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Gravemind - SFC.Menendez (Francis)
Survivors: Survivors, Francis
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Gravemind - SFC.Menendez (Francis)

"Also known as "Frank", "Francis", or "Buzzsaw" and having been born in the quiet colony of Minister in the year of 2509, Franklin had nothing to do in his younger years, all but being a good kid, have good grades and be a good student. But as his youth started to run out he began to realise how much of his life had been wasted not doing the things he really wanted to do. So at the age of 19, he got himself a job and began to save up money for something he really wanted: a Motor-bike.

He somehow became involved in a biker gang at the age of 24, and found himself facing a fine of a couple thousand credits after an accident that led to the destruction of his bike and he was given two choices: serve time in jail for the minor accident or join the corp. Frank did what any sane man at the time would do and he signed his papers to join the UNSC.

He rose up the ranks and specialised in tank service, he fell in love with the M808C Scorpion line and well, it was a definitive step up from a bike. A beast that shot High Explosive rounds and .50 cals, she was a beast. He served for most of the Human-Covenant War, changing callsigns a few times and even divisions, but he never let go of the M808C. At least not until now."

This is a survivor model made specifically to fit the theme of the Halo:Gravemind overhaul project for L4D2, it includes custom VGUI, face flexes and eye tracking for lip sync and facial animations and even replaces the Francis model seen in the begining of the Passing campaign. Link to the mod project's collection is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762814380

Huge special thanks to Haruspexofhell for providing the backstory and lore behind Frank, and also special thanks to Bossveteran and Reidawen for their amazing renders of Frank! Link to them down Below!

Armor and helmet model - 343 industries, Infinity Ward
Head model - Kyle Hefley, 343 Industries ( www.artstation.com/sortadone )
Head model modification - Danger Wasp
Textures - 343 industries, Infinity Ward, Turtle Rock Studios, Valve
Shaders - Danger Wasp
Rigging - Darkman
Compiling - Danger Wasp
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Valkyries733 Oct 26 @ 2:53pm 
lovea your mod sbro and they cool
HK416TV™_蹲点 Oct 20 @ 6:43am 
Okami Oct 17 @ 6:14pm 
RWBY Oct 17 @ 12:53am 
Reminds of Nikolai from Black Ops Zombies series.