says you can edit it.
512thCadian Jan 18 @ 1:06pm 
Love the radio, song choice is great. I actually don't mind those songs stuck in a loop, because you can switch songs manually I just put a few radios with different songs playing at different locations. IMMERSIVE
Chicken Plucker  [author] Jan 15 @ 9:11pm 
@zab - no this works as standalone and for clothes you have to go to the Rimmu-Nation - Clothing mod

@Dunder - replied to you in another mod, you said the same thing and I told you to check if you've enabled these mods in the mod settings of your game

@Angrypencil - will try to sort it out next update coming
zab Jan 15 @ 2:13pm 
Is there any requirement for this mod to work? also will I be able to craft the military outfits/weapons?
Angrypencils Jan 9 @ 11:12am 
Ah, okay! No troubles then, will patiently await an update on this excellent mod.