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Let's Trade! [1.0]
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:38am
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Let's Trade! [1.0]

For Rimworld Version [1.0] | Mod Version [1.8.1]

Trader Expansion Mod
An entire rimworld and only 4 types of traders? Not anymore :).
'Let's Trade!' adds more trader variety to Rimworld. New traders will create more flavour within the trade system and provide more unique opportunities. Let's Trade's secondary purpose is to try to make modded content appear more frequently in trade lists without the need to directly patch them into the trade files.

  • Placeable anywhere in your modlist.
  • Recommended you start a new world. Uninstall at your own risk.
  • Full modding support has been given for these mods:
    1. Soil Enhancement [1.0] --- Updates Agricultural/farming traders to sell various Soil Bags
    2. The Rock Trade [1.0] --- Updates Stellar Miners to sell crates of Stone Chunks.
  • Recommended mods that pair well with Let's Trade!:
    1. [KV] Adjustable Trade Ships - 1.0 --- Increases trader frequency.
    2. SF [1.0] Orbital Trader Transponder --- Great for calling orbital traders on a whim.
  • Lemme know if any other problems pop up. :)

Translations available for 10 languages in Rimworld.
  • Spanish translation thanks to Huzzakah!
  • German translation thanks to Vulnøx!
  • Mandarin translation thanks to 薛定谔的二五仔!
  • French translation thanks to Slin!
  • Swedish translation thanks to Jouzu!
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to Zical!
  • Russian translation thanks to DangerousDimka!
  • Hungarian translation thanks to Conasty!
  • Polish translation thanks to A. Skiba!
  • Dutch translation thanks to Wolfy Luna!
  • And English by default.
Let's Trade will only be translated into other languages as needed. You can help with translations here if you like:
Translation Page[docs.google.com]

  • Do I have to create a new world?
    No, you don't have to. It's just a recommended, in all simulations where I have introduced Let's Trade to an existing world things have worked just fine.
  • Does this mod affect settlements?
    No, this mod has nothing to do with settlements or trade code for settlements.
  • Will this mod affect my caravans?
    No, the only interaction with caravans my mod has is with NPC caravan TYPES. It does not change caravan behaviour at all.
  • Something from another mod is not showing up in your trade lists, what's going on?
    More often than not it's because the author of the other mod has not set item 'categories' or 'trader tags'. My mod seeks out items with these categories and tags to display with the game. If a price is obscenely low or high it is also because of that author not properly balancing the price of their items. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about this besides hope that the author of that mod fixes their errors
  • Will there be C.E Compatibility?
    Yes! Infact the latest version of Let's Trade 1.8.1 now has C.E compatibility.
  • Why does it take you a while to reply sometimes?
    Excellent question, I have many other commitments that take priority. I study full time and generally have a lot of work related activities I need to get done. I do try to support my mods as best I can, but understand that modding something I just enjoy doing in my 'Recreation' time. ;)

Author: EarthyTurtle
License: 'Let's Trade!' is under the creative commons license. Cite, learn and use aspects from this mod, credit optional but appreciated ;). Please do not outright copy this mod and/or re-upload without my consent.
Github Link: https://github.com/earthyturtle/LetsTrade
Contact me:
RimWorld Discord[discord.gg] | Personal Discord[discord.gg] | Forum Post[ludeon.com]
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Oct 18, 2018 @ 7:24am
Translations + Tradeship Spoilers
< >
GilaMonster 4 hours ago 
Thanks for the update. I do have SRTS Expanded, didn't consider it as I haven't built one and I didn't notice the error in the log with all the error spam that was happening
BanHandled 12 hours ago 
Can confirm fix.
BanHandled 14 hours ago 
Ok, as per the other thread, this has been fixed if you are using SRTS Expanded. Update, wait 10 minutes to load, enjoy.
BanHandled 15 hours ago 
Ok, I'm fairly sure I know what it is: "at SRTS.StartUp.AddToSRTSFromCaravan (RimWorld.Planet.Caravan,Verse.Thing) <0x000bc>"
I have SRTS Expanded installed, I think, based on the fact that this is the ONLY mod mentioned in the error, that this is what is causing this.
BanHandled 16 hours ago 
Steam needs an edit button...
AutoSeller may also be it. I'm currently moving this mod to the top of the list to see if that fixes it and am noticing some mods.
BanHandled 16 hours ago 
Ah, RimCities! This may be the conflict. It modifies (some) cities to be instances on the map and could be conflicting somehow.
Sadly, I don't have 6 hours to swap mods. I'm going to do one instance (to gently get rid of a prisoner) and then give up with that for today.
BanHandled 16 hours ago 
@GilaMonster is there a way to share mod lists?
GilaMonster 18 hours ago 
@BanHandled Sounds like it's related to my problem. I was buying and my money went down but the items didn't appear in my inventory

Of the mods you list, I only have Roads of the Rim
BanHandled 20 hours ago 
Large Prison camp (doubt), quest tab (possible, but I can't think of why), simple slavery and prison labor (which suddenly stopped playing nicely), glitter tech (sans surgery), rock trade and trade ships (but you specifically cite those), RimQuest (shouldn't affect cities), roads of the rim (shouldn't affect trade),.
The way I was getting this was via searching "faction", probably not the best option.
I'll review my downloaded mods and get back with you.
BanHandled 20 hours ago 
More Faction Interaction, faction discovery, more vanilla factions (but I doubt this would affect it), faction control (again, doubt), demand ransom.
I'm having an issue preventing me from selling. Their money goes down, mine remains the same and the items remain in my inventory.
I will post more faction related mods as I continue to play (in one long post).