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Scarless & Bloodless Plague Doctor Skin
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Oct 17 @ 8:52am
Nov 4 @ 11:15pm
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Scarless & Bloodless Plague Doctor Skin

This mod is a lazy edit of 'Bloody Plague Doctor' by moirgane which can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/mods/113/?
Or: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1095667010

But why this mod?
I edited out scars and blood, personal taste and stuffs, ya know...

Currently only include a maskless version, a masked version might be updated in the future if I'm not too lazy.

If you subscribed but the skin doesn't show up, make sure other plague doctor skins don't have the same name. The current name of this mod is 'plague_doctor_I' and can be located in '...\steamapps\workshop\content\262060\1541268940' in case you need to change it.

Let me know if there is any problem with the mod in the comment section, thank you!
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⚡v1sion  [author] Nov 4 @ 11:24pm 
It was me yesterday messing around with the files, because it shows a 0 MB file size on my workshop page so i decided to reupload it..
Fixed it for now, unsubscribe then re-subscribe and check if that help!
XxYaBoiSl4y Nov 4 @ 10:20pm 
For whatever reason. The mod just doesn't show up for me anymore. Honestly annoying me to high heck.
⚡v1sion  [author] Oct 22 @ 7:20am 
I didn't notice any game update since I uploaded this.
Have you check your other plague doctor mods' names? Make sure my mod have different name with them.
Mr. Bumble Oct 22 @ 4:38am 
Not working for me. I heard its because Red Hook updated some sprites so some skins stopped working? Can anyone else confirm?
CoolAimBoy Oct 20 @ 12:50pm 
Out of place? :/ yets forget this game has siren nudity , pig flesh thingy

Witcher 3 has Sucubus nudity and fights topless also in RL i believe there were some human who fought naked or topless in old times in stone age, or somthing like that..

But hey! its ok, no problem , wasnt forceing, its your choice:),

If ur planning to try , plz do :) (if possible) .thx for reply.
⚡v1sion  [author] Oct 19 @ 5:47pm 
I'm afraid some nudity could make this skin seems out of place, unless it fits the game aesthetic... but well if I can I will try it sometimes.
Ajax Thy Knight Oct 19 @ 2:17am 
No violence and nudity in any explicit form are welcome. I do not condone censorshop in any way, free the nipple.
CoolAimBoy Oct 18 @ 4:30pm 
@Bywho Not Priorities, just suggestion for future and i wasnt forceful was i?..and yeah i know not all modder comfortable with that (except violance is it?)

Imagine if a said like add meat gore skin on her type of version or skeleton version, u wouldnt reply like that would u?

Hope your not like one of those.... like.... ''Violance good, nudity bad'' are you? just asking.
Ajax Thy Knight Oct 17 @ 11:36pm 
Well glad that i have more variety in terms of skin for my plague doctor, also fantastic work. Sadly as the filth I am I whole-heartedly agree with these 2 below me.
Bywho Oct 17 @ 3:37pm 
CoolAimBoy with the priorities

also yeah that would be cool but like taht doesnt seem like what most modders are down for doin so...