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Weight Bench - Strength Training
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Oct 13, 2018 @ 5:53pm
Oct 13, 2018 @ 11:47pm
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Weight Bench - Strength Training

HaTsUnE_NeKo is now maintaining all of my Kenshi mods. Due to issues with updating existing mods as a contributor, HaTsUnE_NeKo will be the only person allowed to reupload updated versions of my mods.


Well, I finally got tired of training every new recruit with a backpack full of rocks and manually clicking from here to there, over and over again. Do you feel the same way?
Well, you are in luck!
I finally decided to go ahead and make this mod.

This mod adds a Weight Training bench that can be used to train strength up to level 60.

- The research to unlock the Weight Training Bench is accessible after you research mk II Traning Dummies.
- The Weight Training Bench is located under the "Interior" tab in the building menu.
- Custom model, made by me.


I hope you all enjoy! :-)

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Link to my entire Kenshi Steam Workshop at the bottom.

I know it's nothing super special, but hey, if you liked it.....

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All models are made by me, 100% from scratch. You are not allowed to use my work in any way without my express permission. No one is allowed to reupload my work anywhere, without my express permission. HaTsUnE_NeKo has be granted permission to reupload my mods.
Uses in-game textures.

Legendary Weapons:
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New Heavy Weapon -Warhammer:
New Polearm - Magari Yari -

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Feb 15 @ 9:27pm
Download for the GOG version of the game
Jan 25 @ 8:34am
Малый перевод удачи вам :) ;)
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Morkonan Apr 19 @ 8:46am 
I'm absolutely on-board with that! It's great for unassisted training and I wouldn't have been as happy with it if it was too "OP." I use it exactly as you stated - Getting new hires up to speed. :)
Space_Lettuce_OG  [author] Apr 19 @ 1:27am 
That was the goal of the mod. It was not meant to replace hauling ore in backpacks, but meant for training up low level recruits once you have a well established base, and higher level characters from your core/founders squad, and you want to hire new recruits, but don't want them to be worthless and always have such a high skill gap from your founding group of characters.
Morkonan Apr 18 @ 4:59pm 
Just an observation - While this is nice for quickly training low level strength up, at levels above 57 it doesn't perform nearly as well as the "haul iron ore and a body" Strength Training method. It's a good mod for undirected Str Training up to a certain point. After that, haul rocks if you want/need more.
Novak Apr 11 @ 6:47pm 
Ropehan Mar 26 @ 11:00am 
Good work on the mod :)
While I get the concept, I wish it was more balanced. As it is, Strength is just too easily and too fast to train comparred to everything else. Ideally it should work at the same speed vanilla training gains do. Just my two cents :)
Stranger Mar 23 @ 5:26am 
Why aren't those facilities in Training category like what the hell. :D Both this and Agility Training. Also why this goes to 55 and agility goes to 30? Even would be good, either way.
Ego Ludos Mar 23 @ 4:39am 
Now I wanna see a Hiver try to bench some weights and their lil stick arms just snapping and falling off
Killarz Mar 19 @ 7:32am 
For who had problem finding them in the interior section, here's why.

Yes you gotta train dummies MKII to unlock it, BUT you'll unlock it in the research bench under training and you'll actually have to research it before you can craft it from the interior section.

Hope could help
Memok Mar 14 @ 6:20am 
Hello, I have a quickly altered version of your mod that trains up to 30 instead of 60, can I have your permission to share it? Or would you want to share such a version yourself?
Orion Mar 8 @ 8:00pm 
@Dr. Arbitrary bro, the mod is on the workshop as an offer to the community. Go ahead.