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Save Our Ship (Reloaded)
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:40am
Nov 6, 2018 @ 11:09am
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Save Our Ship (Reloaded)

Original by Kentington. I take no credit for the original mod. I loved the concept and saw the original had been assumed abandoned. Therefore my modder instinct kicked in and I fixed it. I plan to diverge from the original by adding features. If the original author wishes me to remove/change this mod in any way, please let me know!

Code at: https://github.com/pipakin/save-our-ship
Discord server invite: https://discord.gg/pphEjQQ
Wiki (with instructions): https://github.com/pipakin/save-our-ship/wiki

With this mod, any ship you launch is saved to a file. You can then start a new game using this ship to continue your colonists' stories on another world! Research, player faction data, and pawn relationships are all carried over.

SOS also includes new ship parts which allow constructing a proper interior. Any building or item placed atop a hull tile is saved with the ship - letting the colonists bring their favorite art, their workshop, and all the supplies the next colony might need. Cryptosleep caskets can be built inside a fully sealed hull at reduced cost.

====Known bugs====

- Ocassional debug messages on save/load of ship.
- Going to orbit/landing can sometimes explode horribly. Please save prior to each for safety.

====Recent Feature Updates====

- ORBIT!!!!!!!
- Air tanks and atmosphere calculation! (weee ideal gas law!)
- Opportunity to die horribly in space!
- Too little o2 is bad (Hypoxia)
- Too much co2 is bad (Hypercapnia)
- Added Mod settings!
- Time now passes during the trip!
- Added support for in-orbit maps, you can't get there yet, but it's coming!
- Ship should create a landing zone underneath that can support it's weight upon spawning in.
- Ship hull walls now render like walls (and can be constructed out of myriad materials). Then can also be built under ship roofs, because...yeah.
- Ship Solar Panels! - Counts as hull, provides supplementary power!
- Radiator animation now smooth
- Ship Radiators! - They act like air conditioners, but also count as hull!
- Hull tiles can now be placed under ship airlocks (no more holes!)
- Ship Autocannon added (Uranium turret/Simple turret will be added soon)

====Recent Bug Fixes====

- Fixed all sorts of bugs
- Loose pawns shouldn't come along. If they somehow manage to, they will be killed dead.
- Huge performance fix when ship reactor/ship computer core are selected.
- Ship Autocannon Turret no longer overriding default turret. Shouldn't break your ship, but you know, keep an eye out.
- Pawns should now have correct faction, for reals.
- Pawns will now forget when they were last disturbed when they land, which will allow them to sleep normally!
- Ship will now spawn at the generated start position, which is much less likely to be in the center of a mountain!
- Ship roofs will be preserved on landing

====Coming Soon====

- Moar gunz!

====Coming Soon(ish)====

- Bridge components

====Coming Later====

- Orbit
- Transport to other maps
- Other ridiculous claims

====Technical Details and Known Issues====

This mod requires HugsLib.

"Loose" pawns aboard a ship won't be saved with it (they'd die during the interstellar journey). Put your colonists/animals in cryptosleep caskets.

Hull tiles can only be placed in a room fully bordered by ship parts. Placing a wall, nutrient paste dispenser, or any other building which counts as a solid wall will prevent placement of hull tiles in that area. Hull tiles automatically create roofs for themselves, which may cause compatibility issues with roofing mods.

Starting a game with a landed ship prevents new pawns from being created at game start. Colonists can still join later, of course. Ship starts are also incompatible with "start with," "start with animal," and "start near" scenario components.

There are many ways in which a third-party mod could store world data. If it's not saved inside a vanilla data structure (specifically the pawns themselves, a building on the ship, a faction def, researchManager, taleManager, or playLog), it won't come with the ship, which could cause issues with those mods.

Many NPC pawns from the old world will be missing when the ship lands, which will produce warnings if developer mode is enabled. The game cleans these up automatically.

Based on Save Our Ship by Kentington
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R4d6 Jun 22 @ 9:12pm 
And may be called something stupid like "Save Our Ship Reloaded... Again"
R4d6 Jun 22 @ 9:11pm 
The thing is, this mod is the adopted copy of "Save Our Ship" so if we want more, it will need to adopted a third time.
sleepingpiranha Jun 22 @ 8:57pm 
wouldn't you be able to take it out of the workshop place in files
[VR] Death By Venom™ Jun 22 @ 8:47pm 
All we can hope for now is that zulu and the people working with them somehow overcome the Rimworld mod development curse and actually release a beta version of the mod. If they do, I'll take a crack at a CE patch. :steamhappy:
R4d6 Jun 22 @ 8:33pm 
The mod's dead
Just Jun 22 @ 6:42pm 
Hi! Do you have a plans to make it compatible with CE?
FullGreaM Jun 14 @ 4:04am 
Fantastic mod but... Can you add function of back in started planet? (Sorry, my skill of english language is very bad =(( )
Vektor T Jun 12 @ 2:04pm 
@Zulu: Wait... dead dead? Like really deaded?? Oh, if that so that's really sad... but you guys taking up his work is very nice of you guys then.
reinhart.menken Jun 5 @ 10:57pm 
@Trippy: thanks, i fixed it. I had some weird issue where the game deleted itself. I had to reinstall the game a couple times and delete all the mods and had them re-sync.

@oompityloomp: You actually don't click launch the ship, but rather click the other button that says go to orbit. It's easy to miss at first.
[VR] Death By Venom™ Jun 5 @ 10:29am 
@Zulu looking forward to your release!