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Chivalrous Intentions
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Oct 13, 2018 @ 10:04am
Jul 19 @ 8:07am
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Chivalrous Intentions

Please note: Many units uses DLC content to work! Without them many units will be missing!
For non-steam users:

A myriad of new units, 400 in total. Some for races, some for race-class combinations. Meant to make the game even more assymetric and immersive. Balance is still key, however.

Tries to not draw inspiration from other games and media but instead from history, folklore, mythology and random ideas of mine.
Edit: Oh, and plenty of classics. AoW 1 and 2 units aplenty. Avoiding units already touched by other mods the best I can.

Units are separated into standard units, class units and half-class units. Half-class units can only be trained by a specific class, but can still appear as rewards or in starting armies for others.

Some units require specific mystical city upgrades such as the various human Knight Orders while elven nobility require the Grand Palace.

There are also numerous non-faction and minor faction units, ranging from Archons to Trolls. This also means that once these forces attack, their troops are more varied and as a result, potentially more deadly. This mod also gives Necromancers the ability to train skeletons in their cities, so now you can amass armies of spooky scary goodness.

The mod also contains some new invasion events balanced around game progression.

Designed with compatibility in mind but is incompatible with "Deluxe Specialization Combination Selection", probably due to how it heavily modifies tech trees as long as you use Secondary Class Options (big thanks to darth.cygnus and Catmeister for this!).
It is possibly also incompatible with M.Ul.E's AI Booster 0.9, but it could be another issue with that mod as it appears to be left incomplete since 2016.
If you encounter incompatibility please let me know!
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GorbadIronclaw Jul 24 @ 8:30am 
You're right, dunno why I thought this is unit from this mod. Thank you for quick response!
That Human  [author] Jul 24 @ 7:08am 
It is designed to be fully compatible with EBM, but Pale Orc is not an EBM unit.

You are thinking of New Arsenal, however, New Arsenal is also fully compatible. You should bring that up with that mod author unless you built the Veteran's Hall instead of the War Hall, which would lock out this structure of what I recall.

EBM and New Arsenal require an additional patch to work together without issue. Again, unrelated to CI but I hope this helps!
GorbadIronclaw Jul 24 @ 6:43am 
Hi! Love the mod, but I have one small question - is it compatible with EBM?

I try to build Pale Orc which require Chieftains Adobe, bu I can't manage to get to this building despite meeting requirements. Does it require some special map structure, or is it just incomaptibility?
That Human  [author] Jul 17 @ 8:00am 
Update! But WHAT IS THIS?

The promised units will still happen!

This was a necessary update for game balance! These two units had been ideas floating around since the very earliest days of the mod, the Hivegunner had been one dating back to pre-release, and since the Goblins had long been lacking something I thought the best way was to reuse these old ideas.

I hope you enjoy! And watch out for nasty little snipers! More in notes!
That Human  [author] Jul 15 @ 8:03pm 
I don't believe they are overpowered by themselves, though I do believe goblins could need some additional attention. I have been considering giving them something extra as I felt they were missing something. I haven't actually gotten around to it as no one else have mentioned this before, but I will consider it.
Zeky Jul 15 @ 7:56pm 
Elves have a lot of overpowered Tier III and IV units that have too many ranged area and melee elemental attacks, the AI kinda steam rolls with stacks of Tier 3 elven units because of their high stats, kind of imposible to defeat if you are using goblins which don't have units that are that strong.
That Human  [author] Jul 13 @ 3:39pm 
Update! I decided to change both the names and the icons (partially from a comment from a month ago or so) of the Lanzknecht and Doppelsöldner as the German names stuck out too much and had perhaps too specific historical basis, not really fitting into the high fantasy setting.

Red Dragon is now Crimson Dragon for the sake of compatibility with other mods.

And some balance changes. More in notes.
warriorandtoaster Jun 16 @ 2:23am 
Thank you very much for the answers and good luck with your projects!
That Human  [author] Jun 16 @ 1:57am 
I would prefer having that conversation in the council hall, but in short, the idea was an irregular with bonus damage against the traditional enemies that conquer their holds (dragons, orcs, goblins) wielding a large hammer or pick and a crossbow.

I would probably won't get into modding Planetfall unfortunatly, I am too busy trying to get other things done and I would need to relearn a lot of things since the editor there is similar but different enough for some head scratches. I also have a few projects on the backburner and I need to take care of as soon as the editor works correctly again (a bug I also fear is present in Planetfall due to shared framework). It will be more likely that I will work on AoW4, however.
warriorandtoaster Jun 16 @ 1:18am 
May I ask about your theoretical plan for this Dwarf Reclaimer unit? I had surprising success using Crystal Tree + Mercenary Camp-boosted Monster Hunters and wondered if a T3 Dwarf Irregular would match up to the rest of the Dwarf T3 line-up, especially since around that tier the real beefy and/or beatstick units tend to outpace ranged or ranged hybrids.

BTW, great fan of your work, you definitely have been the number one reason I go back to AoW3. Wonder if you'll ever try your hand at Planetfall modding; I reckon your talent for designing units would be amazing in that game due to its unit mod system.