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Chivalrous Intentions
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Oct 13, 2018 @ 10:04am
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Chivalrous Intentions

Please note: Many units uses DLC content to work! Without them many units will be missing!
For non-steam users:

A myriad of new units, 398 in total. Some for races, some for race-class combinations. Meant to make the game even more assymetric and immersive. Balance is still key, however.

Tries to not draw inspiration from other games and media but instead from history, folklore, mythology and random ideas of mine.
Edit: Oh, and plenty of classics. AoW 1 and 2 units aplenty. Avoiding units already touched by other mods the best I can.

Units are separated into standard units, class units and half-class units. Half-class units can only be trained by a specific class, but can still appear as rewards or in starting armies for others.

Some units require specific mystical city upgrades such as the various human Knight Orders while elven nobility require the Grand Palace.

There are also numerous non-faction and minor faction units, ranging from Archons to Trolls. This also means that once these forces attack, their troops are more varied and as a result, potentially more deadly. This mod also gives Necromancers the ability to train skeletons in their cities, so now you can amass armies of spooky scary goodness.

The mod also contains some new invasion events balanced around game progression.

Designed with compatibility in mind but is incompatible with "Deluxe Specialization Combination Selection", probably due to how it heavily modifies tech trees as long as you use Secondary Class Options (big thanks to darth.cygnus and Catmeister for this!).
It is possibly also incompatible with M.Ul.E's AI Booster 0.9, but it could be another issue with that mod as it appears to be left incomplete since 2016.
If you encounter incompatibility please let me know!
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Lunar Wolf 6 hours ago 
Sounds good. One idea so far is draconian dreadnought's firelancer. Instead of being teir 1, probably make to teir 2, with a similar stat line to the high elf vindicator.
That Human  [author] 6 hours ago 
Some of what you mention is in combination with New Arsenal (Thunderbirds) but I do see some points.

However, I am very close to wrapping this mod up. 400 will be the point at which I release no more units. There is a thread above if you want to vote for what the last two should be.

I can however rework some units with new abilities and tweaks. If you have ideas I will listen!
Lunar Wolf 7 hours ago 
Some ideas include;
For Draconians, their tier 3 have pathetic resistances.

For the Dreadnought Class
- Give them a teir 2 equivalent to high elf vindicator, has a pistol that costs no action points, which I love, but why cant everyone else have their own themed version of said tier 2 type?
- Give them a special automaton, or same special tier 2 automaton high elves have.

For the Necromancer Class
- Give all races a tier 3 support unit with greater reanimate undead, just like the high elves have in the eternal mistress. Total unfairness high elves get that synergy, and no one else does. Dont remove it, just give the same to everyone else, in their own racial theme.

I was always a high elf main in competitive base game, and really feel these mods perfected their synergy.... but every other race is just not up to par, and it is not fair.
Lunar Wolf 7 hours ago 
I play with this mod, mp tweaks for it, and new arsenal. I really enjoy it for multiplayer, but i have to conclude the high elf is one of the only races with such perfect synergy. Thunderbirds storm, storm sisters, tier 3 longbowmen, and every class has such superior units to any other race. Especially the tier 2s.

High elf is perfectly synergized with thunder damage, no matter what class you are.
Is there any way to make the other races this well synergized? I dont want a high elf nerf, i want everyone else to be buffed, and synergized better.
That Human  [author] 8 hours ago 
Dun duun!
That Human  [author] 13 hours ago 
Actually, I might consider it, though how well it is balanced vs embarked units is really the big question.
That Human  [author] 14 hours ago 
They were originally, but +6 damage with the breath is way too strong. Might give them a weakened version later.
willlfrog 17 hours ago 
Sea Serpents get terror of the deep, Sea Dragons are not supposed to have that?
That Human  [author] Aug 4 @ 5:11am 
Can you produce the Soul Harvester?
Kezza Aug 4 @ 4:52am 
I don't think so and to add to the strangeness I removed all the mods I had on except for this one to see if that got it and it did. Then I added one mod at a time to try and find where the clash might have been and I had no issues...good news is it's working but the base news is, is that I am unsure what might have been the issue in the first place