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[RF] Fishing [1.0]
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Oct 14, 2018 @ 12:32pm
Dec 5, 2018 @ 4:17pm
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[RF] Fishing [1.0]

This mod gives pawns the ability to catch and cook fish.

It's possible to create "fishing spots" adjacent to water, where pawns can catch fish. It's also possible to build "shellfish traps" that might net you shellfish, shrimp, snails or small fish. And your pawns can now prepare sushi and various other seafood dishes.

(Is it ironic that this mod was created by someone who finds fishing to be mind-numbingly dull, and who hates seafood in any form? I think it's a bit ironic.)

- Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf)

How Fishing Works:

Fishing is a custom work type, which relies on the "Animals" skill. Pawns with higher skill will fish faster, and have a higher chance of successfully catching something. (Additionally, fishing serves as a joy activity for pawns with a passion for the Animals skill.) Fishing spots can become depleted if overfished, and so will occasionally need to be allowed to "recharge."

Fish and eels can be caught at any fishing spot, though the type of fish available varies with the biome, and eels are more common in marshes than in water tiles. Squid can only be caught in ocean tiles.

Shellfish traps will periodically catch shellfish or tiny fish automatically, without any pawn interaction. They will sometimes take a bit of damage in doing so, though, and will thus occasionally need to be repaired.

Fish and shellfish can be cleaned (butchered) for meat, while squid and eels can be butchered for both meat and leather.

The mod also adds ice fishing spots, which work as normal fishing spots, except that they can only be constructed on frozen river or lake water tiles generated by my own "Permafrost" mod, Fumblesneeze's "Ice," or "Nature's Pretty Sweet." Note that ice fishing spots cannot be placed on vanilla ice tiles, and will appear on the "Production" tab of the Architect menu only if at least one of the "freezing" mods is actually in your mod list.


If you try to remove "Fishing" from a game in progress, you will very likely make the map unplayable, at least if your pawns have actually caught any fish and/or made any seafood dishes.

Apparently, this mod conflicts with "Thanks for All the Fish," which doesn't really surprise me, as the two mods do many of the same things, albeit in different ways. I may eventually see about trying to make them compatible, but frankly, I'm not sure I see why anyone would need to use two different fishing mods at the same time, anyway.

"Fishing" shouldn't conflict with any other mods.


Most of the fish graphics were provided to me by Steam user Draegon.

The ability to fish from bridges draws both conceptually and specifically from Rikiki's "FishIndustry" mod, though what I've done here is less elaborate than, and over time has diverged rather significantly from, what's he's done in that mod.

The traditional Chinese language files were provided by Steam user Alane. The simplified Chinese language translation files were provided by Steam user kghostSATORI. The Japanese language files were provided by Proxyer.


If you're a modpack maker and want to include this mod in your pack, or if you're a modder and want to use it as the basis of a derivative mod, please feel free to do so. I ask only that you let me know about it.

The Ludeon forums discussion thread for my mods can be found here[ludeon.com].

If you have any (helpful) suggestions for improvement, please let me know!

My mods are free, but if you'd like to buy me a Dr Pepper[ko-fi.com], I wouldn't complain.
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Todd Jul 7 @ 11:34am 
for some reason it's not letting me grill the shrimp even though i have shrimp meat? It's saying i don't have the materials?
alexanderyou Jul 4 @ 6:56pm 
I'm using this mod and it's been throwing some errors. It seems like an incompatibility with Immersive-ish research based on the datadisk null reference exception, but I have no idea why this would be the case... I tried messing with the load order but nothing seems to let these mods work together.

JobDriver threw exception in initAction for pawn Ent driver=JobDriver_DoBill (toilIndex=13) driver.job=(DoBill (Job_391322) A=Thing_TableButcher74864 B=Thing_RawFishTiny91866 C=(127, 0, 86)) lastJobGiver=RimWorld.JobGiver_Work
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at ImmersiveResearch.LoreComputerHarmonyPatches.AddDataDiskToMechanoidLoot (Verse.Thing) <0x0001e>
at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Thing.ButcherProducts_Patch2 (object,Verse.Pawn,single) <0x00034>
at Verse.GenRecipe/<MakeRecipeProducts>c__Iterator0.MoveNext () <0x00875>
at System.Collections.Generic.List`1<Verse.Thing>.AddEnumerable
DJ Parkinson Jun 25 @ 4:49pm 
is there an option to turn of the nets breaking notification?
Sir Rivet The 23RD Jun 22 @ 5:59am 
Hey space ghost. It provides a recration boost for colonists with high animal skills. Not everybody enjoys fishing out there/ Fishing is *i guess* more a country thing.
jeanclaude.lorusso Jun 10 @ 6:32pm 
Had an issue with colonists butchering various items from this mod, and once finished the item is still intact, and they just keep repeating to butcher same fish/eel/etc over and over again without ever achieving the job. This mod has worked in the past for me- that was over a year ago. I had Fish Industry in place, added this, and got the problem. Removed Fish Industry, and the problem persists. Started a new run with just this, and no joy. No selection for bills re. fish, just the standard Butcher Creature, which they do, but with no success. Another oddity, with a very large fish, the pawns would dump the fish to the ground, then pickup and start over again.
Littlejon_LJ Jun 10 @ 1:36pm 
I had to uninstall. 90% of my random fallen supplies ended up being some sort of fish. It was just weird seeing fish fall from the sky on a regular basis, even with Randy.
[TW][BAHA]Alane Jun 10 @ 1:40am 
HappyHead May 30 @ 10:28pm 
Could you change the cooldown mechanic to not involve the fishing spot being deconstructed?

I have a small cooler constructed to freeze water over a lake which houses a permanent fishing spot. It'd be nice to not have to worry so much about starvation due to forgetting to manually rebuild the spot.
Diggory May 25 @ 6:39am 
Hi, I have been using this mod primarily with a tribal age technology colony but recently tried it with a modern technology age colony and found the ovens can no longer make certain seafood recipes in bulk (E.G. 4x Boiled Shellfish). Is this intended and if so what do I need to do to unlock it?
geronimo1120 May 14 @ 1:09pm 
I just wanted to post an update here about my fishing spot problem in case anyone is having the same issue. I was unable to place fishing spots and kept getting a message saying all terrain was not fishable. I discovered the problem was an incompatibility with the mod Ice Blocks. I think it was changing the terrain in some way in order to be able to make ice. This then caused the terrain to be unfishable as I would need the ice fishing spot, which was unavailable in non-ice biomes. Once I removed that mod the fishing spots place just fine. So if you are having a similar issue, check anything that edits or changes the terrain types. Hope this is helpful!