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The Rock Trade [1.0]
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Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:38am
Jun 4 @ 9:05pm
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The Rock Trade [1.0]

For Rimworld Version [1.0] | Mod Version [1.6.1]

Tradable Chunks Mod
The Rock Trade gives you the ability to buy and sell chunks. A total of 3 new rock traders are added, that specifically deal in the purchase and sale of chunks. You can now find the chunks you need to make a beautiful base, or clear your map of all those unnecessary chunks that pesky raiders take cover behind.

This mod also makes storing, transporting, trading and using stone chunks easier with a crating system. Crated chunks are lighter and easier to transport over distance. Crates cost a little wood to make at a specialised crating station, but can be unpacked at crafting spots to give you 6 regular chunks. Crates sell better, can be purchased from just about any trader, provide better cover and take up less space in your storage.

There is also wiggle room to make chunks belonging to other mods trade-able, but crating requires direct mod support. If you find a mod you'd like me to give support for let me know in the comments.

  • Placeable anywhere in your modlist.
  • Recommended you start a new world. Uninstall at your own risk.
  • Full modding support has been given for these mods:
    1. Let's Trade! [1.0] --- (Updates Stellar Miners to sell crates of Stone Chunks)
    2. Soil Enhancement [1.0] --- (Updates Soil Enhancement to accept crates in crafting recipes)
    3. CCP's Stone Tweaks --- (Updates files to include crated versions of all of stones added, makes chunk variations tradeable and updates vanilla crates to new colour variations.)
    4. SZ_StonesAndTerrains --- (Updates files to include crated versions of all of stones added and makes chunk variations tradeable.)
    5. [TWC]Cupro's Stones 1.0 --- (Updates files to include crated versions of all of stones added, makes chunk variations tradeable and updates vanilla crates to new colour variations.)
    6. [Ku] Extra Stone --- (Updates files to include crated versions of all of stones added and makes chunk variations tradeable.)
    7. Slag Refined Plus --- (Updates files to include crafted versions of all slag debris, adds and balances market value to all debris based of smelt value.)
  • Known incompatibilities/bugs:
    1. BUG: Pawns can sometimes get stuck hauling back n forth on the crating station when crafting. Solved by suspending the current bill and hauling all rocks off the crating station. Yet to find a solution.
    2. Stackable Chunks --- Currently stops stackable chunks working entirely.
  • Lemme know if any other problems pop up. :)

Translations partial available for 6 languages in Rimworld.
  • Partial Spanish translation thanks to Huzzakah!
  • Partial German translation thanks to Vulnøx!
  • Partial Mandarin translation thanks to 薛定谔的二五仔!
  • Partial French translation thanks to Slin!
  • Partial Swedish translation thanks to Jouzu!
  • And English by default.
The Rock Trade will only be translated into other languages as needed. Always looking for volunteers so if you're keen on doing some translations shoot me a message. :)

Author: EarthyTurtle
License: 'The Rock Trade' is under the creative commons license. Cite, learn and use aspects from this mod, credit optional but appreciated ;) . Please do not outright copy this mod and/or re-upload without my consent.
Github Link: https://github.com/earthyturtle/TheRockTrade
Contact me:
RimWorld Discord[discord.gg] | Personal Discord[discord.gg] | Forum Post[ludeon.com]
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Oct 18, 2018 @ 7:26am
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Lustique Sep 3 @ 2:49pm 
There seems to be a typo somewhere, because the recipe to weld together a slate box is named ‘>Weld together a slate box’, including (!) the ‘>’ at the beginning.
Reisen Aug 3 @ 12:56am 
[K] Extra Stones has a few (possibly new?) stone types that aren't pack-able yet (Lepidolite, creole/etowah marbles, thometzekite)
Matthew Canada Williams Jul 29 @ 2:00pm 
Livers grow back.
They're the most important organ, for saving your alcoholic pets.
EarthyTurtle  [author] Jul 29 @ 2:46am 
It is merely another form of diabolical torture xD

Imagine spending the whole day being harvested for organs, looking forward to a lovely night sleep and BLAM, your bed is propped against a wall and your pillow keeps slipping off the end.
Matthew Canada Williams Jul 25 @ 6:28pm 
In the seventh screenshot, I see that you did not rotate the Prisoner beds and instead rotated the foot of the bed to the wall. I am slightly concerned by this. It is not a major issue but I would like any slight explanation.

But also, thank you for this mod, very helpful for getting rid of spare chunks instead of having them lay around everywhere, reducing beauty, making people lock themselves in rooms or kill indiscriminately.
Dr.Bepsi Man Jul 21 @ 11:05pm 
Oh ok thank you.
EarthyTurtle  [author] Jul 21 @ 2:19pm 
It's only a recommended, in every game I've introduced the mod mid-game too it's been fine. It's more a 'just in-case' scenario.
Dr.Bepsi Man Jul 17 @ 11:48pm 
Will the mod break my game if I install mid play through, i know its recommended that i start a new world but i was not sure if I can/would add it to my commitment world.
EarthyTurtle  [author] Jul 17 @ 7:07am 
Yes it does :)
keylocke Jul 16 @ 8:39pm 
does this include tribal/industrial age traders too?