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M-13's Solar Panels
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 3:00pm
Nov 12, 2018 @ 2:13pm
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M-13's Solar Panels

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M-13's Power Solutions [1.0]
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========== M-13's Solar Panels ==========

This is a mod about better Solar Panels.
This will provide you with extra Solar Panels that can be used in game.
These come in sets of 2: 1 with glow and 1 without glow (by requests)
The Decision is yours:
Will you research and build the lower tier and risk the resource waste that comes with upgrading?
Or will you stick it out and research and build the higher tier as to safe those precious resources?

General M-13

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All Solar Panels can be found in the "M-13 Power" Category after they have been researched!

Tweaked Solar Panel (Green):
Output: 2125W
Hit-points: 375

125 Steel
4 Industrial Components
60 Silver

Upgraded Solar Panel (Yellow):
Output: 2550W
Hit-points: 450

150 Steel
4 Industrial Components
75 Silver
25 Gold

Advanced Solar Panel (Orange):
Output: 2975W
Hit-points: 525

175 Steel
5 Industrial Components
90 Silver
30 Gold
60 Uranium

Ultimate Solar Panel (Red):
Output: 3400W
Hit-points: 600

200 Steel
6 Industrial Components
105 Silver
35 Gold
75 Uranium
50 Plasteel

Note regarding Mod removal:
If at any time you feel like removing this mod from your game: Deconstruct ALL Solar Panels (from this mod) from your map first and then proceed to save your game BEFORE removing the mod.

The next time you load your save it should give an error that the research for this mod was not found, but won't cause any further issues.

Just save your game with the mod removed and you can continue playing!

Please Note:
If you do not remove all Solar Panels (from this mod) from your map BEFORE removing the mod, your game will NOT load.
In this case just resubscribe to this mod, Repeat aforementioned steps above and you should be fine ;)
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General M-13  [author] Nov 29 @ 4:09am 
Good luck :D
Captain Braca Nov 28 @ 2:11pm 
@General M-13
Thanks! I'll see if I can figure out a basic version, then maybe try working on the DLL colour bit later if I get that far haha!
General M-13  [author] Nov 28 @ 1:57am 
It's mostly Copy/Paste of code but the colored bar in the middle of the solar panel is different, i had to learn how to make a DLL file purely just for that xD
Captain Braca Nov 27 @ 1:19pm 
I've always enjoyed your various generator mods, is it possible (or could you explain how to) make a version for the Save our ship 2 Solar generators ? :ambition:
General M-13  [author] Oct 19, 2018 @ 1:47am