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Chivalrous Intentions
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Oct 13, 2018 @ 10:04am
Sep 29 @ 7:44pm
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Chivalrous Intentions

Please note: Many units use DLC content to work! Without them many units will be missing!
For non-steam users:
Non-steam version is recommended for long-running multiplayer games as the update button will not tempt you in the launcher.
If you have problems with invisible models:

Adding 458 units, Chivalrous Intentions is a massive mod that does not just aim to add more things, but also balance the game and add more to the lore of Age of Wonders, with returning units, units based on concept art and "speculative" units that are lore friendly.
Every race have a new building line that can be built alongside the barracks line. It is cheaper with more unit variety but lacks the additional ranks given by the barracks line.
Additonally, those who manage to build a Grand Palace or Palace of the Perished can now produce a T3 unit from it. Every race also gets one new ship.
Every race/class combination get a series of new units exclusive to them in the new building line, although some may appear in random spawns depending on the race and unit. Necromancers can now also produce skeletons and some Rogues may be able to produce a pirate-themed non-ship unit from their harbor.
All dwellings have more units. Some classes may also have special units available to them. However, as units usually require their own building you are unlikely to make all units available in a single game and should focus on what you want to make! The more powerful units may require some more complex paths.
Unlocking certain Mystical City Upgrades in your city may also unlock secret units unique to that race. These are balanced around the rarity of the building and the strength of it's least powerful defending stack at normal settings.
There are many animals and other units to find in the world or summon with spells, some rarer than others.
Many new events have been added, including invasions. Watch out for zombies and the dreaded goblintide!
Independents have been organized into new stacks. A lost library may host the souls of ancient patrons or be populated by goblin squatters just to mention a few. The original stacks still exist with the addition of new units.
Spawners have been reworked and are more akin of central points of unrest in the area of a certain type. A bear cave can spawn a warg stack, for example. Goblin, Orc, Frostling and Satyr tribes and pirate crews have also set up warcamps throughout the world which may cause other rowing raiders to appear etc.
The mod is designed with compatibility in mind and balanced to work well with other mods such as Empire Building Mod as well as mods adding new races and classes without making the vanilla races and classes vastly superior. It should work well with most mods.
Old Man and the Sea is not recommended without the "Ze" patch. Without it, it's RMG is broken and removes some of the normal sea structures and makes the game very unstable. Unfinished, abandoned mods are not recommended in general due to the instability issues they bring.

Is incompatible with "Deluxe Specialization Combination Selection", probably due to how it heavily modifies tech trees as long as you use Secondary Class Options (big thanks to darth.cygnus and Catmeister for this!).
It is possibly also incompatible with M.Ul.E's AI Booster 0.9, but it could be another issue with that mod as it appears to be left incomplete since 2016.
If you encounter incompatibility please let me know!

PS: Keep the number of mods you run to 30 or less. The game becomes unstable beyond that point. This is regardless of what the mod does. This is something anyone running any mod should know and most find out the hard way.

PS2: If you run any mod that requires this mod to run never ask me about any issues. I cannot solve issues if they do not exist in CI. Bring any and all of the problems you run into with the sub-mod's author.

It is recommended to finish your current game before adding or updating mods.

That Human: Design, balance, textures, model composition, icons, flavor text, lore, sound design.
Poldon: Typo fixes, playtesting
Vacuity: Typo fixes
Iguana-on-a-stick: Balance advice, screenshots
Siwinger: Playtesting, screenshots
ElJoe: Saker model
Additional thanks:
Liberty Valance (Wolfie) for meshes!
dilaguna for meshes!
ashetaroth for meshes!
好想养只宠物啊 for meshes!
And huge thanks to the community for constructive feedback!

You can support me here:
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honker Sep 30 @ 5:51am 
WOW! Beautiful work! Thx!
That Human  [author] Sep 29 @ 7:47pm 
The second massive update is here! More in notes!

A side project is being worked on that will do what CI does to the base game to a popular mod!
That Human  [author] Sep 24 @ 12:35am 
Six days until update! Lots of stuff, including one new unit and two old under-utilized units getting replaced with new, fresh ones! Goblins can now also heal their troops with an update to a core unit! Stay tuned!
Dunadd Sep 19 @ 2:57pm 
That's a pity, but fair enough. What you want to work on is up to you. Thanks for making CI.
That Human  [author] Sep 19 @ 2:06pm 
I don't have time for it as I am busy working on this and an upcoming mod. Anyone is free to make one however!
Dunadd Sep 19 @ 1:02pm 
I'd really love a compatibility patch between this and Deluxe Specialization Combinations if you get the time to do it. Two of my three favourite mods along with Empire building
That Human  [author] Sep 8 @ 12:29pm 
Depends. I had huge issues with the editor (convoluted mess, constant crashes) so I hope it is fixed once the game is "done".
SDgamer Sep 8 @ 12:21pm 
got plans to eventually mod AoW 4 once more of the DLC comes out? For now Expanded Cultural Units will hold me at least for now (kinda hope the Devs add more official Cultural Units)
That Human  [author] Sep 8 @ 12:12pm 
Thanks! I am hoping to finish the visual overhauls by the end of the month so I can start working on a project that I think I started planning two years ago and never got off the ground! Does not mean that CI is over as I will keep updating and fixing issues. However, as the mod is nearing the 100mb steam limit it all depends on what I can still fit in!

I am considering a redesign but it will be after I have finished the remaining races. Might go fast though, I am already done with tigrans and for draconians only icons are left to do. After that it's to the halflings as the final one.
SDgamer Sep 8 @ 11:55am 
the fact you are still updating this mod makes me say HATS OFF TO YOU. I admire you dedication